Omnotron Defense System | Normal 10-Man

Omnotron Defense System is a council type fight with 4 constructs sharing a health pool. Other than the initial pull, two constructs will be active at all times.

Type of Fight

Situational Awareness Check

Every raider must be aware of the current combination of constructs, whether to collapse or space, and when to change targets.

General Information

  • Each construct has 2 abilities, and will cast each ability twice before shutdown.
  • Constructs activate with 100 energy, shield at 50 energy, and deactivate at 0 energy.
    • Construct to be DPS’ed will have between 100 and 50 energy.
    • Construct will shield shortly after reaching 50 energy.
    • Attacking during construct’s shield will cause a special damage attack to occur.
    • DoTs can activate special attack from the shield. DoTs should be stopped in the 60 energy range to prevent spillover shield activations.
    • Pets can activate special attack from the shield. Pets must be moved to the active construct.
    • Shield will deactivate 10 seconds after activation.
    • Shielded construct will require a tank until he reaches 0 energy, at which point the construct will deactivate and a new one will activate.
  • Only one construct will be damaged at a time.

Construct Abilities

Shield abilities are bolded.




  • Incineration Security Measure: Raid-wide AoE fire attack.
  • Acquiring Target: Debuff cast on a single raid member. After 4 seconds, shoots a flame attack in current direction of player. Members standing nearby take damage.
  • Barrier: High-damage AoE when attacked.


  • Chemical Bomb: Icky cloud on the floor that increases damage taken. Works on the construct too.
  • Poison Protocol: Drops 3 Poison Bombs (slimes) that target a player and explode on impact doing massive damage.
  • Poison Soaked Shell: When attacked, applies a stacking DoT on player. Increases player damage.

Tips for the Raid

Due to the nature of the fight, which can see different combinations of constructs active, there are going to be a number of if,then statements.

  • If you have a boss debuff (Lightning Conductor or Acquiring Target) get out of the raid.
  • Power Generator is great for everyone, but if Electron or Toxitron is up, save it for the healers.
  • Collapse on Toxitron when he spawns to position Chemical Bomb (the poison cloud) on top of him. If you’re really coordinated, do it again after the poison bombs are gone.
  • Collapse on Magmatron for Incineration Security Measure (massive flamethrowers) unless Electron is out. Then stay spread and eat your healthstone as needed.
  • Never, ever, ever attack Magmatron or Electron during their shield phase.
  • Arcanotron needs interrupts even in his shielded phase. Purge or spellsteal the shield, and continue to interrupt until complete deactivated.
  • While extra damage is great, attacking Toxitron’s shield when the AoE constructs are out (Magmatron or Electron) can result in accidental death. Use with caution.
  • Kite the poison bombs when active. They can be snared/slowed. If they hit you, bad stuff happens (insta-death, AoE splash effect and ick on the floor).

Thanks to Nykitaa for the video.


6 thoughts on “Omnotron Defense System | Normal 10-Man

  1. Nice guide. A couple of suggestions:

    Most guides seem to overlook/avoid mentioning that the shields only last 10seconds before they disappear. Which means that after the shield drops, that construct can be attacked/damaged as well. Our lock has been boosting his dps by rolling DoTs on both bosses once the shield drops. Tanks need to stop attacking during the shield (most of the time) but can also contribute quite a bit to the raid dps once the shield drops. Taking advantage of things like the "off-target" construct sitting in a poison cloud are also a good way to boost your dps.

    Slimes from Toxitron can (and will) target the opposite tank

    Last thing is just to reinforce the importance of interrupting Arcanotron. Before we got our interrupts under conrtol, Arcanotron's nuke accounted for more raid damage than anything else in the fight (including melee damage done to the tanks) Interrupting his blast needs to be the highest priority whenever he is active for anyone able to stop it.

  2. One thing I have noticed if hunters Feign Death when targeted by Acquiring Target – Magma will lose target and not nuke the hunter. Not sure if Mages invisible and Rogues vanish will do the same thing.

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