Valiona & Theralion (The Twins) | Heroic 10-Man

This guide seeks to only include information that has changed from normal to heroic versions of the instance and assumes that you are familiar with my normal mode Valiona & Theralion guide.

What Changed?

In Heroic Mode the Twilight Realm gains greater importance. The Twilight Realm now contains Twilight Sentries which spawn at regular intervals and which do periodic damage to the raid until killed. At least one member of your raid team must spend the larger part of the fight involved in the Twilight Realm killing sentries. Tanks also get a debuff that can shift them into the Twilight Realm, so 2 tanks (and tank-swapping) will be required.

General Information

Phase One

Valiona grounded, Theralion airborne.

  • Tank in the middle of the room.
  • Raid should spread 8-10 yards.
  • When a player is afflicted with Blackout debuff, raid should collapse before dispelling. All players need to be in range on heroic mode.
  • Valiona still casts Devouring Flames. Move behind her head.
  • Tanks will need to perform swaps periodically to avoid reaching 5 stacks of Twilight Realm.*
  • When Theralion casts Dazzling Destruction, the dragons are about to swap.
  • Player selected for the Twilight Realm needs to run into the Dazzling Destruction (pink swirly) to be transported to the Twilight Realm. All other players should avoid.
  • Theralion will land in the center of the room beginning Phase Two.

*See Twilight Realm notes for exceptions.

Twilight Realm

  • During initial pull, there is no way to gain entry into the Twilight Realm. Selected DPS will initially enter during Phase 2.
  • After the first Phase 2, if DPS needs to re-enter the Twilight Realm, they can do so by “riding” with a tank into the Twilight Realm. To work, the tank must take 5 stacks of Twilight Realm, and the rogue must stand within 8 yards.
  • You must avoid Dazzling Destruction or die.

Phase Two

Theralion grounded, Valiona airborne.

  • The raid will be comprised of four groups: Solo Tank, Melee Group, Twilight Realm and Ranged.
    • The active tank will remain solo throughout this phase. Note that the solo tank can change as Twilight Realm stacks need to be dropped.
    • The melee group will include the current off-tank and 3 other players. If you don’t have sufficient melee, add healers until you reach this number.
    • Twilight Realm player should be within the Twilight Realm or on the active tank.
    • All other players should be spaced 10 yards apart.
  • Players with Engulfing Magic at range should remain in place. Melee players will need to swap with a ranged member.
  • Ranged players are solely responsible for avoiding Dazzling Flames.
  • Players afflicted with Twilight Meteorite (purple arrow) must join the melee group before it explodes.
  • Valiona will breathe fire into the room as on normal-mode for the transition to Phase One. Players needing to shift back to the Twilight Realm can return this way; however, it’s the most difficult method of doing so.

Twilight Realm

This will be the first time a player enters the Twilight Realm. Due to their survivability and mobility, it is highly suggested to use a rogue. If you do not have a rogue, consider classes with high burst damage and survival cooldowns first. If your group does not provide the right mix, you can send in 2 DPS for short periods or a combination of DPS and a healer to achieve the proper balance. The Twilight Realm is a difficult assignment, and you’ll definitely need a player who can self-correct.

  • Avoid purple orbs (Unstable Twilight).
  • Kill Twilight Sentries.
  • When health is low, take a portal to get healed, and then return. Rinse and repeat.
  • You must avoid Valiona’s fire or die.
  • If you arrived “by mistake” leave immediately avoiding purple orbs!

Boss Abilities

New and/or updated abilities only. See the normal-mode guide if you need a refresher on standard abilities.

Valiona & Theralion

Twilight Shift: Debuff which stacks on the tank. When it reaches 5 stacks, the dragon casts Shifting Reality.

Shifting Reality: When cast, the target and all players within 8 yards take moderate damage and are transferred to the Twilight Realm.

Twilight Realm

Twilight Sentry: Cast Rift Blast randomly at players within and without of the Twilight Realm doing moderate to heavy damage.

Twilight Zone: A stacking debuff inflicted every 2 seconds that does light damage and increases shadow damage taken.

Unstable Twilight: Floating orbs which explode on contact causing moderate to heavy damage.

Tips for the Raid

Overall, the biggest change for many will be the addition of a second tank, and the amount of chatter that will be going on between Twilight Realm people and the tanks. Tanks and the Twilight Realm must coordinate the need for quick access back to the dark side, so try to keep vent clear, and pay attention to which tank is “safe!”

Phase One

Phase One should be the easiest to master as the placement and “steps” are basically the same as on normal mode.

  • Since Blackout hits for substantially more damage, players who can clear the debuff (mages, rogues, shadow priests) should run from the raid and activate their ability. (Just in case your special trick fails, you don’t want to take the raid down with you).
  • Unlike normal mode, you do not want to eat Twilight Blasts. (Unless you can’t help it… like during a Blackout collapse).

Phase Two

There are some noticeable changes for Phase Two for those that followed a strategy similar to ours.

  • If you’re assigned to range, you simply cannot stack with fellow players.
  • If you don’t generally mark players, consider marking the “safe” tank. (note that this might change during the course of the phase).
  • Twilight Realm players often need a “return trip” to the dark side during this phase. This requires one tank to reach 5 of Twilight Rift while the players needing a lift standing within 8 yards.
  • Whatever you do, don’t cuddle the tank shifting players back to the Twilight Realm.

Twilight Realm

  • When entering the Twilight Realm through Dazzling Destruction or Deep Breath, immediately leave the area to avoid being killed.
  • Avoid Unstable Twilight orbs. They’ll eat your lunch. (Small purple orbs)
  • Twilight orbs easily hide within Twilight Sentries, so be careful about hugging mobs.
  • Twilight Sentries appear as purplish dragonkin. They’re not horribly hard to kill, but they can come out fast.
  • Do not wait to “resurface” until you’re almost dead. The likelihood of hitting an orb or teleporting into someone with a bad effect can easily kill you.
  • It’s a good idea to call out the location of the portal you plan to use to exit the Twilight Realm so a healer can reach you quickly.

7 thoughts on “Valiona & Theralion (The Twins) | Heroic 10-Man

  1. A good general guide to the fight. Your strat has a few major differences from the "common" one for this fight, but the common strat isn't very common on Moonrunner. Common strat uses only one tank, which Marshmallows doesn't bother with since the enrage is extremely lenient post-nerf. Pre-nerf it was tough but fair, doable with 2 tanks but you couldn't really have anyone die.

    Yours is the strat most similar to ours amongst all the guilds on Moonrunner that kill heroic dragons. However there are some minor things that we do different.

    • Of course every strategy isn't going to be pin-perfect for every group, hence why I bother to post these things at all 🙂 It's been nice getting feedback from other groups about what works for their raid team (as opposed to what I've posted as the law), but in the end, I'm happy to stick by what works for us because, well, it works!

      I actually *cough, cough* am horrible about keeping track of other people's strategies and what-not, so I honestly don't know what other people are doing differently. Keeping one tank sounds intriguing, but rather unnecessary at this stage in the nerf-age.

  2. We also use 1 tank for this fight : a paladin that can reset his stacks of twilight rift. That way we can control the moment when he's sent to the twilight realm. That makes the raid comp 1 tank, 3 healers and 6 dps.

    We have a mage going into the portals on the third orb during the transition, along with a pally healer. Both can reset their stacks of debuffs, and we send another dpser when the tank got his 5 stacks, to finish cleaning everything.

    Having one tank is not a problem : we just follow the boss whenever the tank is going to get a portal.

    And it's good to know that your hunters can avoid a lot of twilight meteorites : they can feign it or deterrence it. With the quite short cooldowns to those spells it's really good to have your hunters remember it. Keep them at range if possible, they will be more than happy to blow cds when they got Engulfing Magic… (But if needed, they can go with melee group, the attack range is so that they can shoot even so close, and they can use their glyphed raptor strike to mitigate damage from meteorites.)

    • Would it only work with a paladin tank? We don't regularly roll with one, and the RNG aspect of having another tank type seems worrisome. I would also think that your player was relying on Hand of Protection to reset stacks, which limits the number of times he has that available.

      When we've had one tank up and he's shifted, it has caused the dragon to randomly munch on the raid, so I'm still unclear on how you prevent this. Did you mean that the entire raid follows the tank?

      The hunter tips are great: I might add those to the text up top 🙂

      • Any tank can 1-tank the fight, bubbling stacks is not necessary. The fight's extremely predictable; once you decide who to send, when to send, when to swap, and you put a plan in place to make those things happen, it's really easy to repeat.

        This fight is all about having a plan that works for your raid. For us, the fight is so stable that sometimes we end the fight with 0 sentries alive, simply because everything is so plannable and everything has gone according to plan. The predictability of the fight also makes it generally very possible to recover in the event something goes wrong or someone critical dies. Most heroics (including the early ones) are not as forgiving as this one.

        Personally I enjoy this fight more when we do it without a rogue, but it definitely makes the fight harder. It only requires us to make one change to our strat, but it gives the fight a lot more moving parts and engages the raid more.

        • Personally, we find our biggest repeatable issue to be with the Twilight Realm (and keeping that player from exploding themselves into bits). The other mechanics are virtually unchanged from normal-mode, it's just a matter of following the steps and remembering the details. Since our experience with one tank regularly porting himself (and random people) into the Twilight Realm resulted in the dragon chomping people to bits, I wouldn't suggest it based on my own experiences. However, having someone share how that works for other players in a bit more detail would be great 🙂

          • We never had the issue of losing aggro with only one tank. The dragon just follows him. We just follow the dragon in order to avoid engulfing magic, and stay together to eat meteorites. I'll ask him for explanations. And about a paladin as a tank, it's just that this way, we are able to choose when to send our tank and our dpser into the twilight realm.

            As Arazu said, it's a very predictable fight, and though, we had troubles with this fight for a long while, especially with the twilight sentries ending up too numerous and killing our raid.

            Since we send a holy pally with the dpsers, everything is clean, but we needed time and struggled to kill them again each week until we found the right strat for us.

            I think it really depends on your roster composition. We generally love strats with as much dpsers as possible, relying on our very good healers to keep up with extra work. But it's often like being on the sharp edge of the knife : any mistake and it's a wipe. We love to live dangerously… 😀

            Having two tanks brings more security, but makes the fight longer. If you have a bear, he would make a good offtank as they generally can do pretty good damage in cat form. We love our bear for that (aside from being an absolute cookie of a player, with cream). Play with your strenghs. Every raid has its strenghs and weaknesses.

            If you need training to navigate the portals : send a strong healer down to keep people alive. Use classes very efficient for this jobs : rogues can heal themselves, shadow priests can too, they can multidot everything before leaving, they can mitigate shadow damages, mages and paladins can reset stacks, boomkins have the absolute stupidly strong aoe.

            Theraliona is generally a very difficult fight to lead because you can't see what's happening in twilight realm. You have to trust your guildies not to die on orbs or because they didn't watch their stacks.

            And you boss guides are awesome, keep up the good work ! 😉

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