If I Only Had a Map

The expansion twilight keeps getting just keeps getting a shade more of the gloaming every time I turn around. Seriously, what’s going on here people?

Patch 4.0 dropped and made everyone madly scramble to figure out these new, shorter talent trees. For the most part, I found myself mashing blind at my grouping of talents, trying them out, and then running to the various drawing boards to see how I stacked up. For the most part, I ended up fairly cookie cutter for my specs–apparently, the trees ARE easier to figure out. Not to say everything went smoothly.

I’ve got a leveling destruction warlock who, for tier two, had the choice between three talents. Two of them buffed a spell she wouldn’t receive for, oh, about thirty levels, and the other one is a talent I generally look at with mild distaste on a fully leveled ‘lock. But, what’s a leveling person to do? Spec for end-game or for the next 30-ish levels? *grunt* I went for leveling, but I found the whole process distasteful. I’ve always viewed the talent trees as a progression that helps my character now AND later, and I seriously hate feeling forced to respec, not because this talent is a trifle more useful now, but because the other choice was completely empty talents that did absolutely zilch.

So far I’ve respecced and played on about 6 of my characters. Across the board, I find most of my characters feeling the love. My leveling frost mage is just too much fun for words. My DK feels more fluid now, and has lots of interesting things to clickie. My resto shaman and disc priest don’t feel majorly different, and I felt myself falling back into old rhythms fairly easily.

And then we come to my paladin. I want to shoot myself. It’s not that AoE threat is more difficult–I could live with more target switching and paying more attention instead of just spamming more AoE bombs, but that’s not what’s happening. Instead, I’m winding up a good head of steam, and then fumbling through, waiting for things to come off cool-down and forced to rely on taunting to keep my team alive. HELLO! I don’t want to taunt to maintain threat. I associate taunting with hitting the wall, and totally failing at my job of threat generation. Not to mention they took my totally fluid rotation, and mangled it so it feels clunky and like I’m constantly standing around with my thumb up my arse waiting for things to go wrong because, well, I can’t do anything about it.

Now, I don’t think this is some diabolical plan to screw up my game. Not quite. I think it makes some nice little holes that will be nice to throw in things like bubble-wall and salvation, and other awesome cool-downs. However, if I don’t need/want to use a cool-down I don’t have anything else to fill that hole. I just have dead-time–the bane of my existence. I can’t really use my holy power for anything besides SoR, because of the way the mechanic works, taking a minimum of 9 seconds to build up sufficient charges to keep my holy shield up, and then, I spend the next round of time building it back up to renew my shield. If it’s supposed to be a renewable resource to help power abilities, either make my charge on something I think most paladins would agree is essential (holy shield) longer OR make my freaking holy power renew button cooldown faster so I could build up for some other hole-filling ability… or something. I’m not a game-crafting genius here, but I know darn well when I’m frustrated.

Otherwise, things are sitting rather oddly at the moment. I haven’t seen a raid in a few weeks, and it’s getting downright depressing. I’m still having the main problem I’ve been having for, oh, months now, and I still haven’t resolved it. I was starting to get used to the idea of going back to my paladin, but my current angst over the class is making me lean the other direction towards Nightfall, who is currently who I’m spending most of my time on anyway. I’ve flirted with the idea of finding a guild, but the whole thing feels like spring cleaning right now–I know it needs to be done, and that I’ll be happy with the result, but oh lord, the drudgery, the pain, and having to examine all that crap that searching brings up will just make it a crappy job. I’m still safely ensconced in PK, but they haven’t seen much of me, as my DK is guilded with my bank vault, and I find myself randomly logging in and out.

The other problem is an old one between my spouse and I–he wants a happy fun guild that raids like they’re hardcore (and I’d be happy with that too) but I’m generally more realistic and tend to look for hardcore guilds that, if I’m lucky, don’t think they’re paragons of the universe because they can down content. As you can imagine, we’re never too happy in each others ideal homes, and it’s another component in the search for a guild that has me throwing up my hands. However, some interesting things have come of it. We’ve been talking more recently about exploring Horde-side servers. Our warlock/shadow priest duo died after encountering the prepubescent trade chat of one particular server, and another suggestion didn’t even get a toon rolled because I don’t fly on PvP servers.

Currently we’ve tentatively settled on a horde server that my brother played on for a couple of years, and so far we haven’t run screaming from trade or general chat. We’ve got a couple of VERY flirty cows who ramble around the countryside… well, if two giant cow-people in mail can really ramble. This time around we rolled up a pair of warriors–I’m trying prot out since it’s barely seen the light of day on my arms warrior, and he’s going arms (charging stun FTW!) Whether they’ll live or die, and whether we move or not is yet to be decided, but it’s a nice interlude of stress-free playing that we don’t often allow ourselves, so if you see a herb-picking prot warrior on Rexxar, feel free to /wave.

The other thing that’s changed since the various changes, in guild and in game, has been my use of Real ID. I honestly thought I’d rip off my arm and feed it to rabid wolves before I’d countenance using it, but the constant hopping between servers to talk to people and try out new characters has left me bereft of my favorite people. So, instead of being sensible and playing one of the 9 characters I could play on my current server, I gave myself permission to be contacted my not strangers who manage to get my e-mail addy. So far, I must say, I like it, even if it’s slightly confusing. My legal name isn’t what ANYONE would call me, and I’ve found that I’m not alone with people having accounts under all kinds of name that make you scratch your head, and wonder if the telemarketers have cracked the code. Fortunately, they do give you that nice little note section so you can give a biography of all your toons to assert your authenticity as a REAL friend.

As you can tell, I’m still a little lost, even after a couple of weeks to think things over and try to get used to the changes here and there. I’ve noticed a slew of players quitting either the game or the blogging scene recently–Cataclysm isn’t holding the appeal that they thought it might, so they’re writing things off before investing in the next expansion. That’s not me. I think me and my pixels are ready for the next stage of the game–I just wish I’d bought a map so I knew where to go from here!



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  1. I can see where you're coming from on the Paladin tanking issue, I find the situation is similar for Warriors. Sure, we were never AE tanking gods, but at the moment it's really quite horrible. Single target I'd say is fine, but AE groups are horrible.

    Finding a guild that you enjoy can be a hassle, and I wish you the best of luck in finding one that suit you both.

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