What You Love to Hear

We all react to that crap that covers our screen during a raid in different ways. Boss mods, Power Auras, DoT timers… there’s a lot of things going on. In my experience, I am the absolute worst about checking relevant crap on my screen when healing. Yes, the “important stuff” is near my raid frames, yes, I know I should be watching it, but I’ll share with you a little secret. 90 times out of 100, I could care less.

Looking away from my raid frames could be totally bad, which is why I prefer mods that make sound. My two most important raiding mods are Raid Watch 2 and GTFO.

Raid Watch 2

Just another boss mod, or IS it? No, it’s pretty much just another boss mod. However, if you made the switch to DXE in Wrath and loved it you’ll be equally smitten with RW2.

Standard Features

  • Timer Bars
  • Personal Warnings
  • Messages
  • Range Warning
  • Raid Marking
  • Load on Demand

Awesome Stuff

  • Health Frames — This isn’t always Boss Health Frames. For Tier 11 it’s also Corruption Stacks, Phase Changes for Al’Akir, and Atramedes Sound Bar.
  • Sounds — Different warnings have different sounds. Makes it easy to learn the encounter “by ding” without having to rely on the scrolling bars. Love it!
  • Direction Markers — The lovely arrows from DXE. (Although I’ve yet to see them during an encounter).


Get it at Curse or WoWInterface.


The standard battle cry of every raider seems to be “don’t stand in the bad” and GTFO helps you with that without just splattering your screen with a message. You see, it makes god-awful, racketing sounds whenever you choose to place your little toe in any kind of ick. For a healer with tunnel vision, this is just about perfect.

Of course, if you want a visual GTFO! it does tie into Power Auras to give you full visual-audio cues.


Get it at Curse or WoWInterface.

Post-note: DXE did update recently, but I’m waiting to see how quickly they manage to stay with the pack when 4.2 hits. I need a boss-mod that updates quickly… not months into the content.