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Although I’d love to say my work is done, there are still some nitpicky things that require a bit of work on my latest UI. I dumped all previous settings and started from scratch for the latest build, and I spent some time at WoWInterface looking for some inspiration. While I loved the look of RealUI, in practice, it was a little too much in some areas, and not quite enough in some others.

So, with a rough template, and a clean start I began downloading, and this is my current set-up:

Out of Combat

In Combat

Addons Used

ButtonFacade: Elegance
cargbags: Nivaya
DBM: Core, Party, PvP
Gnomish Vendor Shrinker
Satrina Buff Frame
TipTac: Talents
Shared Media: Ferous Media

I apologize for the lack of a party/raid shot, but I have a pesky .lua error that I’m still trying to track down. It seems to come up whether I use Stuf party or Aptechka (previously Injector). I’m not thrilled with Tidy Plates, but it works and hides nameplates out of combat, which is more than I can say for the combination I was using previously.

Major additions include xCT, a lightweight combat text addon, and gxCooldowns, which provides an abilities cooldown bar. I changed to Midget Map so that I could move the pesky quest frame without an additional addon.

I was rather proud of the rather severe cut I managed to make in my addon list–we’ll see how long the temptation to try out a few more holds out.


8 thoughts on “Pre-Cata UI

    • Stuf. It allows you to move the anchor point for resource bars for all the classes that have them now (paladin/warlock/druid/death knight).

  1. I normally read all your posts on my phone but I had to log in to check the screens. Love the UI, then I went to the Real UI link and liked that as well.

    Hmm…I guess thanks a lot for making me hate my UI all over again!

    • I will say that the RealUI was one of the easiest downloads to set up, so if it interests you, it's not a huge time investment to try it out ^^

    • I haven't raid tested, but it does have the same information, just in a minimal format as some of my earlier compilations (dot timer, player/target/pet, etc. frames) and a solid raid frame option.

  2. Whats the name of the addon that displays the health bars? I really like how small and simple it is, but can't seem to find it.

    • Stuf. It doesn't come that way out of the box, but I just squished the health bar down and threw out the rest πŸ™‚

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