Atramedes | Normal 10-Man

Atramedes is a blind dragon who uses his abilities as sonar buoys to get a track on you. A two-phase fight that repeats until he’s dead.

Type of Fight

Stay Out of the Bad

Every ability that you stand in increases your “sound” which increases damage taken. When you reach 100 sound the boss mangles you to death. Personal accountability is the key to winning.

General Information

Only one tank is required for this fight.

Phase 1

Ground Phase

  • Tank the boss in the center of the room.
  • Create a melee and ranged group on opposite sides of the boss.
  • Assign one player to hit the gong when Atramedes casts Searing Flame.
  • Any player can be targeted by Sonic Breath or Sonar Pulse. Avoid taking damage from these abilities.

Phase 2

Air Phase

  • Assign 1-2 players to hit the gong.
  • Atramedes will target the player with highest sound and track with Roaring Flame Breath which is similar to Sonic Breath in that it follows a single player.
  • Assigned player should hit the gong before it reaches the tracked player.
  • Player who hits the gong becomes the target of the Roaring Flame Breath after five seconds.
  • Stay out of all flame and sonar effects.

Boss Abilities

Phase 1

  • Sonic Breath: A channeled flame attack targeted at the player with the highest sound. The flames move faster the higher the player’s sound. Can be kited.
  • Modulation: Unavoidable damage and sound increase (the big freakin’ circles radiating from the dragon).
  • Sonar Pulse: Smaller circles which target 4 random players (including melee).
  • Searing Flame: Raid wiper. Requires someone to hit a gong, initiating Vertigo. Lasts 8 seconds in total.

Phase 2

  • Roaring Flame Breath: A channeled flame attack that initially targets the player with the highest sound. The flames move faster the higher the player’s sound. When a player hits a gong, initiating Vertigo, they become the next target.
  • Sonar Bomb: Atramedes drops a sound buoy that looks like Sonar Pulse when it hits.
  • Sonic Fireball: Fireballs from the air.
  • Roaring Flames: Fire on the floor. Spawn from Roaring Flame Breath, destruction of gong, and in random patches.

Tips for the Raid

When you use a gong, Atramedes will flame breath it, temporarily removing it from the battle.

Phase 1

Ground Phase

  • Position melee and ranged on opposite sides of the boss.
  • Ranged group should stay loosely clumped to make scattering after Sonar Pulse easier.*
  • Assigned gong hitter will preferably be ranged, or a player with increased movement speed. (We used a mage).
  • Determine the direction which the player with Sonic Breath will run. (We chose counter-clockwise). Players to the right had to move when player was targeted, while players directly on top could move to the left, and players already to the left had to take no action.

*Alternate strategy calls for stacking the ranged group, but we were not successful in implementing it.

Phase 2

Air Phase

  • Keep moving. There’s a lot of random damage that comes out during this phase, and standing still is a sure way to get hit.
  • Assigned gong hitter should be a player with increased movement speed (we used a feral druid throughout). If you assign a single gong hitter, they will be targeted every time after the first breath attack.
  • Do not stand on the gong while waiting to hit it. You will more than likely just have a Sonar Bomb dropped on your head, requiring you to rush to another gong location.
  • If you use a custom UI and cannot find your sonar level indicator OR you just want to keep track of everyone, pick up the addon Atramedes.

Thanks to Nykitaa for the video!



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  2. Thanks for pointing out that add-on. Not being able to tell other peoples sound levels was driving me crazy.

    A couple little things, in the general info you say daring flame breath targets the person with the lowest sound. In boss abilities you say highest. Also, I think using a gong removes it forever, not temporarily.

    • We had gongs re-appear during the encounter, although every thing I've read say they're permanently gone. Whether this is a bug or not, I don't know, but I'm not willing to state it's categorically gone when it may reappear.

      I'll fix the other though — it's definitely highest.

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