Cho’gall | Normal 10-Man

The final encounter in Bastion of Twilight, Cho’gall has a similar mechanic to Atramedes’ sound bar: the corruption bar.  When taking damage or “worshipping” Cho’gall members will increase their corruption.

Type of Fight


This fight requires the team to be on the same page throughout the encounter.  The first (and longest) phase requires a great deal of control over damage, movement, and adds, while the second phase requires coordinating add control and a quick burn.

General Information

Two tanks required.  (Although there’s a one-tank video, it required a second class with a taunt).  Any player with the magic debuff, Corruption, needs to be cleansed ASAP.

Phase One

Control Phase

  • Raid should be positioned with a melee and ranged group.
  • Tanks need to swap when Cho’gall casts Fury of Cho’gall debuff.
  • Cho’gall will cause 2 members to begin worshiping him.  The players must be interrupted.
  • When Corrupting Adherent (add) is spawned, ranged group should spread out to avoid “bad stuff.”
  • Corrupting Adherent needs to be downed quickly.  However, positioning of add is important.
  • Corrupting Adherent’s ability, Depravity, can and should be interrupted.
  • Each add leaves a puddle that spawns 4 slimes when the boss casts Fester Blood which must be killed.
  • At 25% health, Cho’gall enters Phase 2.
  • Slime puddles will disappear.

Phase Two

Burn Phase

  • Tanks need to swap when Cho’gall casts Fury of Cho’gall debuff.
  • At start of phase and every 30 seconds thereafter, Cho’gall will summon 4 tentacles which must be killed ASAP.
  • In general, the raid should stay loosely spread out to avoid vomiting raid members.
  • Burn the boss!

Boss Abilities

Phase One


  • Conversion: Raid members begin worshiping Cho’gall.  Gives Cho’gall the buff Twisted Devotion, which can stack up to 20 times.
  • Flame’s Order: Increases Cho’gall’s melee strikes and causes flame patches to appear in the room.
  • Shadow’s Order: Causes Cho’gall’s melee strikes to also do unavoidable shadow damage AoE.
  • Fury of Cho’gall: Places a debuff on Cho’gall’s primary threat target which increases damage taken as well as causing significant damage.
  • Summon Corrupting Adherant: Summons an add.
  • Fester Blood: If Adherant is still alive, it gains Festering Blood.  If the add is dead, it spawns 4 adds from each Spilled Blood pool.

Corrupted Adherant

Phase Two


The Levels

0-25%: No change.

25%: Players gain a debuff which needs to be dispelled as it increases the rate at which they gain corruption stacks.

50%: Players gain a debuff which causes them to vomit in a frontal cone.  Cannot be interrupted.  Players afflicted should face away from other raid members to avoid spreading it.

75%: Players gain a debuff which causes them to grow a shadow-bolt flinging monstrosity.  Stay away from other players if possible.  Cannot be interrupted.

100%: Player becomes a faceless one.  Although the player can no longer be healed, spells become insta-cast and do 100% increased damage.  Afflicted players should go out in a blaze of glory.

The Causes

Short Answer

Any damage you take during the encounter will cause you to gain corruption.  Don’t get hit!

Long Answer (Per

  • Dark Sickness – 5
  • Accelerated Corruption – 2 per second
  • Sprayed Corruption – 5 per 2 seconds.
  • Spilled Blood of the Old God – +5 per second of standing in it.
  • Congealed Blood of the Old God melee – 2 per hit.
  • Corrupting Crash – 10
  • Depravity – 10
  • Festering Blood – 5
  • Debilitating Beam – 2 per second.
  • Corruption of the Old God – 1 per tick.

Tips for the Raid

Phase One

  • Have a plan!  Positioning of the boss/adds is important for crowd control on this fight, so make sure that your raider’s know when and where everything will be happening in the room.
  • Avoid crap on the floor: fire, corrupting-crashes, and Adherant slime puddles can all be avoided.
  • Be quick about bonking those worshippers!  Stuns, Fears, and Silences will work.  To earn brownie points, cleansing your stun effect is nice too.
  • Having a nameplate add-on makes spotting converted raid members a snap.
  • Adherants must die quickly!  You only have 30? seconds from spawn time to get them down before BAD THINGS HAPPEN. (They’ll get a buff that does massive AoE damage).  We switched all DPS (but our melee of which we had one) to burning this guy down.
  • Adherant should be tanked facing away from the raid to avoid cone-damage attack.
  • Assign a healer to follow the Adherant tank.
  • Don’t let the slimes come for you unmolested.  Slow/snare to make downing them easier.
  • Slimes increase by 4 with every Adherant you kill, so you should be pushing for Phase 2 as quickly as possible.
  • Expect to provide extra tank healing when the boss is in his Flame’s Orders stance, while the raid will require more healing during Shadow’s Orders.
  • In the best case scenario you want to keep from having any raid members from becoming corrupted before Phase 2.

Phase Two

  • It’s a great idea to start with your combat boost cooldown to get adds down quickly and some concentrated DPS on Cho’gall before people go insane.
  • Assign 1-2 players as assist in taking down tentacles.  Tentacles focusing on tanks should be a high priority.
  • Face away from other players when possible to avoid vomiting on them if you hit 50 stacks of corruption.

Since I’m short a video on this at the moment, I thought I’d append our Phase 1 positioning strategy.  Although I’ve seen many teams tank the boss “on the platform” with adds dying near the door, we found that we were losing too much time on the boss/tank getting decimated by debuff with the amount of time the raid was spending around around.  This placement has been very successful for our team.

7 thoughts on “Cho’gall | Normal 10-Man

  1. Great guide.

    A couple of minor details:

    I believe that there are 5 blobs per "shadow puddle" that spawn, not 100% positive about that though.

    We actually have even our melee switch over and help kill the 3rd and 4th wave (or maybe we switched it back to just the 4th one eventually?) At any rate, handling those adds is really the key to P1.

    The positioning in the diagram you posted is a little off from what we do, I am actually able to drop the puddles at the top of the stairs so that we can funnel all of the adds into bunching up as they come around the corner and into the "kill zone" Killing them up as high on the stairs as I do requires the ranged dps to shift so that they can see the large add and then shift back around the corner and dps the boss for a couple of seconds while the adds spawn and get bunched up by the slows/stuns/traps just around that bottom corner. Key point of all that: Adherents need to be killed as close together as possible in such a way as to facilitate easier add control when the blobs spawn out of the puddles. there are a few different ways to do this, we just decided to use that corner to LoS them and funnel them into a tighter group.

    Final note: The tentacles that spawn in P2 channel an ability that drastically reduces healing on their channeled target (-50%?) That is why the tentacles near the tanks should get bumped up on the priority list, but even more important to keep in mind is that they can and should be interrupted, so splitting up your interrupters to try and lock out as many tentacles as possible is probably a good thing to keep in mind as well.

    • Dammit, can't edit comments and I forgot one more thing:

      If you have an add alive when Cho'gall enters phase2, the add will despawn, so don't worry about dpsing or dragging that last add anywhere as long as you can push the phase transition before he casts festering blood again.

    • Did some checking and others said 4, but I'll check when we go back in to confirm. I think melee just switches on 4th if necessary — I know it's usually called. I can update my map, but I think your explanation is better. The debuff is listed in the boss' abilities, and thanks for the info on the add — I didn't know it would despawn 🙂

  2. We're having an argument about stacking up for AoE heals vs. staying where we are and focusing the tentacles down in phase 2. I'm thinking that spreading out a bit will mean that we're not puking on one another so much and that when we grown tentacles we can't shoot one another so easily. I haven't seen any information on the range of Corruption: Malformation – have you? The tooltip isn't so helpful.

    Our priest wants all heals and ranged to bunch up so she can hit us with AoEs, but I don't think AoEs will help much if we're corrupting and shadowbolting one another to pieces.

    • I haven't seen anything that specifically states the range either, so I just assumed it was like a regular (Warlock) shadow bolt in terms of 30-40 yards. If that is the case, then staying spread out to avoid the shadow bolts would be kind of silly, since they're not really avoidable if you're in range of the boss (someone is going to get hit). On the other hand, the vomiting is a DEFINITE problem as you're more likely to have players reach it, and it does spew in a cone-type effect on nearby members. We tend to spread out in a semi-circle around the boss. Ranged DPS players will tend to clump just from positioning to take down adds, but in general, outright stacking is a bad idea unless you're raid members are excellent about keeping track of their current stack of Corruption and will leave the raid clump before they get sick.

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