Searching In All the Wrong Places

It’s time for another round of search terms! I’m happy to report that most of them are pretty benign: I get a lot of jaded alt, regular old zone names and queries for different raids currently available this tier. However, there are some odd ones floating around, and since they’re anonymous, it can’t hurt to have a laugh or two over them, right?

Now, I know I talk about my hubby quite a bit when I get into my personal posts, even going so far as to wax neurotic about our recent raiding separation, but I don’t think I’ve ever managed to call my spouse the idiot husband. I most definitely have never suggested that we hang Rubi. And for the record, just because we can both turn into moonkins now, we have never considered making moonkin porn.

And while we’re on the subject of druids: kitty pew pew is a lie! Kitties mangle. Moonkins pew pew with their awesome laser beams.

There also seems to be a lot of confusion about how to spell. While terazane, therzne, and thrzne seem to get  you here, for future reference, it’s Therazane! You might also be disappointed to discover that while I may talk about mad scientists, I surely can’t draw them. Just look at this horrid Crumbling Depths map for verifiable proof.

I may go by many names, but for the purposes of my blogging persona, I tend to stick to Windsoar. When you tell me “Vixen, I need that” I can only assume that you are looking for the awesome Vixsen. And I’ve never had a character named Zahia. Although Zahia dice, I have no idea what she might be saying as figuring out that “dice” even meant “says” taxed my pitiable translation skills. I’m also sorry to hear that maintankadin [is] down, but I am at the mercy of Koriel for my own web hosting needs, and can’t help one bit with anyone else (Random Plug: Fury Untold is recruiting).

I’d also like to clear up some misinformation that seems to be floating around. Glyph of the Treant doesn’t exist. Neither does Glyph of Tree of Life, or Glyph of Force of Nature. Your tree buddies and tree form are awesome enough without a helping hand. Whoever is spreading the vile rumor that healers must die is leading you astray my friend. Healers are the best things since sliced bread, and more awesome than sunbeams. Hug a healer today!

And finally, for the few terms that seemed to be seeking actual information:

blizzard shark

If you’re not referring to some new kind of breed that has adapted to the mountains of snow in the American Northeast this year, than I can only assume you’re looking for Tank, the scourge of the Tol Barad seas.

blackout grounding totem

Indeed, grounding totem can and will eat a blackout. Shamans are awesome like that. **Or at least they used to be. According to Pewter, this was hotfixed at the end of January. Bummer.

exposed head of magmaw

Kill it! Stabbing, burning, and blunt force trauma should be directed forcefully and often whenever the head appears. If you’re still hitting Magmaw when you could be hitting the exposed head… I hate to say it, but you’re doing it wrong.

riptide tank

Can’t go wrong with a riptide on the tank. However, Riptide is a supremely versatile and awesome spell that can be sprinkled throughout the raid as available.

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    • Oops, guessed I missed that one. It was a great tactic, and I'll update, because I've still got it on my guide too ^^

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