Drafts I’m Killing

I don’t know how anyone else handles their draft folder, but mine is generally comprised of titles, some with a paragraph or two to remind me what I was planning on talking about, and pretty much nothing else. If I’m working on a rather large project, I might have a draft for a couple of days while I compile links or finish testing/researching something, but no other work is being done until I get that darn post out the door.

I figured my first year has come and gone, so I should take the time to toss out those drafts that are lingering on, with no hope of being written anytime soon, despite the grand promise the earned them a note. Instead of just trashing them, I’m gonna give them their day in the sun by incorporating the little bit (if anything) I did do/plan to do with them now!

But first, the two screenshots that I didn’t feel like posting separately:

OMG, I’m In Outlands and I Don’t Look Like a Clown

New UI Party Shot (Still In Progress — As Always)

And, on to my dead drafts:

Touring with TourGuide

I actually deleted this when it was transferred to another owner for a short time. I blame that short hiatus for my long-time abadonment of Corrinna, who was my guinea pig in using the program for the first 80 levels. Of course, it’s borked again atm as people field test the new quests, and I don’t intend to ever bring this one back. I like it for leveling on alts as it takes the guesswork out of “where do I go next.”

Evaluating Your Raid Team: Mages

This post killed this project sadly. I love mages, but finding a way to say, if you’re numbers aren’t high enough you’re pressing your buttons wrong, was getting old, and saying it THREE times for Arcane / Fire / Frost was tortuous at best. RIP WoL evaluations — I love you, but I hate explaining you!

Add-Ons for Auction Hounds

I hate the AH, so field testing the few remaining Auctioning programs was a little more work than I had intended for myself. It seemed like a good idea at the time!

First Things First

Basically, this post got caught in the cross-fire between examining a raider’s guild application and a lecture on the importance of secondary skills. Since my tone varied so widely, and the topics were connected but becoming increasedly muddled, I just abadoned the post altogether.

Vuhdo the Way That You Do

I keep debating whether I want to toss this one or not. I like the idea of Vuhdo, and I strongly believe in providing manual type instructions for common addons. Vuhdo’s menus underwent a change while I was working on it, however, and having to start over from scratch made me want to scream.

Distributing the Treasure

This was a post on modifying a guild’s EPGP system to deal with changing variables (such as expansions). My husband gave me a great idea for a section which neither of use could ever remember later, so the entire post has been sitting in reserve for months now. It also used PK’s EGPG system as a base, and since they have already addressed their changes for the next expansion, it seems fairly silly to post it… if I could ever remember what I’m missing.

Heroic Preparation: DPS Death Knight

A companion to the heroic prep for DK tanks, it was just too darn close to the margins for it to make the cut. I also realized that I never “geared” myself for heroics as a DPS class anymore–if the little button says I can DPS it, I DPS it. Would have been much better as a non-raiding gear guide.

Twilight Days

A whiny post that I needed to write, but I didn’t feel like foisting off on my readers. You dealt with enough of my angst this year, and I ❤ you for it.

Tanking Comparisons

I got about halfway through and went meh, in part, because I was missing a druid tank to use for testing some things I wanted to discuss. Who cares anyway? Play what you find fun.

What do you do with drafts that have been sitting around too long? Is there such a thing?


4 thoughts on “Drafts I’m Killing

  1. That is a lovely idea actually. I have at least 10 unfinished posts or 'note-clouds' in my drafts folder, half of them I doubt I'm gonna pick up again – or at least I won't be able to write a long story about them anymore.
    I used to keep a word file with my notes and ideas but it got messy pretty fast. maybe we should keep a second blog just for drafts? 😉

  2. What a great idea!

    I ran right away to check my draft folder. Count: 45

    I suspect most of them are empty and I need to do a cleanup. I love my draft folder. Sometimes I use it for topic ideas, but mostly I use it to keep track of funny things that happened to me in game. Stories that are too short to stand alone but that might fit perfectly into a longer post in the future.

    Scrolling through it now, I am finding a few abandoned or "saved for more appropriate timing" topics that might make for a good draft compilation post. I'd also be interested in finding out whether readers would like to see me elaborate on those topics. Might motivate me to actually write those posts.

    ps. I'd like to read what you have to say about secondary skills (as per the First Things First post) as well as the commentary about Vudho. One post I'd love to write myself is a comparison of different healing frames but I'm terrified of touching Vudho (everytime I try it something horrible happens!)

    • Now that's a good idea — I don't often put more than a title when I think of something, and I often forget what story/event/idea led me there. I might have to actually write a bit more out in the future and save some of those "almost a post" posts. I was hoping someone would come by and poke me to say they liked something in there 🙂

      Vuhdo scares the bejeezus out of me with some of those pre-bound combos that it uses for spells. I've been using the same keybindings for many of my heals for years, and I always forget to check that FIRST when I load up the new one ^^ The trick with testing raid frames is to load it, fiddle, then raid with your OLD FRAMES, fiddle again, and then try the new frames. It seems to help sidestep most of the annoying issues that occur with testing out a new / different frame.

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