Come One, Come All: Guest Posts Requested

For once, I am requesting guests posts before I leave town. What a shocker, right? It’s going to be a rocky spring/summer for me. I’ve got family coming in. I’ve got papers going out. I’ve got surgery due in May. Now, I’m not trying to get all that covered… I mean, I’m not being disconnected from the internet permanently (I might go into some kind of withdrawal if that were to happen). However, my posting over the next 3-4 weeks in particular is currently looking rather patchy.

I do realize the terrible irony of asking for guest posters when so many bloggers are packing it up, but, the blog must go on! If you’ve got a post that doesn’t fit in your own blogging scheme, don’t have a blog, but want to give this whole blogging thing a whirl, or just have some smidgen of pity for me, drop me a line at any of the many locations listed here.

How can you resist!