Valiona & Theralion (The Twins) | Normal 10-Man

Dragon twins, Valiona and Theralion share a health pool. Although both dragons are active throughout the fight, only the grounded drake is able to be actively engaged with any accuracy.

Type of Fight

Stay Out of the Bad

Effectively handling unavoidable damage and staying out of everything else is the key to winning this fight.

General Information

Only one tank is required for this fight.

Phase One

Valiona grounded, Theralion airborne.

  • Tank in the middle of the room.
  • Raid should stay spread out 8-10 yards.
  • When a player is afflicted with Blackout debuff, raid should collapse before dispelling.
  • Valiona will turn towards random player before casting Devouring Flames. Move behind her head.
  • When Theralion casts Dazzling Destruction, the dragons are about to swap.
  • Keep moving during this transition phase to avoid damage from Dazzling Destruction.
  • Dragon will land in center of the room.

Phase Two

  • Create three groups: tank, melee, and ranged. (At least three players should be in the melee/ranged group).
  • Player afflicted by Engulfing Magic should avoid all other groups.
  • Ranged group will perform a shuffling circle around the room throughout to avoid Dazzling Flames void zones.
  • A large purple arrow will indicate which group will be receiving Twilight Meteorite.
  • When Valiona casts Deep Breath, the dragons are about to swap.
  • Watch Valiona to determine the portion of the room will be covered in fire. She applies a line of fire from platform to platform at the top, bottom, or middle of the room.
  • Dragon will land in the center of the room. Return to Phase One.

Boss Abilities



  • Blackout: Debuff placed on single target. Absorbs healing. When dispelled or expired does damage which is spread among nearby players.
  • Devouring Flames: A cone breath attack. Targets a player, but can be avoided.


  • Twilight Meteor: Debuff placed on single target. After 6 seconds does damage which is spread among players within 8 yards.
  • Deep Breath: A flame that engulfs a section of the room. Does damage and sends affected player to the Twilight Realm.



  • Engulfing Magic: Increases healing and damage by 100%. Healing and damage also applied to players within 10 yards.
  • Fabulous Flames: Fire on the floor.


  • Dazzling Destruction: Purple/pink swirls of death on the floor. Casts immediately before landing. Will send affected player to the Twilight Realm.
  • Twilight Blast: Attack that damages players within 8 yards of the target. (Melee can be targeted).

Tips for the Raid

Phase One

  • Raid should group as near as possible around Valiona to make collapsing/cone of flame avoidance easier.
  • Before casting Devouring Flames, Valiona will turn her head in the intended direction of the cast.
  • If you are terribly far away from Valiona when she begins casting Devouring Flames, you can run AWAY instead of BEHIND to reduce damage. (Not suggested, but it might help you live).

Phase Two

  • Flame patches are inevitable, but by having your ranged group moving in a pre-determined direction, you can hopefully leave a trail instead of having a lot of panic.
  • Valiona will emote before casting Deep Breath: Theralion! I will engulf the Hallway! Cover their escape!
  • Like Utgarde Pinnacle’s Skadi the Ruthless, Valiona’s position will indicate which portion of the room is about to be covered in flame.
  • If possible, keep your ranged group as large as possible (6 players). This will give that group more spread and greater survivability when Twilight Meteorite hits.
  • If the player with Engulfing Magic gets targeted by the Meteorite, have them stop casting and rejoin their group.
  • I think your melee group can stack on the tank during this one, but I have not confirmed.

Twilight Realm

Although you should be able to avoid the Twilight Realm altogether by staying out of the bad, sometimes, these things happen. If you find yourself in the Twilight Realm:

  • Try to avoid the purple lights. They hurt!
  • Run towards the portal as soon as possible to return to the fight.

Thanks to Nykitaa for the video!


2 thoughts on “Valiona & Theralion (The Twins) | Normal 10-Man

  1. A couple of corrections: Their threat tables are separate. Plus the dragon in the air can be engaged by ranged attackers.

    I know the first is true because I was doing the later. I had very low threat on the grounded dragon at the moment it took off but as soon as they switched places I pulled aggro. I was rolling dots on the air dragon. I expect that if a dps doesn't pull aggro on a dragon in the air that a healer will pull aggro instead. Either way the tank will be taunting as it lands.

    • I wondered about that myself because I was hit a couple times on the landing, but the consensus elsewhere seemed to be that the threat table was shared. I'll update the text since we've both been in the same boat (and rolling dots is always a benefit).

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