Mischief Maker Indeed!

This week’s shared topic at Blog Azeroth is brought to us by Syl of the Raging Monkeys, and she asks:

What wow secrets have you discovered on your long journey through the World of Warcraft? What unexpected, surprising or delightfully ‘pointless’ things have you chanced upon that add something special to the game for you?

While it’s tempting to go all gushy over hidden dales, and secret caverns, for this hidden wonder I’ve decided to introduce you to a denizen of Dalaran that you might not have had the chance to meet: Minigob Manabonk.

This crafty gnome can not be found in any particular location, and indeed, moving about town may limit your ability to interact with him at all. His modus operandi is to sneak up on unsuspecting members of the Dalaran populace and BONK THEM! The bonk doesn’t do any damage, but it does turn you into a bleeting sheep for 30 seconds. If you decide the indignity of being sheeped in public is too much, you can choose to click the buff off; however, it’s a bit of harmless fun, and is quite short-lived.

Once you’ve been the victim of a mana bonkin’, Minigob will send you this charming letter admitting to his prank.

He’ll include a Mischief Maker which allows you to Manabonk any beast, humanoid, or critter in Dalaran.

So, next time you’re standing around Dalaran waiting for a dungeon, or discussing the importance of displaying Snarly instead of Toothy be wery, wery quiet, and wait for the BONK!



6 thoughts on “Mischief Maker Indeed!

  1. GIEF wand!!! oh my god, I had no idea about this, how awesome is that? =D I'm so gonna try find him now, who would've thought they installed so many funky NPCs in Dalaran? This is already the 3rd!
    Thanks for the great tip!

    • I thinkt he trick is to be in one of the right places (bank, sewers, park) and NOT MOVE! This guys spawn at random, and seems to choose players that are stationary – -AFK players often get the bonk.

      I wish you luck in your search!

  2. He wanders through the Alliance PvP area quite a bit. My Mage was sheeped three times in as many days whilst I was afk waiting for wintergrasp. I tend to sit at the back by the battleground portals to avoid the lag of Dalaran and every so often, he appears there.

    I love this stuff. It really adds an extra dimension to the game.

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