The Hunt Is On

Last year, Angelya of Revive and Rejuvenate hosted a Noblegarden Egg Hunt among the blogging community, and this year, Kamalia of Kamalia Et Alia is taking over the project.


The Great Blog Noblegarden Egg Hunt organized last year by Angelya was such a grand idea that I thought it would be great to have one again this year. Knowing that her Sproutling is keeping her pretty busy, I asked Angelya if she’d mind if I hosted it.

Like last year, in the GBNEH2, participating bloggers will hide an Easter Egg somewhere on their site, and bloggers and non-bloggers alike are invited to search for them.

Here’s how it will work:

(1) To register, leave a comment on this post, send a message to

or send a Tweet to @_angelya (or DM Angelya in your Tweet).

(2) Hide an egg or a reference to an egg somewhere on your blog on or beforeEaster Sunday, April 24. You can hide your egg anywhere on your site — on the main page, in a sidebar, on a different page, in an image, in a post. You can use something as obvious as an image of an egg, or you can look at the very clever and subtle things people did last year for ideas.

2a) If your egg is hidden in a particularly tricky way, you may wish to link it to a confirmation page saying something like “Congratulations, you found my Egg!”

2b) If you participated last year and your egg from last year is still present somewhere on your blog, like mine is, you will need to hide a new egg in a new place.

2c) If you hide your egg in a post, it should be no earlier than Sunday 17 April and no later than Easter Sunday 24 April.

2d) After you have hidden your egg, send us an email containing the location where you’ve hidden your egg to the above email address by midnight, UTC, onSaturday 23 April. If you want to send an email on or before Saturday the 23rd saying “it’ll be in a post that I will publish on Sunday the 24th”, that’s fine. If you want to include some kind of public clue to where your egg is, indicate it clearly in your email — but don’t feel obligated to provide a clue for the hunters ;)

(3) On Easter Sunday 24 April, I will post a list of all participating blogs/sites and any clues with which they may have provided me. Egg hunters will then have until midnight, UTC, on Thursday the 28th to send in lists of eggs they’ve found to the above email address. I’ll post some guidelines for doing this along with the list of participating bloggers on the 24th.

(4) On Saturday the 30th, after Ang and I have had some time to compile the lists and make sure we haven’t missed anyone’s contribution, I’ll post the winners!

4a) The first person to turn in a complete list of all the eggs will win a one-panelDisciplinary Action Adventures comic featuring their character from Liala.

4b) We’ll throw the names of everyone else who finds all the eggs in a hat and pick two runner-ups who will each win a black & white sketch of their character from Fyreuni of Daily Quests.

Bloggers and non-bloggers alike are welcome to participate in the hunt! For more details on participating bloggers, keep an eye on Kamalia’s blog, and good luck with the great egg hunt!