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Hai Guys!

It seems such a long, long time since I’ve had any kind of personal/reflective/link-y type post, so today, I bring you: random bits of flotsam. You might want to just scroll until you hit a header topic that interests you πŸ™‚

Me, Me, Me

My main priority was continuing to catch up Terrielle: while she hit L80 a few days before release, my tradeskills were lagging behind. I didn’t get a chance to dps or heal anything that I wasn’t being carried through. All in all, the road from 80-85 has been a sharp learning curve for me, as I gained the last of my spells and attempted to begin figuring out what all my new shiny toys did for two specs. It wasn’t until our first raid in December that I even thought to ask: am I a tree or a boomkin?

We spent 3 nights raiding in December before closing the shop and hibernating for the winter — the new crew is a working bunch — and traveling for family time and festivities took many away from the game at the end of December. We reconvened for the first raid of the new year on Monday, and I got to go through the shrieking panic of raiding on a brand new toon — again! 3 days does not a comfort zone make, and so I was tossed off platforms in Conclave of Wind, saw the belly of the beast in Magmaw, and died alone in a corner at the very end of Omnitron.

I also tried, stubbornly I might add, continuing to heal without Moonglow in the 4 raid days we’ve had so far. I was especially frustrated last night as we were finishing Magmaw when I was praying that Innervate would miracleously decide to shave a minute off its cooldown so I could have some mana please. While Innervate was one of the first and most brutal lessons of Restoration Druid healing I’ve had to teach myself so far, feeling the need to cast it 3 times in order to feel productive during a boss fight felt counter-productive. I know darn well I was being conservative in my healing, and putting the larger burden on my fellow healers last night, so tonight, I’m walking into fresh dungeons to face the same fights with Moonglow by my side.

Overall, I’m ambivalent about the spec — Regrowth isn’t exactly high on priority list of spells, and I have no flipping clue how to track a internal one-minute cooldown once a proc has finished. Nature’s Grace is one of my favorite talents as a boomkin, but I’m just not appreciative of it eating up so many of my precious talent points as a tree. I also gave up Nature’s Swiftness, a spell I actually use with some consistency.

Running a heroic today with the new spec, I must say, I felt like I was walking around with a limitless mana pool again — which tells me I’m starting to outgear the dungeons, people are getting better, or the spec really does provide a significant mana improvement. However, for those who like personal ancedotes about how people “feel” about where they are with a class/spec, I’ll be happy to oblige ^^

My Guild & OMG Guilds Are Recruiting!

Nothing much new to report on the guild front. I re-applied for our first unofficial raid date in order to get promoted to intern. This means I am a lowly peon for 30 days, of which I imagine we will be discounting most of December due to nothing to evaluate. So, I continue to percolate, waiting to see how things will turn out on that front.

If you are looking for a guild, of any bent, now is a fabulous time to go guild shopping. A number of guilds are recruiting, just among those who blog, and I’ve tried to retrieve all the notices I’ve received from my feedreader for anyone still looking for that perfect home.

I also wanted to be nice and plug my guild’s blog, Dedicated Insanity, and point you to our raid leader’s shiny new twitter feed. I don’t know if he’s figured out how it works yet, but hey, the more the merrier!

Random Tip of the Day

I don’t know about you, but I’ve reached the point where Justice Points aren’t doing a whole lot for me. If you’re capping out JP and don’t have any useful gear to buy, make a buck by purchasing Windslicer. It’s cheap, at 950 JP, and it sells for a tidy 26G 2S 66C. Repair cash!

Just make sure to wait until the two hour refund time is past, otherwise, you’ll get your JP back!

Brunpal has pointed out that the highest return on investment for vendoring is to purchase BC gems, which cost 78 Justice Points.

  • Uncut
    • Vendor for 5 gold per gem
    • .0641 gold per Justice Point
    • 3978 JP = 51 Gems = 255 gold
  • Cut
    • Vendor for 6 gold per gem
    • .0769 gold per Justice Point
    • 3978 JP = 51 Gems = 306 gold

You can buy these from Ontuvo in Shattrah or Shaani on the Isle of Quel’Danis.

Love Those Links

Although I would love to put in some fabulous link love right now, I’m too darn lazy. I discovered if I hit my shared button, that I can share my favorite reads directly to my front page sidebar, so if you haven’t been by in awhile, and you want to know if I love you and your articles, you’ll just have to click through. (Or if you’re really bored at work and want to have enough reading to last you until the end of the day — it should do the trick!) If I don’t have your articles in there, freakin’ let me know, would ja? I just cleaned out my feed reader, and would love to meet some new bloggers.


10 thoughts on “Catching Up

  1. Thanks for the blog/twitter link. I haven't really figured out what the twittering is actually for yet, but it gives me another source for procrastinating at work I suppose and yet another way to maintain my WoW addiction.

    Two comments about items you can still spend your justice points on:

    1) You can still buy the WotLK heirloom items for Justice Points, just in case you don't already have multiple sets of all available heirlooms.

    2) You can still buy WotLK epic gems for Justice Points. People still seem to be buying these, my guess is either for leveling or for the JC guild achievement to cut 100,000? blue-quality-or-better gems.

    Either way is probably a higher return on your points than vendoring an axe πŸ˜‰

    • You can set-up your blog to send an automatic "new post" type tweet which is why I got it — plenty of blog readers just follow twitter to keep up with blogs they read. Also can be a good way to toss around ideas with other bloggers (and generally a time-sink πŸ™‚ )

      I hate heirlooms and the auction house has cooties πŸ˜›

  2. Thanks for the suggestion of vendoring that axe. I had no idea what to spend them on. With Gaia's suggestion I calculated out how much gold per Justice point:

    Vendoring Windslicer: 26.0266/950 =
    0.02739642 gold per JP

    Vendoring uncut epic WotLK gems: 5/220 =
    0.02272727 gold per JP

    Vendoring cut epic WotLK gems: 9/220 =
    0.04090909 gold per JP

    So turning all 4000 Justice Points into gems, then cutting them works out to be the best. Turns your 4000 points into 163g 63s 63c. Better than nothing I guess.

    • Now, if I had a JC, I'd be cutting and vendoring like a mad fool. Thanks for looking at that Brun.

        • Hmm. I knew there had to be a better option and went hunting looking at the older gear. The answer is vendoring Burning Crusade epic gems. BC epic gems cost 78 JP and vendor for 5g each (6 if cut).

          uncut 5g /78 JP
          0.0641 gold per JP

          cut 6g/78 JP
          0.0769 gold per JP

          3978 JP = 51 uncut gems = 255g
          3978 JP = 51 cut gems = 306g
          Varies from person to person if the extra 51g is worth the hassle of cutting. I have a Jewelcrafter and I doubt I'll bother cutting.

  3. Thanks for including UR in your guild list! I still need to whip up a post on my own blog, but I'm trying hard not to sound like a total idiot.

    Nice new theme! Or, if it's not so new, sorry I haven't been here in a bit, but I like this one! Especially those icons up top.

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