A Hero Has Fallen

I debated a long time about writing this post. Grief is such a personal thing and I wasn’t sure how writing a post would help with that. However, game worlds are not conducive to the social constructs that every culture creates to ease the passage of a friend or a loved one beyond the veil. There are no elaborate ceremonies that draw in friends and family. There is no central area to gather to eat, drink. laugh, and cry in remembrance.

I wasn’t the best, nor the longest friend of Roksi, but we were friends, and I mourn for the loss of her presence, and the friendship that would have developed (as they are wont to do) over dragon-slaying and avatar deaths. Roksi was a woman to be admired, for her personal strength, and her warm, evervescent personality which lit up any conversation.

I rolled a druid on Moonrunner to join Production Company. Within the week I had received a kind gift basket from Roksi including some gold to get me started, a Teldrassil Sproutling beloved by druids everywhere, and my favorite treat, Dalarian Brownies, which I might have mentioned in my guild application.

We got into a small mail war when I reached 85 and attempted to pay back my starter gold. I finally conceded defeat after I was told “accepting a gift isn’t as special as giving one.” To say thank you, I sent her 12 stacks of Starfire Espresso (I think she lived on coffee!)

A raid with Roksi in it was always fun. We’d send each other whispers and giggles over our rapidly growing swear fund. Our first night of Al’Akir attempts, I called her out for her rampant cheatery in charging to me with an intervene and then charging straight back to the boss as the squall line bore down on us. She freely offered Rubicund a place with the group, even if he wasn’t raiding, just because it would be fun to have my spouse in the guild. I’m sorry to say that by the time the transfer was complete, she had been hospitalized.

The last couple of months have been difficult. While we’re all responsible in making our guild a nice place, Roksi was definitely the soul. She made everything brighter just being there. Her husband kept her up to date on guild happenings, and we knew that she was cheering us on, even as she endured the monotony and boredom that a hospital stay entails.

She faced her illness with grace, tenacity and courage. I am thankful that she was a part of my life, however briefly.

In loving memory of a wonderful woman.


If you have your own remembrances, Production Company has provided an open thread for non-members. The team is also raising funds for the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation in honor of our friend.


7 thoughts on “A Hero Has Fallen

  1. Hugs. Internet friends ARE friends. Your blog is a testament to her. She sounded like a wonderful person I wished I could have knew as well.

  2. Windsoar,
    My deepest condolances for the loss of a friend. Not much I can say to ease what you feel. I can only say, Roksi must have been a wonderful person to meet and know. Keep those fine memories alive and you keep her spirit alive and well. Hell, do what I do, raise a drink to those passed on whenever you think to. But I know if she is as special a person, then she wouldnt want you to grieve for long, rather be happy she isnt hurting anymore. The really cool thing is you gave her some happiness as well by being a part of her virtual family (guild). In there she was everything her mind wanted to be and thats really something special. Hold those memories high, she'll always be behind you droppin a basket of goodies because she could.

  3. My condolenses on the lost of a friend. I have often thought of how would my guildies/friends i only contact thru WoW would know if something ever were to suddenly happen to me? Glad you were at least able to keep in touch thru her spouse.

    She sounded like a fun person to know. 🙂

  4. My heart felt condolences , I may not of known Rokis but I have a frend that sounds just like her, your word move me my thoughts are with you. And Rokis family and friends.

  5. Roski was one of the lucky ones. She had friends who loved her and who miss her terribly, and I dearly hope for her sake that she knew that and cherished it. My condolences to everyone in Production Company for their loss.

  6. That gave me tears in my eyes 😦
    A similar thing happened, nobody even knew he was ill, he didn't want to worry anybody, and it's a horrible thing to hear about.

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