Guest Post: Reforging: In Depth (Part 1)

Please welcome our guest Brunpal who slays internet dragons with me every week with the ProCo team!

Ever say this?
“I can’t use that item because it has too much Hit on it and I’m already at the cap.”

I know I’ve said that myself before 4.01, but now it always makes me cringe. It’s not true anymore and it will never be true again as long as reforging exists. If it’s higher ilvl and has stats you use then it’s an upgrade and you can use it right now in your current gear. Just reforge other gear to make room.

Most players know about reforging by now so I’m not going to cover the basics. I’m constantly surprised how underutilized reforging generally is by players. Basically everyone should be reforging almost all of their gear all of the time.

Reforging Your Character, Not Your Items

The mistake I see many people make is that they think about reforging individual items. Really that’s not the best way to think about it. Really you are reforging your characters total rating listed on the character sheet. Reforging specific items are just the means to that end.

A character in starting epic gear will have a total item budget of 5000-5500 in secondary stats. There are minimums and maximums you can get a specific stat to with a given specific set of gear but it’s a huge range.

For example, you have a stat that’s currently at 1048 rating and haven’t reforged a single piece of gear yet. Let’s assume it’s a poor stat for you. Through reforging you could make it as low as 633 freeing up 415 points for better stats. Alternatively if it was your best stat you could reforge other stats into it and bring it up to a max of 1682.

Think about that for a second… You have a stat that is 1048 points and the top to bottom range is greater than it’s starting total without touching a single gem or enchant. That’s a lot of deviation. Those aren’t numbers I pulled from my ass either. That was the range of mastery I had on my own gear. This huge variation is the reason why you can never have too much of a stat you need like Hit. If you have too much of a specific useful stat (ie go over the cap) you can always find a way to turn it into another more useful stat.

It is not always easy to see how to optimally reforge when looking staring at that npc’s little window. That should be no surprise since it’s the classic knapsack problem. So I never do it in my head. Instead I use a kind of spreadsheet in the form of online reforging calculator. I prefer the one at but you could use one of the others or an in game addon too. I use it more for the ease of the interface (screenshot below). But I don’t allow it to automatically suggest a profile for me. The specific changes I do myself which I will address in the next post.

— Brunpal

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4 thoughts on “Guest Post: Reforging: In Depth (Part 1)

  1. Hmmm, interesting. I prefer CharDev, though, since it displays your stats in the WoW character pane template, but you can go through the items and reforge theoretically.

    • Thanks for the reply and the note about CharDev. I was unaware of that particular website. There are many now that deal with reforging and all let you make theoretical changes. (The only way to make changes on live is to boot up WoW and interact with the npc.) I like to see the reforging possibilities laid out in spreadsheet form so that the totals are stressed more than the items. Which comes back to "Reforging Your Character, Not Your Items."

      However it's more important to use an interface that best works for you.

    • Chardev is a paper doll editor (a nice one), and reforging is not it's forte. First, it is not as easy to reforge items (even in the new UI). But also optimization algorithm is an approximation, it works more often than not (I don't have exact numbers) but it does not guarantee to produce optimal solution, wowreforge on the other hand does one thing – reforging optimization, and it guarantees (guaranteed) best possible reforging.
      Also LeMartin was nice enough to include an ability to import reforging from wowreforge, so it got easier now to use both tools side-by-side.

  2. optimization gives perfect results. They don't have some of the features to play around as much as wowreforge but that's probably because wowreforge has been around for a bit longer but anyways both keeps adding up features nicely. I'd say wowreforge for now is better to play around manually, but reforgemaster is much better for a quick automatic optimization.

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