Therazane Dailies

Once your complete the Deepholm quest line, the Therazane dailies become available. The dailies change from day to day, with only a limited number being offered each day based on your reputation. All except Underground Economy are received from Giants at the Throne.


Beneath the Surface
Found at dead-end tunnels, when clicked, the cluster spawns a level 83 elite mob that drops the quest item. Approximately 100k health.

Fear of Boring
Kill 10 gyreworms. A large number are found inside the Crumbling Depths, but you can find a few stragglers outside as well.

Fungal Fury
Mushrooms found scattered around the Crimson Expanse.

Must be on this daily for the Fungal Frenzy achievement.
You must collect each of the following mushrooms. Each mushroom except the Trapcap provides a 2 minute debuff, so you must gather all mushrooms within that time frame. Trapcap must be collected last since it provides no debuff.

  • Poolstool: Oversized red mushroom. Easily found near the water.
  • Shuffletruffle: Small white mushroom. Generally found near rock formations.
  • Shrinkshroom: Small brown-white mushroom. Hard to distinguish from Shuffletruffle — look for “crackling” effect on edge.
  • Trapcap: Purple dotted mushroom. Can be found in the center of the Crimson Expanse. (Druids can cast flight form when knocked back to avoid damage).

Glop, Son of Glop
Must complete Wrath of the Fungalmancer to receive this daily.

Completing it 10 times will award the achievement The Glop Family Line.

There have been reported issues with the quest AND daily, and I personally have not completed it.

Lost in the Deeps
Find Pebble! (see map below). You must escort Pebble out without jumping over the rock formation to complete the quest. Being eaten by the circling worm will reset the quest.

Complete 10 times for the achievement Rock Lover.

Pick up crystals found throughout the Crumbling Depths.

Soft Rock
Kill 10 Fungal Behemoths. Found in Crimson Expanse.

The Restless Brood
Same as Resonating Blow. After hitting the crystal, rocks will descend. Jump from rock to rock, the Broodmother will descend. You can dodge her attacks by jumping to a nearby rock. Druids: “jumping” on the rock in flight form will trap you in your form; however, you can assume Moonkin form before or after jumping on the rocks (I haven’t tested with cats/bears).

Kill the Broodmother within 90 seconds of striking the crystal for the achievement My Very Own Broodmother.

Through Persistence
Kill troggs in the Crimson Expanse until you receive a Bag of Verlok Miracle-Grow.

You must complete Wrath of the Fungalmancer to receive this daily.

Underground Economy
This daily is not found at Therazane’s Throne. The questgiver is a goblin found in the Crumbling Depths.

You must use Ricket’s Tickers to break off the crystals you need. The crystal formations are NOT the spiky balls, but rather, pillars, with one type in each of the four “rooms” of the cave. See map below.

  • Alabaster (white): Main Chamber
  • Celestite (blue): Bottom Chamber
  • Amythest (purple): Northern Chamber
  • Garnet (red): Top Chamber (with shale spider) — not the central crystal


Excuse my poor mapmaking skills. I was tired of running in circles, so I’m providing this crude travesty of a map to make finding things easier. Hope it helps!

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    • Thank you for this! But if i go to the throne of therazane i cant found any dayli, and i have completed all the quest in that zone and all the quest line, but no daily 😦 and i'm honored. I can't found any information about that. Help >.<

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  2. i can confirm that the daily "Through persistance" will NOT be doable until you do the fungalmancer quest.

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