Flowchart Style: Mastering Eclipse

While I did speak some about Mastering Eclipse in my Tales of Noobkin post, I thought it would be worth revisiting from a L80 perspective.

Like many classes, the Moonkin rotation is built on a simple base:

However, this chart doesn’t cover every eventuality. In order to effectively maximize your dps as a Moonkin, you need to pay careful attention to your DoTs and cooldown abilities.

Moonfire/Sunfire and Insect Swarm not only provide a good base of damage, they also proc Nature’s Grace once an Eclipse is achieved, giving a nice haste boost. Although it’s important to keep your DoTs refreshed as regularly as possible, if you have an Eclipse coming soon (1-2 casts) it’s definitely worth the short time without the debuff in order to gain a greater DPS increase.

Lastly, I mapped out Starsurge, Force of Nature, and Starfall, our primary cooldown abilities. While Starsurge should be used as soon as possible anytime it is available, Force of Nature gains benefits from the combat boost buff (Heroism/Bloodlust/Time Warp), and Starfall can be extremely useful if a boss has multiple adds as well as gaining that extra oomph from Lunar Eclipse.

But we’re not done yet! Let’s take a quick gander at our spell list and how it benefits from Eclipses.

Solar Eclipse

Increases damage done by Nature spells.

Lunar Eclipse

Increases damage done by Arcane spells.

As you can see, most of our AoE damage is nature based, making Solar Eclipse a great help when dealing with multiple add packs. In most cases, DoTs and Wild Mushroom use will provide the highest damage over time. By not casting Wrath or Starsurge, you can remain in Solar Eclipse indefinitely while providing a good amount of damage for multiple groups when necessary. Solar Eclipse is also the better choice when faced with heavy movement in encounters; however, it cannot always be managed, and is simply something to bear in mind.

The Moonkin: easy to love, and hopefully now, easier to master!



8 thoughts on “Flowchart Style: Mastering Eclipse

  1. Nice charts and post! I'll definitely be giving this a re-read when I start leveling my moonkin again. This should help me get a handle on the spells I haven't even seen as I learn them!

    It's worth nothing that depending on encounter length/time of Heroism, waiting to cast Force of Nature might actually be a DPS loss – longer encounters like the Heroic versions of Sindragosa, Putricide, and even Saurfang allowed for immediate casting at the start of the fight, and they'd still be ready by the time Heroism was coming. It's only a 3 min cooldown, after all! That's something you can only learn by trial and error though, as you get a feel for how long a fight will take your group.

    • It very much depends on how your group is utilizing Heroism for the fight — however, I wanted to make sure people were aware that Hero did provide a dps increase for the treants, while Eclipses were irrelevant 🙂 Good point though.

      • It's definitely important to know that they *should* be out before Heroism regardless. I trained our shaman to call out Heroism, pause three seconds, and THEN cast it. It made me want to smother him in feathers when he started doing it without my asking. 😀

  2. Something worth noting: if Nature's Grace can be proc'ed & you are under eclipse (which, of course, is usually the case), IS should be cast first, since the Sunfire/Moonfire dot is stronger, & therefore is the one you want hasted. Your ordering in the flow charts might imply to the contrary to some interpretations.

    Great resource, regardless, though!

  3. Ye Gods, my brief attempt to be a moonkin involved getting a sort of DPS seasickness as I veered desperately from one eclipse to the other. Also the last time I tried to master a moonkin it took out a restraining order on me.

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