The Application: Could You Do It?

As regular readers are aware, Production Company has been actively recruiting for the past month or so. In that time we’ve received many applications: some good, some bad, and some so horrid that I’m not quite sure why the people bothered to apply.

Fortunately, we ok’d our last applicant for a trial period today, so the flood of horrid applications should stop. However, I figured all that pain could be turned into something good, an idiot’s guide to filling out a PASSABLE application. Can YOU do it?

Our raid hours are: Mondays, Wednesdays, Thursdays at 6:45 pm. Please let us know if there are any issues we need to be aware of about your availability. Does your schedule change seasonally?:

A. Yes
B. No
C. I am available for all raid days. My schedule does not change seasonally.

What is your preferred spec? What do you enjoy about it? What do you feel are its strengths/weaknesses? How capable is your off spec?:

A. Resto!!!!!
B. Fury/Prot. I prefer to DPS, but I can tank is asked.
C. Resto/Balance. Druid healing is very versatile, and can provide good coverage for raid or tank healing. My favorite aspect of druid healing is this versatility, and the great amount of “ACB” spells at my disposal. It’s greatest weakness is a lack of a tank cooldown. My off-spec is currently 2-3 pieces behind my restoration spec in terms of gear; however, I can provide competitive (not stellar) DPS when needed.

Recent Raid Report link such as WWS, WOL, or similar. (If you do not have access to a log, we can arrange to run one with you at a targeting dummy. This option is strongly discouraged however):


B. My guild’s WOL reports are private.

C. Create a WOL account, run Baradin Hold, upload your combat log, and provide a link.

Screenshot of your UI in a raid setting (take one in a BG if you don’t have one handy. You can upload images for free from Imageshack or Photobucket and provide a link here):

A. Skip this question as it’s completely irrelevant to your leet skills.

B. Provide a screenshot as you swoop down to steal a node from an unsuspecting Hordie.

C. Provide a screenshot of your recent Baradin Hold group.

Please provide an explanation of why you set up your UI the way you have and any comments you want to add about which addons you are using:

A. I use the default UI and no keybindings. That’s the way the game was meant to be played.

B. I have Recount centrally located so I can ensure my DPS reaches its maximum potential.

C. I have located my player/target/raid frames below my character for increased visibility and ease of access during encounters. Boss timers appear over my character while boss timers appear over my player frame. I utilize Power Aurus in order to keep track of mana and primary cooldowns.

How do your raiding goals fit with with ours and what are you doing to meet them on your own? What would you bring to our guild and raids if you are accepted? :

A. I want to raid. You raid. It’s a match made in heaven.

B. I am the player that you always wished you could be, and my very presence shall cause a noticeable improvement in the team.

C. I am currently equipped with the best gear I could beg, borrow or steal in order to be prepared for your current raiding needs. I’m experienced with end-game progression guilds, and react well to the pressure of being a part of a team that seeks to excel. I can read my WoL report and make adjustments as needed. I can handle criticism from the team if I need to correct my playstyle or strategy.

What sort of preparation can we expect from you for an upcoming raid? What resources/websites/simulators/theorycrafting do you use? Describe your “raiding style” to us:

A. I am a god and need no one to tell me how to excel at my character.


C. While I don’t actively participate (discuss), I am an active reader at: Plusheal, Totemspot, Maintankadin, Elitist Jerks. I also read a number of blogs which can be found here. I find that Hamlet’s TreeCalcs and WrathCalcs are excellent for simulation models. (I’m not sure what you mean by “raiding style,” so I’ll hope this answers your question).

Tell us about your former guilds, what did you like/dislike? :

A. I was in <Random Guild Name> for awhile, but they sucked. I was benched for no reason. I find that Cyndi and Rohan are terrible players, and they should have been kicked from the guild. I made sure to take everything I deserved out of the guild bank before I quit.

B. <Guild 2347>

C. Limited this list to Wrath guilds. If you’d like details further back, just inquire.

Likes: Mature group, flexible on scheduling, regular raiding
Dislikes: Raid structure is “loose.” Lack of accountability.

Likes: 10-man group, focused on end-game content
Dislikes: I was running it. Conflict over 10/25 man status.

Likes: End game raiding. Raiding goals met in a laid-back environment
Dislikes: None. Guild dissolved.

Why have you chosen to apply to Production Company over other guilds, and what are you expecting from us as a guild? :

A. I’m looking for a 25-man guild that doesn’t suck.

B. I’m applying to every guild that has open recruitment. I’m a hot commodity, and you’re lucky to have me applying.

C. I am looking for a serious 10-man guild that has a small raid team and provides a consistent raiding environment. While there’s more to a guild than the raid roster, raiding is the primary activity that I participate in, and I want to find the right home for my end-game raiding character. ProCo made my short list because the raid times and requested class/role were what I was looking for. I chose to apply here specifically because it’s a tight-knight/long-standing 10-man guild; I liked the lack of fussiness in the guild rules; I enjoyed my chat with the raid leader prior to applying.

Anything else you’d like us to know to enhance your application? Anything we should know about you? :


B. I talked to the raid leader and he thought I was awesome. I’m sure you’ll feel the same way.

C. I have been my playing my character for X months, and realize that I’m still learning the ropes. However, I am applying to your guild as I think it will provide a challenging environment for me to hone my skills. I am easily bribed so long as the compensation is right–Dalaran Brownies!


If you considered more than 2 answers  that were not C: BACK IN THE POOL WITH YOU!

9 thoughts on “The Application: Could You Do It?

  1. Oddly – I've been thinking about cutting our application down some. It's quite long, and I've often wondered if we are missing good applicants because our application is daunting!

    Also – recruiting sucks. 🙂

    • The application doesn't seem at all long or intimidating to me. Then again, I tend to write in complete sentences. One of my favorite bits from a guild was a note about understanding 'ur' was an ancient city and not an acceptable form of written communication.

      • That is priceless. I left out the gibberish as much as possible because it makes my head hurt to look at it, much less figure out how to type it!

    • Indeed it does. I find a longer (i.e. more than I can find out by looking at your armory) application helps whittle out the people who might be technically what you're looking for but would just cause wild-fires among your raid team. With the prevalence of server transfers and the like, the issue becomes even stickier: you pull over a player, trial them, and then "nope, sorry you paid to come over, but we just don't like you." Yikes!

    • @Beruthiel: I always question our application process every time we get an applicant whose armory and raid experience looks great but who balks when I tell them that we usually really put our applicants through the ringer over their answers. Applicants who we end up accepting usually end up with ~20 responses to their application with another couple dozen open ended questions that they have to respond to in addition to the ones Windsoar listed above. The application usually sits in our recruiting forum for about a week of question/answer before we chat with them in vent and invite them to listen in on one of our raids.

      Its always frustrating when we end up losing an applicant during the process for whatever reason, but looking back over the years, and talking with the current members of our raid team, I think we all agree/understand that if they can't stomach the thought of spending a week answering our questions and conversing with us and making sure that both sides are really getting what they want out of the deal that we are ultimately better off waiting for something better to come along.

      Really it probably just depends on how many extras you feel most comfortable running with in your roster and having a good understanding of what your average lifespan/turnover rate is for your group.

      Production Company is pretty invested in the one extreme of doing everything we can to ensure we have as little turnover as possible so that we can run with a minimum roster. It means we lose a few weeks of serious progression the once or twice a year we have to replace someone but it also means we only have to replace people once or twice a year.

      Clearly I need to start posting stuff on my own blog again rather than clogging up other people's comments sections….

  2. Q: How do you feel about going back in the applicant pool?

    A: There's a pool? Does it have a diving board?
    B: Guild? I don't need no stinkin' guild!
    C: /cry

  3. Some of these are hilarious. It is amazing, though, how bad some people's applications are. And then they are shocked that their 5 sentences didn't get them in.

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