Omnotron Defense System | Heroic 10-Man

This guide seeks to only include information that has changed from normal to heroic versions of the instance and assumes that you are familiar with my normal mode Omnotron Defense Guide.

What Changed?

Lord Victor Nefarius randomly does bad things™ to make the encounter more interesting. You’re still facing two constructs at a time with all the nasty abilities they had before, but now good ol’ Vic will randomly take a hand and make the golem’s special abilities that much worse. You’ll definitely want to review boss abilities for this one!

General Information

The overall scope of the fight remains the same. The only significant change is positioning: you really want your raid to stay together as much as possible (barring certain abilities) in order to take advantage of group healing. For most combinations, you want your raid to be spaced somewhat like this:

[singlepic id=280 w=600 h=373 float=center]

  • The center area is the corridor that your raid will move up and down along.
  • Except for Arcanotron, constructs should be tanked on opposite sides of the room.
  • Arcanotron should be tanked so that he drops Power Constructs within the raid’s corridor.
  • It is imperative that no one breaks a shield.
  • Make sure Arcantron’s Blast is interrupted every time.
  • Slow the slimes!
  • See Boss Abilities for strategies on dealing with updated construct abilities.

Boss Abilities

For a refresher on all abilities, see the normal-mode version of this guide. Although Nefarius will cast one of these during every construct combination, the choice is random. You will need to be vigilant in keeping track of your boss timer for the next Nefarius ability, and then responding appropriately depending on which construct’s ability he chooses to change.


Overcharged Power Generator: Power Generator (health/mp regeneration pool) expands up to 17 yards and explodes with Arcane Blowback.

  • Players need to leave the Power Generator as soon as it begins to expand.


Shadow Infusion: The player with Lightning Conductor becomes a death bomb doing high damage to all players every 2 seconds. Players farther from the Lightning (shadow) conductor take higher damage.

  • All players must collapse when the player becomes shadowy.
  • Can be coupled with Magmatron’s Incineration Security Measure. Raid cooldowns will need to be available for this possibility.
  • Can be coupled with Toxitron’s Poison Protocol (slimes). Tank will need targeted cooldowns to remain out of range (but still should collapse within 15-20 yards).


Encasing Shadows: The player with Acquiring Target will become frozen and will remain so until the Flamethrower has finished casting.

  • The raid will need to move away from the target.


Grip of Death: Nefarius pulls the entire raid into Chemical Cloud.

  • Get out.
  • Can be coupled with Poison Protocol (slimes). To lessen the chance that a Chemical Cloud will form where the slimes are spawning, it can help to have your melee join the ranged until the cloud is dropped.

Tips for the Raid

  • Do not break shields. Kittens (and random raid members) die when you do this.
  • Do not miss Arcantron’s interrupt. Although not a change from normal-mode, it’s much more important on heroic.
  • Slimes move faster on heroic mode. You’ll need slows to get them down in time to prevent your raid scattering.
  • Join the herd mentality and stay with the group.
  • If you have Lightning Conductor, screw the herd, and get out! Especially if the group is all clumped up in a Power Generator.
  • If you don’t see a clear space to run with the Flamethrower, stand still and let other people scatter.
  • Although it’s always important to get out of the Chemical Cloud, it’s even more important when you get gripped into it during Poison Protocol. (Just because you can’t see the slimes doesn’t mean they can’t see you).


  • Face Toxitron into the wall when he begins casting Poison Protocol to put as much distance between the slimes and the raid as possible.
  • Arcanotron should ideally be tanked in the raid corridor in order to prevent Power Generators from ending up all over the room.
  • Pay special attention to the location of the player afflicted with Acquiring Target. If he gets frozen facing you (or the melee) you need to move!
  • If a Lightning Conductor turns shadowy, you need to join the party. The farther away you are, the more damage you take, and the greater likelihood that you’ll die since the healers will be scrambling to throw out massive raid heals.
  • Moving the construct away from the raid when he shields can help prevent cleave damage.
  • Do not break the shields. (Yes, I’m saying it again — it’s important).


  • Damage comes in waves throughout the fight. Be prepared for heavy spikes.
  • Take advantage of all Power Generators. Just because it might go bad is no reason to miss out on the mana regeneration.
  • The absolute worst combination is Incineration Measure coupled with Shadow Infusion. If you have a long resetting raid cool-down (spirit link, tranquility, etc.) save it for this.


  • Take advantage of all Power Generators. This is a huge damage boost and should not be avoided because something might go bad!

3 thoughts on “Omnotron Defense System | Heroic 10-Man

  1. Neat positioning. It looks like a variation on the normal triangle pattern, but the extra striation in the base mitigates cross-supercharges and static shock cleaves. I prefer the basic triangle for a few reasons, but it looks very viable.

    • I like the fluidity of this positioning setup since there is many a time throughout the fight where you have to take goo on the floor into account.

  2. This is the best strat I have seen on this fight yet. The V&T reader comments were a great source of tips (especially from mon amie, Nefernet) and I hope to see more of that fun dynamic in future guides.

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