Maloriak | Normal 10-Man

Who doesn’t love seeing an evil scientist at home in their very own workshop?

Type of Fight

DPS Check

The enrage timer for this fight, 7 minutes, is actually shorter than it appears since you cannot enter Phase 2 until at least ~3.5 minutes have passed.

General Information

Although you could implement a kiting/”sub” tank strategy, a second tank is suggested.

Phase 1

This phase consists of 3 sub-phases. The phases are determined by what Mal is cookin’ and determine how your raid should be situated in the room for the abilities being cast.

  • Phase 1 has a consistent and repeatable pattern:
    • Red, Blue Green OR Blue, Red, Green
    • Red, Blue Green OR Blue, Red, Green
  • Each sub-phase lasts for 40 seconds.
  • A single tank can control no more than 9 adds without being killed.
  • Maloriak will cast Release Aberrations two times during Red and Blue phase (4 times in total, or 12 adds).
  • You want to interrupt at least one of the Release Aberration before the Green phase.
  • Arcane Storm can and should be interrupted.
  • Remedy must be dispelled.
  • Maloriak will enter Phase 2 at 25% health.

Red Vial

Mix and Stir! Apply Heat!

  • Maloriak will be tanked directly in front of the cauldron.
  • The raid should stack on the tank.
  • Exception made for the add tank who needs to stay in healing range.
  • If you have the debuff, Consuming Flames, move to the side of the raid.

Blue Vial

How well does the mortal shell handle extreme temperature change? Must find out! For Science!

  • Maloriak will be tanked directly in front of the cauldron.
  • Raid should spread out with 10 yards between each raid member.
  • Players trapped in ice need to be HEALED and then broken out.

Green Vial

When pushed to the edge, results may become unpredictable!

  • Maloriak jumps to the door, pulling nearby players with her, and should be tanked where she lands.
  • Add tank should stack with boss tank.
  • AoE down the adds.

Phase 2

Burn Phase

  • If you did not kill 18 Aberrations in Phase 1, any remaining will be released.
  • 2 Prime Subjects will be released (bigger add). They must be picked up immediately (within ~5-10 seconds) or they will fixate on a random target. At this point, they are unable to be taunted.
  • Ignore the adds (unless you’re the tank).
  • Arcane Storm can and should be interrupted.
  • Remedy must be dispelled.
  • Avoid fire.
  • Avoid frost.

Boss Abilitites

  • Arcane Storm: Moderate to heavy damage over 6 seconds. Spellcast can be slowed and interrupted.
  • Remedy: Heals the boss. Can be dispelled/spell-stolen.

Phase 1

Red Vial

  • Scorching Blast: Targets a random player and does cone damage. Spread among all players within the cone effect.
  • Consuming Flames: Light DoT. Debuff increases fire damage taken for duration.

Blue Vial

  • Biting Chill: Debuff that does light damage to targeted player, and any players within 8 yards.
  • Flash Freeze: Moderate damage attack that encases player in ice, as well as any players within 10 yards. Upon breaking the tomb, does moderate damage to player.

Green Vial

  • Debilitating Slime: Increases damage taken by all creatures/players in the room (boss, adds, players). Removes Aberrations Growth Catalyst.

Phase 2

  • Release All Minions: Releases any remaining minions and 2 Prime Subjects. Prime Subjects will Fixate on random target after a short period of time.
  • Acid Nova: Unavoidable moderate to heavy AoE DoT.
  • Absolute Zero: Moderate damage ice spell. Avoidable.
  • Magma Jets: Moderate damage fire attack. If player is hit, knocks them into the air causing fall damage. Leaves a fire puddle. Avoidable.

Tips for the Raid

  • Assign an interrupter (and a backup) for Arcane Storm.
  • Slow and Curse of Tongues work!
  • Assign a dispeller/spell-stealer for Remedy.

Phase 1

  • If you have more than one interrupter, assign the one who ISN’T on Arcane Storms to the Release Aberrations.
  • No one but your assigned interrupter should mess with the Release Aberrations.
  • Interrupt the first Aberration cast.
  • Interrupt the 5th Aberration cast (i.e. the first one after the green phase).
  • Assign a healer to the add tank. By the time the tank has 9, he’ll need consistent moderate-to-heavy healing.
  • Phase 1, Round 2: Make sure to not push Maloriak into Phase 2 (i.e. don’t get him to 25%) until the adds have been killed in the Green phase.

Red Phase

  • Healers should be prepared to top up the raid often during this phase.
  • Scorching Blast is always cast after Release Aberrations. Great time for Aura Mastery, Anti-Magic Shield, that cool trinket from TB, etc.

Blue Phase

  • Spread out! 10 yard minimum!
  • Do not break out the iceblock until they are topped off.
  • Add tank should hang out in the back of the room to prevent running through the raid.

Green Phase

  • Add tank should be prepared and waiting on the door steps for the start of this phase.
  • Adds should be AoE’d down as swiftly as possible.
  • Maloriak takes extra (100%) damage during this phase. A great time for combat buff if your group is struggling to initiate Phase 2.

Phase 2

  • Adds must be picked up immediately. They spawn on opposite sides of the room.
  • Boss tank will be kiting Maloriak to avoid the icky Magma Jet fire.
  • Raid should focus on
    • Mitigating damage
    • Burning the boss
  • Maloriak will turn to player he will be casting Magma Jets on. Avoidable.
  • Frost Orbs originate below the player, rise up, and drop. Avoidable.
  • Acid Rain is not avoidable and must be healed through.
  • This is the BEST time to use your combat buff.