Magmaw | Normal 10-Man

Magmaw is a platform type boss — he stays in a stationary position at the edge of the platform throughout the fight. Magmaw has two phases, an add phase, and a burn phase.

Type of Fight

Add Management

Successfully killing the adds without them touching any member of the raid is paramount for success.

General Information

Phase 1

Add phase!

  • Arrange the raid into three groups:
    • Tank — by him/herself on one side of the boss (Protip: The boss doesn’t move)
    • Ranged — Keep one ranged player at maximum range. (Hunter, Mage, or Warlock suggested)
    • Everyone Else — on the opposite side of the boss as the tank and as near the edge of the platform as possible without falling in!
  • Every thirty seconds, the boss will target your ranged player with a ground effect that does AoE damage and spawns adds. The ranged player should join the melee group as swiftly as possible.
  • SLOW THE ADDS. Ice Trap and Blizzard (with Ice Shards) is great.
  • Adds that attach to party members spawn more adds. Game Over.
  • Either the tank or everyone else group will have to move once during this phase in order to avoid Ignition.
  • Right-clicking on the floor can initiate combat (Magmaw’s body apparently loops under the dungeon). BE AWARE!

Alternate strategy proposed/tested by Jasyla and stolen from the comments ^^

  • Arrange groups as above.
  • Ranged = Best kiting player
  • Everyone ignores adds except the kiter who keeps them merrily occupied.


When Magmaw slumps over he is able to be impaled.

  • 2 players can mount Magmaw.
  • Players will gain the ability Constricting Chains and both must successfully use this ability to trap Magmaw.

Magmaw becomes impaled on the spike.

Phase 2

Players must attack the Exposed Head of Magmaw. This is a burn phase.

Boss Abilities

  • Pillar of Flame: Boss marks a fiery circle on the floor where magma and Lava Parasiteswill spew forth. Anyone standing on the pillar gets knocked into the air. Can be cast every 30 seconds.
  • Mangle: Cast on the tank. A stacking debuff that insta-kills your tank at stack 30. Magmaw must be spikedbefore this happens.
  • Ignition: AoE damage that covers half the room. Looks like steam jets.

Tips for the Raid

Phase 1

  • A hunter is your best choice for the ranged player so they can drop Ice Trap when Pillar of Flame appears. They should disengage towards the boss as soon as they’ve laid the trap.
  • If you do not have a hunter, a mage (Blink) or warlock (Demonic Circle: Teleport) would be your next best candidates.
  • Ignition generally occurs (the first time) as Magmaw is being impaled — don’t get caught under his body when changing sides!
  • Ranged should be the primary add killers, and it must be done quickly and efficientlyevery time. By the time you kill one group, the next will about ready to spawn.
  • Healers should be prepared for consistent AoE damage throughout this phase.


  • The fight goes on! While the transition is occurring all boss mechanics and strategies from Phase 1 are still in effect. Do not give up your best AoE/CC players to chain the boss as they’ll still be needed for adds.
  • The tank is being eaten and should use a cooldown during Mangle to alleviate the damage spike. Give it a few stacks — you won’t keel over in the first five seconds.
  • Healers should be prepared to provide additional healing on the tank.
  • I’ve seen “spam constrict chains” suggested. Well, yes and no. You will cast it many times, but spamming it may cause the chain to snap if your partner is behind.
  • Both mounted players must successfully chain the spike. If you see “the chain has snapped” someone is doing something wrong.

Phase 2

Burn it baby.

  • Combat boosting cooldown should be saved for this phase.
  • This is a catch up and sit phase for healers.


Magmaw returns to Phase 1 at the end of this Phase 2.

  • Magmaw wipes threat and is uncontrolled at the end of this phase. The player(s) closest to the edge of the platform will be attacked until threat is re-established.
  • If you are using two tanks (not suggested for normal mode) this is when you will swap tanks.

Thanks to Nykitaa and Aavarus for the video.



12 thoughts on “Magmaw | Normal 10-Man

  1. If you have a frost death knight in your raid (or someone else who is awesome at kiting), make them the one person that stays at ranged. They can kite the parasites for the whole fight and you never have to worry about killing them.

    • For a 10-man kill, losing the additional DPS that having a raid member could provide by kiting the entire encounter would likely be counterproductive.

      • My Horde guild had two 10man groups kill him this week. My group used the kite strategy and killed him in 7:26. The other group killed the parasites and killed him in 7:09. I think both work fine.

  2. Saturday we went into Blackrock for our first try at Magmaw. After three disastrous attempts to keep the ranged/healers at range dodging pillars and adds, I said, "Wait, I know I saw a better strategy somewhere" and went to look it up. We tried this and it worked so much better. Unfortunately we weren't able to handle the adds so we didn't actually get far but we did see that this strategy makes a lot of sense.

    We had a stand in that night from the other raid in the guild, and when that raid went in Sunday we listened and they also had switched to using this strategy. Again, it WILL work, we just aren't able to make it work yet.

    BIG question – is AOE the right call for the adds, or single-target-burning-down? Our raiders were using AOE and I'm not sure that was the right call there.

    • AoE damage is so strikingly expensive that initial grouping/hit should be done with AoE, while stragglers should likely be killed one-on-one to save mana. On our last kill, we had a hunter/mage/warlock responsible for the adds, with the DK throwing out a D&D but not entering the action.

      • Getting some sort of AoE slow/snare on the adds is really important as well in order to maximize the effectiveness of the various AoE damage abilities.

        AoE is so expensive because Blizz wanted to stop people from using it on groups of 2-3. Groups of 5-6+, and especially even larger groups like the parasites are almost always going to be best handled by using AoE. It is important that everyone is AoE'ing them though and that they are being kept in the AoE for the full duration.

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