First Impression of Heroic Halfus



Mana management my purple afro.


We killed Nefarian on Wednesday, so stepped in to play a little ball with Halfus and his menagerie heroic mode on Thursday. It was brutal. If you make a mistake, you die. If you miss a GCD heal, someone else dies. If  you miss an innervate or a mana pot, you spend 2-3 minutes standing around waiting for it to come back up again. We tried it with our usual healing trio (a resto druid and 2 holy paladins) and then gave up the ghost and asked our new shadow nub recruit to respec Disc. He spent the night smiting. 4 healers, and on the attempt where we saw the 7% mark, I was waiting for innervate (I’d already used it twice, m’kay?) and the paladins were bottoming out.

All I can say is, if you can survive the first 2 minutes, you can survive the fight. But if you screwed up anything in those first two minutes that required extra healing, even forgetting to use a damage reduction cool-down, you’re going to die. Smersh. Flat.

Fortunately for me and my stress level we’re spending Monday clearing out the rest of the Bastion on normal, and maybe dickering around with Conclave on heroic if we have the time/inclination. Maybe next week I’ll actually even have something constructive to say.

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