Chimaeron | Normal 10-Man

Chimaeron is a healing-intensive fight, requiring good coordination and teamwork from all members of the team to survive. Although the raid will be minimally spread for most of the fight (at least 6 yards) there is a collapse component.

Type of Fight

Gear Check / Healer Coordination

Although healing coordination is the primary “gimmick” for this fight, without sufficient gear scattered throughout the raid, the fight will not be possible.

General Information

Important: Begin the fight by speaking to Finkle. You need the Bile-o-Tron to survive!

  • Raid Composition:
    • Primary Tank: Needs nominal healing in order to stay above 10,000 health. Will take primary damage and debuffs from the boss.
    • Off-Tank: Will take all double attacks and zero debuffs. Must remain topped off to survive the incoming damage.
    • 3 Healers and 5 DPS

    Alternate strategy has both tanks sharing the debuff. See Phase One: Alternate Strategy.

Phase 1

  • Raid should stay spread out to avoid killing each other with splash damage effects.
  • Healers need to keep everyone just above 10,000. Any more is over-healing.*
  • *The exception to this is the designated secondary tank who needs to be kept topped off.
  • Primary and secondary tank will be playing taunt games throughout the first phase.
    • Primary tank pulls.
    • Secondary tank taunts to take the Double Attack.
    • Primary tank pulls immediately afterwards.

    Alternate Strategy

  • Same as above, although tank taunts will be handled differently
    • Primary tank pulls
    • Secondary tank taunts to take the Double Attack
    • Primary tank taunts immediately before the next Double Attack
    • Rinse and Repeat

Phase 2

This phase begins when Chimaeron casts Massacre and knocks the Bile-O-Tron offline. Immediately thereafter will cast Feud, ending melee attacks.

  • Entire raid must stack on a single raid member (a tank is suggested).
  • Entire raid must be topped off immediately.
  • Chimaeron will cast Caustic Slime every 5 seconds for 15 seconds.

The phase ends when the Bile-o-Tron comes back on-line.

  • Raid should spread back out for Phase 1.
  • Chimaeron will cast Massacre immediately after BOT comes back on-line — all players must be at 10,000 health.

Phase 3

At 20% health Chimaeron becomes enraged. Burn phase.

  • Healing becomes ineffective.
  • The boss must die before the raid.

Boss Abilities

Finkle’s Mixture allows the raid to survive Massacres by providing a buff that prevents the player from dying so long as he/she is over 10,000 health.

  • Massacre: An AoE attack that does maximum damage to all players. Cannot be mitigated.
  • Double Attack: Exactly what it says — two “back to back” melee attacks. The first attack can knock the tank below the 10,000 health safe zone, making the second attack lethal.
  • Feud: Chimaeron’s heads begin fighting. Stops melee attacks.
  • Caustic Slime: An AoE attack that is split between all players in a 6 yard area.
  • Mortality: Immune to taunt effects. Takes 10% increased damage. Reduces healing effectiveness by 99% on all players.
  • Break: Increases physical damage and reduces healing effects on target.

Tips for the Raid

Phase 1

  • Healers UNITE! And even better, coordinate.
    • Assigning every player to a particular healer is awesome.
    • If you have healers with AoE or proximity smart heals make sure their healing assignments are 6 yards apart and clustered for effective healing management.
    • ALL healers must have some responsibility for secondary (double attack) tank. Healing up damage between Attack 1 & 2 is crucial.
  • Players with self-healing damage (warlocks/MM hunters) should do their best to keep themselves healed.
  • Sometimes a player will be hit with slime back to back immediately before Massacre. If this happens to you, eat your healthstone!

Phase 2

  • Stack quickly and efficiently. Stragglers will be killed.
  • Have a nature resist buff!
  • Pets should be stacked to provide an extra buffer for the slime. Mirror images and Treants count as pets for the damage spread.
  • Major healing cool-downs need to be coordinated to heal everyone up before the slime. Make sure there is a clear rotation noted. (Ideally plan for three, in first attempts, you’re likely to hit four).
  • If you’re not healing, BANDAGE.
  • If you have a survival cool-down, use it. (If it’s long and can only be used once per attempt, save it for the third collapse when your healers are tired).
  • After bandaging, pop your combat buff (heroism/time warp/bloodlust) and get some concentrated damage in.

Phase 3

  • At the 21-22% mark, every effort should made to top off BOTH tanks.
  • If possible, the secondary tank (the one with zero debuffs) should pick up the boss immediately before the enrage.
  • The primary tank should move away from the secondary tank/boss — you’re probably going to lose your first tank, so might as well make the dragon hoof it before chomping on the remaining tank.
  • The raid should spread out around the room. DO NOT stack.
  • If/when the tanks die, the targeted DPS should do their best to kite the boss.
  • Healers should be DPS’ing (if you have any mana) since you can’t heal a broken nail.
  • DO NOT GIVE UP! You can lose half your raid and still pull those off if everyone keeps pushing.

Thanks to Nykitaa for the video.



15 thoughts on “Chimaeron | Normal 10-Man

  1. It would probably be worth mentioning that there is an alternate tanking strategy where there is no second taunt after the double strike.

    Tank1 —> Boss gains "Double Strike" buff –> Tank2 taunts —> Boss gains "Double Strike" buff –> Tank1 taunts

    As opposed to what you outlined (and the one we used)

    Tank1 —> Boss gains "Double Strike" buff –> Tank2 taunts and gets hit in the face —> Tank1 taunts

    The advantage of the alternative is that I ended up with full stacks of Break for nearly the entire fight (reduced healing by 15% per stack, stacks to 4?) Having at least 1 holy paladin with beacon on me and keeping the double strike tank topped off makes this trivial on normal mode though. If you switch tanks and just always keep the upcoming double strike target topped off, it would require less healing overall, but requires more coordination. In a fight where trying to avoid healing people over 10k is a much bigger issue than trying to overcome a -60% healing done on a beaconed target, it seemed like the easier route to take.

    Phase 2 timing is:

    Massacre (which you can begin grouping up during) —> 15 seconds later first slime goes out. Raid needs to be grouped and topped off before this happens —> 5 seconds later 2nd slime goes out, do your best to top off raid before —> 3rd and final slime of Phase2 goes out. Raid spreads back out as the bot comes back online and the boss casts massacre. As long as everyone is above 10k, you don'd need to heal after the 3rd slime.

  2. These guides are very helpful and concise.

    I'm really looking forward to this guy, but myself and the other healers are the least geared in my 10man group, so I think it will be a while before we try him.

    • We've had an unusual set-up with two paladins and a restoration druid, so I definitely wouldn't discourage anyone from trying him. If you're in the 340's range on gear level, you should be fine, although it might not be pretty ^^ Coordination definitely trumps big heals in this encounter.

  3. Pretty good guide, Windsoar! ❤

    One thing to note though, your description of Double Attack is a bit off: Double Attack: Exactly what it says — a melee attack that strikes a tank for double damage.

    It isn't just a double damage attack, it is in fact two seperate attacks one right on top of another.

    For pretty much any other encounter this would be a trivial and petty difference to bother pointing out, but it is relevant to this fight because the first attack can reduce tank below 10k making the second attack eligable to kill them.

    Otherwise, good guide. 🙂

    One thing we found helpful in getting through the 20% burn phase was having people split up around the outside edge of the room, and having someone keeping a close eye on Omen to see who was next, so that they could get to the opposide side of the current snack-target.

    We also had our mage/hunter let themselves almost become omnomnom food then invis/FDing to give them a second lease on life.

    Made it through with a lot of people still alive this way, but I think it probably wasn't necessary to go that far. Just having someone watching Omen and letting people know whose next is probably sufficient.

  4. Caustic Slime also applies a -75% hit debuff to everyone it hits. This is a good time for dpsers to bandage since they can't do much dmg.

    It should be stressed that self healing classes such as warlocks and ret paladins provide extra utility for this fight. It's fewer people healers have to worry about. If it wasn't for the hit penalty a warlock could keep themselves up without a single heal from a healer. Even with the hit debuff spamming drain life works eventually but burns through mana.

  5. We've tried three different tactics in our guild on the tanking front with mixed results

    Tactic 1 – A MT used throughout with OT only taunting to take the Double Attack hits and the MT taunting back as soon as they've landed
    Tactic 2 – The tanks swap aggro on 2 stacks of the debuff(3 if your tanks and healer are good enough)
    Tactic 3 – OT taunts just before double attack and keeps tanking until just before the next double attack when the other tank taunts back.

    Tactic 1 lead us to more wipes than either of the other two tactics.

    Tactic 2 is the simplest to execute but probably the most gear/skill dependant one as the tanks will take more damage than they would on tactic 3

    Tactic 3 Is the best tactic if you can pull it off but the tanks need to be very quick on their taunts. 1 missed taunt will cause a wipe.

    Also, for phase 2 we've got this down perfectly now with a maximum of two people dying.

    – Allocate a corner of the room for each of the ranged DPS to move to.

    – Make sure all DPS have their aggro wipe abilities ready to use(Feign death, soul shatter, invisibility, etc). We actually removed one of our locks from the raid after he kept getting so high on threat during phase 1 that he was wasting soul shatter in his desire to be top of the DPS chart. Harsh I know but DPS chasers who put the raid at risk are a pet hate of mine.

    – Just before you hit the 20% mark the MT will drag the boss over to one side of the room while the OT, who should be second on aggro moves to the opposite side.

    – If you have a Paladin healer, get them to taunt just before the 20% mark… The more healers you can get above the DPS on threat, the better.

    – Mirror Image is great here because he'll hit the images before the mage himself, giving you a nice big buffer of DPS time for the rest of the raid. Not sure if things like Army of Dead, Treants, etc have the same effect.

    – Healer priests switch to shadow form and nuke, Resto Druids switch to Moonkin and nuke, yada, yada, yada.

    • Great info! Thanks for sharing 🙂

      We probably won't be changing our tanking tactic until heroic mode. Tactic 1 (which is what we use) can be pretty scary for your healers if all three aren't good at coordinating a secondary healing target with their prime healing objective. Resto druids can't switch to moonkin, but we can pop Tree of Life form which increases our Wrath damage and decreases the cast time 🙂

  6. Thanks for the tips! Most of the guides (and friends) I've found only mention 25-man tactics, and they don't help much. For example, if I'd known we only get 3-4 Feuds, we'd have started using cooldowns earlier… we tried saving them for the second and didn't survive through the first.

    Also, any resto druid-specific suggestions? We are running with a druid (me), a holy priest and a paladin. The pally is on the tanks and the others are on the raid, but I'm feeling like my HoTs are so slow and useless.

    • You should definitely be blowing cooldowns on the feud phase: 1) Tree of Life, 2) Tranquility, 3) Tree of Life and hopefully you won't get a fourth.

      What I've been doing is rolling a rejuvenation on both tanks, lifebloom on the double-attack tank, and then the paladin and I split the raid. Bigwigs/DBM will mark the two slime targets and the two raid healers should take one each. A Rejuvenation and Nourish (magically hasted with three rejuvs out) makes topping up a breeze. Also make sure to pop Wild Growth as soon as Massacre goes off.

      For the feud phase, you're the stabilizer. Make sure to get some rejuvenations out, Swiftmend on cooldown, Wildgrowth and Lifebloom EVERYONE!

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