Saz's Screenshot Challenge #3: Representing Yourself

Welcome back to the Screenshot Challenge brought to us by Saz, of World of Saz.This challenge is comprised of 15 parts, and challenges the blogger to talk about themselves and their characters through screenshots. For more details, or to take part in the challenge yourself, go check out the original.




Challenge #3

Show us an image that represents who you are, either in Azeroth/Outland or in real life.

[singlepic id=278 w=600 h=400 float=center]

I’m sure everyone knows how much I love my alts–I named my website Jaded Alt after all. However, at the center of my legion always stands a single main who gets the bulk of my attention. And that’s because I’ll always consider myself…

[singlepic id=279 w=600 h=400 float=center]

A raider. I might craft some goods, level some toons, or engage in some PvP, but in the end, raiding is my most participated in activity.

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10 thoughts on “Saz's Screenshot Challenge #3: Representing Yourself

  1. Very cool shot of all your toons. How did you do that?

    I too enjoy my alts, but I always come back to my paladin because she is everything I wish I could be. More than any other character I identify with her. Plus, she has the best collection of dress up clothes and accessories. 😉

    • Thanks. That's WoW Model Viewer (there's all kinds of nifty positioning you can do if you have the patience!)

      I love my alts but I always have a bit of "main" envy when someone mentions how much they love the character they've been playing for ages!

  2. I love the shot of all your alts together! I have never been patient enough to bend modelviewer to my will, so I totally envy those who can.

  3. Oh my, so tempted to bust my balls with WMV and create something similar. This will end up with me stressed and swearing on twitter though, right? 😀
    My recent post 695- Tank

  4. I wasn't aware that you could have more than one character on the screen at a time in WMV. That first image is such a neat shot I can see why many of us would want to recreate it to some degree! I also love the shot of the two dragons laying all near perfectly side by side. Very neat : D

    • Oh, I understand the confusion. I screenshot my character in WMV and copy to a layer in (a freebie editing program) for arrangements/background.

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