Noob Warcraft Gold Making Guide for Brand New Characters

You are a brand new to Warcraft and are poor as dirt. You need some gold. What do you do?

The best way to make gold in World of Warcraft is via your two professions. But you are new to the game and don’t know which professions to take…





Note the little red unlearn button next to the mouseover

Abandon your old crafting professions even if you’ve put a lot of effort and money into them. Your existing professions aren’t making gold for you or you wouldn’t be having money problems. Choose 2 of these 3 professions:


These three professions are known as the “Gathering” professions. They are by far the best option for a newly minted character without many coins in your purse nor levels under your belt. They don’t just give the raw materials necessary for the other professions. They provide bonus stats, plus give XP every time you use them. Most importantly they don’t cost anything beyond talking to a trainer. All the other professions require an investment of gold to skill them up and the prices of the raw materials (mats) will be what someone who’s been playing a while and has some money.

Which two you pick depends on your class, play style, etc. There’s no “best” choice, only “best for you.”

+ Passive Crit bonus
+ Increased chance for quest drops (“Bring me 10 bear ass furs” etc)
+ Other people’s kills to skin
+ Easy to use without going out of your way.

– Hardest to power level
– Least profitable gold wise

+ Passive Stamina (excellent stat to speed leveling)
+ Easily powerleveled via smelting (highly recommended)

– Harder to gather due to terrain (N/A with flying mount)

+ Activated Haste
+ Activated Healing (effective at low levels, not so much at higher levels)
+ Ability is useful both offensively and defensively

– Activated ability (Often forgotten about by noobs)


Gathering professions are not the best way to make gold (the crafting professions make far more) but you should still take only gathering professions regardless. Wait… why am I telling new players to take them if there are better options?  Because you are new. Those crafting professions are just a particularly poor choice for you right now.

New players can’t make money with the crafting professions until that character is higher level and has more skill points. Skilling up a crafting profession takes money that you don’t have and requires minimum levels you also don’t have. You might want to take Leatherworking because you wear leather or Tailoring because you wear cloth. Resist that urge. “So I can craft the gear I wear,” is actually the worst reason to take a profession pre-lvl 60. They give you nothing at low levels that you couldn’t get elsewhere for less gold and for less effort. Remember… Time is Money! If you want a particular piece of gear made or some consumables don’t make them yourself. Instead ask someone else to make whatever you need. There’s a handy guild profession tab to help you find whom to ask.

Keep in mind that you can always abandon a profession and take a new one. And that’s something I recommend you do to start making some real gold… eventually. But don’t even consider picking up a crafting profession until at least level 58. (That’s when you can make a Deathknight alt.) But really you should hold off until your highest level character is at least level 75 to pick up a crafting profession on any character you actually play.

That brings us to the Bank Alt… the extra character you don’t actually play. Sit this character in a city and never bother gaining xp with it. If you don’t mind getting that character to level 5, those four levels will be handy. Pick up Enchanting but only for the disenchanting. Don’t bother buying a rod, don’t enchant anything and don’t worry about this character’s skill levels. Just mail this Bank Alt the mats and spare gear you want to sell. Most low level uncommon gear is junk and won’t sell. Disenchant it and list the dusts and essenses on the AH instead.

Slowly you’ll learn how the Auction House economy works and be able to tell the difference between a deal and a rip off. When you do, pick up Inscription or Jewelcrafting on your bank alt. Again not to craft stuff, but only for Milling or Prospecting. Later you’ll notice cheap stuff on the AH and think, “Hey, I can buy that off the AH, grind it up and relist it and make a profit…”

At that point you’ll no longer be a noob and then you’ll have the skills and knowledge to start making some real gold. And even if you aren’t a noob, been playing for years and have tons of gold… you are still better off with two gathering professions as you are leveling. Even if you throw away all of the mats you collect, the xp and the stat bonuses are still worth it. The crafting professions just don’t give enough benefit until higher levels.

13 thoughts on “Noob Warcraft Gold Making Guide for Brand New Characters

    • Enjoyed the article and good advice. I consider anything involving the Auction House to be intermediate level, and anything involving the shuffling of mats and goods to be advanced gold-making information. I still use the harvesting method for a steady gold supply when I'm starting on a new realm.

      • In this case it's less about shuffling to generate gold and more about being introduced to the concept before bad habits set in. New players waste a lot of time and money relisting junk magic items that won't sell. That's the biggest problem I see repeated by new players… wasting what little gold they have because they don't know any better.

        A character with 2 gathering professions plus a bank alt with 1 point in enchanting and no rod will organically teach a player the basics of the AH and provide a solid foundation of knowledge and habits for later.

  1. Excellent piece of advice. Personally, I would recommend getting skinning for one so that you're not constantly running around for nodes. But definitely, crafting professions will cost you more than you make if you don't know what to do with them.

    • Yup. Skinning is the best for ease of use. You don't have to go out of your way to use it. If I was leveling a character I'd definitely take skinning regardless of class, but only because I don't need the gold. Skinning's big drawback is that skins are the least valuable mats. And in a gold guide that's a pretty big negative.

  2. Doesn't disenchanting an item require a certain level of enchanting skill based on the iLevel? I know in vanilla it didn't and then the level 5 bank alt with enchanting was awesome, but I thought they changed that in BC. Has it changed again?

    • Disenchanting gives skill points up to skill 50. Skill 50 allows disenchanting of up to ilvl 30 items plus higher ilvl items that require up to level 30 to equip. Higher level BoE items don't start dropping until the main character is level 35-40. So it ends up going a long way without doing anything special.

      However it's primarily purpose in this case is to learn the mechanic while starting out and to give a new player a better option than listing stuff that won't sell.

  3. The one thing I would do is take a couple of hours and level your bank alt to 10 if they have anything of value. Blizzard doesn't back up data on extremely low level characters because, in theory, they only take a tiny bit of time to remake and they generally don't have anything good. So if you get hacked and your level 1 bank alt is deleted, all the awesome stuff in their bank and any gold they were holding is Lost Forever. If they're at least level 10, then you can get your stuff back. 🙂

  4. I've found Skinning can be hugely profitable when rolling on a new server, but it varies. It really depends on the server economy and how many raiders are deciding to powerlevel LW – some servers I've rolled alts on Light Leather goes for 30-40g a stack, others, 10g. Older servers seem to be better.

    Great post!

  5. I never thought of a disenchanter bank alt. Good tip !
    What I would never advice to a new player thought, is to take 2 gathering profession. Of course it allow you to make plenty of money, but it also take a lot of fun from the game. Plus, who needs that much money today ? Mounts cost so little you'll have the money anyway if you just don't buy new gear on the AH every level.

    Being able to make your own stuff throught crafting profession is part of the fun. If you're not interest in being the richest low level toon ever, just choose the good gathering profession for your crafting profession and you should be ok :
    Blacksmith, Engineer, Jewelcrafting -> Mining
    Alchemy, Inscription (you can actually make money + save a lot with this one) -> Herbalism
    Leatherworker -> Skinning

    One more thing : if you want to save a bit more than 1000 gold from your mounts, buy Stormwind/Orgrimar tabard as soon as possible and wear it until you're exalted.

    • I know that linking 2 professions is the most common suggestion and the one that most people end up doing. I've done it myself.

      The problem is that I'm consistently seeing people with a paired gathering/crafting profession that are 1)gold poor to the point it affects their fun, 2)farming for materials to feed their crafting profession because they can't/won't pay AH rates for them (falsely thinking they are saving money) and 3)and consider the whole process a chore. And as a final irony, the xp they gain while gathering mats levels the character up to the point where the gear they craft is now useless.

      I'm not suggesting that new players run around farming all the time. This guide is far less about how to make piles of gold and more about stopping players from wasting what they have. There are really only 3 kinds of things to spend gold on in WoW: gear, vanity items, and skilling up crafting professions. I'm encouraging new players to delay that last one until they know what they are doing and can get tangible benefits for doing so.

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