Al’Akir | Normal 10-Man

Type of Fight

Stay Out of Bad Stuff

There’s a lot of bad stuff in this encounter, and managing to avoid it is the biggest single thing that will get your team through the fight.

General Information

Although we use two tanks to have greater control on Phase 2, having a hybrid type play tank during the second phase would be sufficient.

Phase 1

  • Stay in your assigned “zone.”
  • Avoid tornadoes.
  • Avoid ice.
  • Don’t get knocked off* the platform.
  • Phase 2 begins at 80%.

*Sometimes getting knocked off is a sound strategy. See Tips below.

Phase 2

  • Group up in the main tank’s “zone.”
  • Avoid tornadoes.
  • Have a tank in charge of corralling Stormlings.
  • Assign a DPS (two if needed) to kill Stormlings.
  • Phase 3 begins at 25%.

Phase 3

  • Stack up. Being on the same “level” is key.
  • The lightning rod should move away from the group, but stay on the same “level.”
  • Decide if you’re moving up or down, when, and how many times. (We start at the bottom, and move up to his head in 5 hops, then begin going down in hops).
  • Stay out of lightning clouds.
  • Fly back towards Al’Akir after Wind Burst or you die.

Boss Abilities

Phase 1

  • Ice Storm: Creates ice patches that do light to moderate damage and slow the player.
  • Lightning Strike: Targeted at a single player, but cones to other players within the “cone” area.
  • Squall Lines: A line of tornadoes with a single gap. Players caught in the squall take heavy damage.
  • Wind Burst: Knocks players away from the boss. Covers ~3/4 of the platform so you don’t have to be standing on the boss, just pretty darn close to avoid being knocked off. Does moderate damage to the entire raid.

Phase 2

  • Acid Rain: An AoE stacking debuff that can become moderate to heavy damage by the end of this phase.
  • Stormling: An add that spawns every 20 seconds. Upon death, applies Feedback debuff to Al’Akir which lasts 20 seconds.
  • Squall Lines: A line of tornadoes with a single gap. Players caught in the squall take heavy damage.

Phase 3

  • Eye of the Storm: A buff gained by players allowing them to fly. (aka pixie dust)
  • Lightning Clouds: Cast on a random player. Causes the formation of storm clouds which do heavy damage to all players within.
  • Lightning Rod: Cast on a single player. Causes the player to emit electrical charges for 20 yards horizontally and 5 yards vertically.
  • Wind Burst: Knocks players away from the boss. Since there’s no platform, players to far away when knocked back will end up in the Relentless Storm (i.e. dead).

Tips for the Raid

Phase 1

  • Al’Akir’s hit box is monstrous. Not a good idea to serve up mage cakes or warlock candy on the boss platform — it’s just asking for trouble.
  • Only you can prevent yourself from being sucked into a giant tornado. Figure out a camera angle that allows you to see a squall line before it is DIRECTLY on top of you.
  • Many classes have abilities that help them avoid being hit by tornadoes:
    • Mage: Blink
    • Warlock: Demonic Portal
    • Warrior: Heroic Leap / Intervene (if you trust your healer to always be in the right spot)
    • Hunter: Disengage (you can’t disengage OUT of a tornado, but you can jump off the edge and disengage back ON to it)
    • If you’re in a tornado, the only way out is a Priest’s Leap of Faith.
  • You’re supposed to stay in your zone, right? Well, that rule gets tossed when you’re looking at a squall line AND Wind Burst incoming. Make it a priority to get through the tornadoes and then in to the boss.
  • If a Wind Burst will knock you into a tornado, position yourself halfway on the platform so the Burst will knock you off instead.
  • When running in to the boss, make sure your back is towards your section of the room. It’s not uncommon to get a Burst and then an Electrocute.
  • Don’t hesitate to run through ice when a Wind Burst is incoming.
  • Druids can shapeshift to travel form.

Phase 2

  • You are constantly taking damage from the stacking debuff Acid Rain. If you see awesome healing effects, stand in them.
  • Stay in range of your healers.
  • Stormlings spawn on top of a random player. Make sure you’re in the same general area as everyone else so the off-tank can pick them up quickly.
  • Pets can spawn Stormlings too. Make sure to move your pet so it’s with the group.
  • If the stormling is not aggro’ing on you, move a few steps away from it.
  • Keep watching for those squall lines. You cannot count on a Wind Burst to knock you off this time.
  • DO NOT start killing Stormlings as soon as they appear. Get at least 2 stormlings out (3 if you want some buffer) before you start damaging them. You need to keep Feedback on the boss.
  • Make sure your assigned Stormling killer has raid assist so he can mark his target. This way, if he needs help, ranged DPS can quickly turn, kill and go back to the boss.

Phase 3

  • Pretend you’re on Malygos, but instead of going left or right you’re going up and down.
  • Be prepared to have some players who are atrocious at this portion of the fight.
  • Raid mark a responsible party (don’t be a jerk, just do it).
  • Watch your debuffs, and if you’re the lightning conductor, move left or right away from the raid. DO NOT move away by going up/down.
  • Wind Burst is back, which means you should be hugging the boss on this one. Not coming back after a Wind Burst = death.
  • If you never, ever, ever watch a raid video, watch this one. Knowing what cloud formations look like will save your rump.

Tankspot’s Guide to Al’Akir

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  1. This guide went up just in time! My raid group is doing our first attempts at Al'Akir tonight.

    I've been meaning to comment to tell you that your guides are the go-to "cheat sheets" that I keep pulled up in Firefox while I'm raiding. They're a great concise summary of the boss abilities and basic strategies. Thanks! 😀

    • Glad to hear it! I do 'em to consolidate information that I've painfully learned over an encounter, so glad to know they're helping someone else 🙂

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