Halfus Wyrmbreaker | Heroic 10-Man

This guide seeks to only include information that has changed from normal to heroic versions of the instance and assumes that you are familiar with my normal mode Halfus guide.

What Changed?

All drakes (and the abilities they prevent on death) will be active from the beginning of the fight. Damage taken will be punishing for the first 1-2 minutes of the fight, and gradually recede as drakes go down.

The fight requires two tanks. Anywhere from 2 to 4 healers may be used depending on the raid’s survival rate. (We used 4 on the initial kill and 3 thereafter).

General Information

  • Primary tank engages Halfus.
  • Secondary tank releases Nether Scion.
  • Chosen dps releases Storm Rider*. Picked up by secondary tank.
  • Secondary tank releases Whelps.
  • Concentrated DPS on drakes/whelps.
  • Release and kill Time Warden.
  • Ignore Slate Dragon.
  • Kill Halfus.

*Having a hunter with misdirection for this drake is awesome. However, anyone capable of kiting to the secondary tank for pickup is fine.


Boss Abilities

Nothing new, abilities just “hit” harder but were also scaled back with 4.0.6. See normal-mode post if you need a refresher on abilities.

Tips for the Raid

  • Stay spread out to avoid fireballing your raid mates
  • Use your combat boost ability early and get those drakes down!
  • Once all drakes are released, go ahead and stack up the mobs (but not the tanks).
  • Once Time Warden is down, start avoiding fire!
  • Hand of Protection can clear the healing debuff, reducing the number of times the tanks need to swap Halfus.
  • All drakes are active, so an interrupterĀ must avoid the thirdĀ Furious Roar knockdown in order to interruptĀ Shadow Nova.


  • Let Halfus come to you (see diagram above). No one but you should be actively engaging Halfus until the drakes are down.
  • Tank swapping is required when Halfus tank reaches 6-8 stacks of Malevolent Strikes. Hand of Protection can clear debuff.
  • Non-Halfus tank (whether “primary” or “secondary”) is responsible for picking up all drakes but Storm Rider and Slate.
  • Use cooldowns early and often. Healing eases as the fight winds down.


  • Breathe.
  • Expect high, consistent raid-damage for the first 1-2 minutes of the fight. “Tank” healers will need to be pushing heavy AoE healing until fireballs become avoidable (Time Warden dies).
  • Don’t be surprised or dismayed if your mana is low before your raid turns to Halfus. You’ll have plenty of regen time later in the fight.
  • You cannot heal through Shadow Novas (technically you can, but these are a huge drain and can easily lead to multiple deaths/wipe).


  • Do not DPS Halfus until you’re done with Drakes (incidental damage is ok, but that’s IT!)
  • AoE is ideal once the whelps are released.
  • One of you will likely be the interrupter. If you cannot avoid Furious Roar, notify your raid leader so a secondary (or alternate) player can be chosen.

2 thoughts on “Halfus Wyrmbreaker | Heroic 10-Man

  1. Posting from phone, will be brief.

    Drakes cause abilities to drop/change upon release, not death. You mixed up Storm / Nova I think ( not 100% sure though)

    We actually dropped from 4 to 3 healers because of the 4.0.6 nerfs. I would question whether 4 was a good idea any more for a group just starting out on this encounter unless they have outstanding dps, which seems unlikely if they are just starting out. If someone felt like it was necessary, having a dps help heal for the first minute would probably be a better plan but is still something I would recommend against. The raid just needs to be patient while the three healers sort out how to get the raid through the first minute or two (or three or four if their dps is lower than ours)

    • Thanks for the proof-read. I've done that both times I've written the Halfus guide.

      I'd disagree with you to some extent on never utilizing 4 healers. While it may "waste" some attempts, those attempts are likely going to be wasted at any rate as your healers adjust to a TRUE mana-dumping heal-fest in the first 45 seconds and may allow your raid team to actually see some mechanics before people start dropping like flies. The likelihood of a kill with 4 healers might be very small, but I was really glad we pulled in a fourth healer for a few attempts before learning to cope with 3.

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