Twilight Ascendant Council | Normal 10-Man

The Twilight Ascendants are Twilight Cultists who have ascended and gained elemental characteristics. Unlike Omotron, the other council type fight, you will not be engaging all five elementals at one time. You begin with two elementals, then two more, and finally, a single elemental.

Type of Fight

Gear Check

The fight involves a lot of coordinated movement from your raiders, but bottom line is, if you can’t endure the fight, you won’t survive it.

General Information

This fight requires two tanks.

Phase 1

  • Tank Feludius and Ignacious on opposite sides of the central floor pattern.
  • Ignacious must not face the raid.
  • Ranged should loosely clump inside the (greater) central floor pattern.
  • DPS should be split between the two elementals.
  • Assign an Interrupter to Feludius for Hydro Lance.
  • All DPS (barring your interrupter) must switch to Ignacious when he casts Aegis of Flame.
  • If you become Waterlogged, run through the fire.
  • When either elemental reaches 25% the phase is over. Having a greater than 3% difference between the elementals at the end of the phase is likely a wipe.

Phase 2

  • Raid should try to keep some semblance of coherence in the central portions of the room, leaving the walls clear.
  • Assign an Interrupter to Arion for Lightning Blast.
  • Each boss casts a raid wiping ability (Quake/Thundershock) which can be counter-acted by getting the appropriate debuff (Swirling Winds/Grounded).
  • Order will always be Quake -> Thundershock -> Quake ->Thundershock. Gain the Tornado buff as soon as it spawns after phase begins.
  • Tank must move Terrestra when Eruption is cast.
  • Player with Lightning Rod must clear the raid.
  • When either elemental reaches 25% the phase is over. Having a greater than 3% difference between the elementals at the end of the phase is likely a wipe.

Phase 3

Burn/DPS phase.

  • Tank/kite the elemental around the outside of the room.
  • Range should remain spread out to avoid chaining the lightning ability.
  • Player with Gravity Crush will need additional healing.
  • Avoid fire puddles.
  • Burn the boss.

Boss Abilities

Phase 1


  • Heart of Ice: DoT. Player afflicted can give allies the Frost buff when nearby. Can be dispelled.
  • Hydrolance: High damage attack against single target. Can be interrupted.
  • Waterbomb: AoE attack. 6 yard range. Gives players Waterlogged effect.
  • Waterlogged: Reduces movement speed. Makes player susceptible to Glaciate. Can be removed by running in fire.
  • Glaciate: AoE attack that freezes players with Waterlogged debuff. Does decreasing damage the further the player is from the elemental.
  • Frozen Blood: DoT applied to players frozen by Glaciate.


  • Burning Blood: DoT. Player afflicted can give allies the Fire buff when nearby. Can be dispelled.
  • Aegis of Flame: Shield around the elemental that prevents interrupts.
  • Rising Flames: Cast immediately following Aegis of Flame. Does increasing fire damage to the raid until interrupted.
  • Flame Torrent: AoE cone attack.
  • Inferno Leap: Elemental jumps at random raid member doing damage and knockback.
  • Inferno Rush: After Inferno Leap, elemental returns to primary aggro target, leaving a trail of fire.

Phase 2


  • Call Winds: Creates Tornados which give the Swirling Winds debuff. Does minimal damage.
  • Lightning Rod: Marks player as target of Chain Lightningcasts.
  • Disperse: A nifty ninja vanish ability. Elemental will dissolve and reappear elsewhere in the room.
  • Lightning Blast: High damage attack focused on primary aggro target. Cast after Disperse. Can be interrupted.
  • Thundershock: Raid-wiper. Players must have the grounding debuff to mitigate.


  • Gravity Well: Creates Gravity Wells which give the Grounded debuff. Does minimal damage.
  • Harden Skin: Shield around the elemental that increases damage dealt and reduces damage received. When broken, damages the elemental.
  • Eruption: A moderate AoE with 4-yard range. Visual cue is an “earthquake” visual under the elemental.
  • Quake: Raid-wiper. Players must have the swirling winds debuff to mitigate.

Phase 3

Elementium Monstrosity

  • Lava Seed: Moderate damage fire attack. Can be avoided. Visual cue is fiery circle.
  • Liquid Ice: Defile type ability which buffs the elemental and is spread by the elemental, rather than players, standing in it.
  • Electric Instability: Unavoidable periodic lightning attack. Players standing within range can chain the ability, increasing the damage. Does increasing damage over time.
  • Gravity Crush: Single target ability which picks up and drops a random player as well as doing some moderate damage.

Tips for the Raid

Phase One

  • Make coherent groups. This helps you control where the fire patch will appear.
  • Once the fire strip is down, stay in the general vicinity. Waterlogged slows you down.
  • Share the fire/ice buff! Don’t get panicky and cleanse the debuff as soon as it appears.
  • Assign two interrupters. Sometimes the person assigned in sharing the damage buff or running through fire.
  • For the love of all that is holy don’t knock one elemental down to 25% when the other is at 50%.

Phase Two

  • Know what the Tornado and Gravity Well look like.
  • As soon as a Tornado appears, hop to it.
  • As soon as Quake/Thundershock is cast, get the next debuff.
  • If you have Lightning Rod, stay along the wall. It’s better that you die than run through the raid team to get your debuff.
  • Assign two interrupters. You never know who’s running AWAY from the boss to get the debuff as the elemental disperses.
  • BURN THE SHIELD! (Which is actually Harden this time around).
  • Kite Terrastra to avoid Eruption.
  • For the love of all that is holy don’t knock one elemental down to 25% when the other is at 50%.

Phase Three

  • Tank/kite the boss along the outside of the room.
  • If you need to move (because the boss has gone out of range) do a big loop opposite the tank so you end up “in front” of the boss. Don’t run through the raid or stand on another player.
  • Cooldowns, pots and anything else that would up your dps or improve your survivability should be utilized.
  • Fire damage is avoidable. Fire patches appear on the floor — dodge in/out (as opposed to side to side) when possible to avoid blowing up fellow raid members with lightning.
  • DBM should mark the Gravity Crush players. If you don’t use DBM, look for players floating in purple bubbles above the raid and heal the crap out of them.

Video coming whenever it’s done!