Halfus Wyrmbreaker | Normal 10-Man

Halfus Wyrmbreaker is a dragon tamer with a flying sidekick, the proto-behemoth, who provides AoE damage throughout the fight. On any given week, three dragons placed around the room will be able to be activated and assist by providing a debuff on Halfus, although they eventually turn sides and must be put down.

Type of Fight

Tank ‘n’ Spank

The key on this fight is great tanking, and good communication among your tanking team. Like almost every good ol’ fashioned Tank ‘n’ Spank, a hard enrage keeps the DPS on their toes.

Basic Information

There’s not really a great way to provide a basic fight scenario for a fight that changes with every drake combination. The following is based on having the Slate Dragon, otherwise, all those taunt changes become irrelevant.

  • Primary tank engages Halfus.
  • Secondary tank releases Drake 1.*
  • Burn down Drake 1.
  • Secondary tank takes Halfus.
  • Primary tank picks up Drake 2.
  • Burn down Drake 2.
  • Primary tank picks up Halfus.
  • Secondary tank picks up Drake 3.
  • Burn Drake 3.**
  • Burn Halfus.
  • Avoid fire on the floor.
  • See Drake Abilities for instructions for particular strategies for dealing with buffs/debuffs.

*Alternate strategy calls for releasing and tanking Drake 1 and 2. If you choose this method, be aware that two drakes hit substantially harder than Halfus.


**Alternate strategy calls for leaving Drake 3 up and turning directly to Halfus after Drake 2. For our raid team, this decision was a toss up, but we found burning the third drake made the final healing easier without two tanks to top off.

Boss Abilities


  • Furious Roar: Knocks players down three times in succession along with some damage. Begins using at 50%.
  • Beserk: Halfus’ enrage. Becomes untauntable along with the combat boost. Cast at 6 minutes.


Halfus Drakes

Buffs are applied to Halfus Wyrmbreaker throughout the fight regardless. Debuffs are applied once the drake is released, and remain for the duration of the fight.

Slate Dragon

Slate Dragon requires tanks to swap in order to survive a healing debuff. Swap at 6-8 stacks. The interrupt isn’t necessary, making the Slate Dragon a low priority.

Nether Scion

If Nether Scion is active, he should be top priority unless Storm Rider is also active.

Storm Rider

If Storm Rider is active, he should be top priority. Shadow Nova must be interrupted.

  • Buff: Shadow Nova — An AoE attack. Can only be interrupted after Storm Rider is freed. When under 50% health, Shadow Nova will always be cast immediately following Furious Roar.
  • Debuff: Cyclone Winds: Allows Shadow Nova to be interrupted.

Proto-Behemoth Drakes

Time Warden

The Time Warden is an annoyance, making a strain on your healers by providing unavoidable damage. However, the damage does add up over time, making this drake a medium priority.

  • Buff: Fireball Barrage — Fireballs cast at random enemy targets. Cannot be dodged until Time Warden is freed.
  • Debuff: Time Dilation — Allows Fireball Barrage to be dodged. (Provides a visual cue).

Orphaned Emerald Whelps

The Orphaned Whelps are a medium priority since the AoE damage is not a raid wiper; however, it adds up over time.

Tips for the Raid

  • Use combat boosting cooldowns early to burn the drakes. After the 50% mark you have to contend with Furious Roar which may waste the benefit if timed incorrectly.
  • Determine your tanking/drake release strategy before the fight begins.
  • If tank swapping is not necessary, decide on one drake or two. If you’re struggling with two, scale back to one.
  • Non-tanks can release the drakes, but they must be picked up/redirected to a tank quickly.
  • Be aware when fire is avoidable or not. No sense running around like a fool because the Time Warden isn’t released yet.
  • Players, but tanks especially, should be using defensive cooldowns during the Furious Roar.
  • If you have Storm Rider, assign a player to avoid the third Furious Roar knockdown and interrupt Shadow Nova.
  • From a healing perspective, this is a front-loaded fight, so be prepared to push hard and heavy until the first two drakes are eliminated.



4 thoughts on “Halfus Wyrmbreaker | Normal 10-Man

  1. We've been trying a three-tank strategy and it worked really well with our first drake configuration – Slate, Nether, Time. We got him consistently to below 10% with that combo, but couldn't get enough dps to drop him. Our healers weren't able to keep two tanks up while releasing two dragons, or heal through the raid damage (but hopefully with some gear upgrades we'll be able to)

    Last week we got Slate, Storm, Time and it kicked our butts so hard it wasn't funny. We just could not handle the AOE. Hopefully this week's trio is a bit more favorable to our raid and we down him.

    Loving these guides, by the way.

    • I personally would have released Nether and Time and left Slate in his cage. The interrupt is not beneficial enough (in my opinion) to deal with the resultant damage and the loss of DPS (especially since it caused an enrage issue).

      You would have still had a really ugly first set-up as both tanks got pummeled until you got the Nether Drake down, did a tank swap, and then focused on Time.

      Another tank swap, Slate dragon released and either downed or tanked depending on your healing/dps situation.

  2. You would very likely have been better off just releasing one dragon at a time. The only reason to try releasing more than one drake at a time is in preparation for Hard Mode where it is more or less required to release multiple drakes at once.

    If you are just doing normal mode, and that is what this guide is for, releasing one drake at a time is going to be your best "generic" plan. Figuring out which drake is giving your healers the most trouble is the only tricky part.

    The only real exception to that is possibly the whelps. We haven't had the whelps yet so I can't say from experience but I have heard from several reliable sources that the whelps don't really add that much additional raid/tank damage especially when weighed against the damage reduction they bring to the raid when released.

    • The healers, of which I was one, could not manage both the undodgeable fireballs and the massive tank damage due to Halfus having extra speed attacks. Releasing both at once kept the damage at manageable levels. However we are aware that a particular week's setup will change our strategy drastically. We also had the advantage of two very well geared Feral druids, one of whom went cat after his drake was down and managed respectable DPS.

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