Rambling Thoughts: Where I Fail to Go Anywhere

This post is a semi-draft, a free-flowing outlet of some vague ideas that might have been fleshed out into full posts if I ever had the inclination, but which I would rather not die in my dreaded drafts folder (which currently holds some 30+ posts of which I am slowly struggling through). I’ve roughly broken it into three subjects that seem to crop up with disgusting regularity here: guild stuff, nostalgic/time-sink reflections, and the general flow and direction of this blog.

In many ways, I feel like a horrid guild member. The amount of time I’ve invested in my current guild (discounting the pure leveling experience) have been woefully inadequate when compared to the hours upon hours of guild time I’ve put into former guilds. Part of this is just a reflection of my changing lifestyle: it seems an unfortunate side effect that while interest may remain high responsibilities outside of the game constantly compete and impede time you’d rather spend in-game. I’ve vaguely leveled in fits and starts, done some fishing, and finally managed to snag my Tol Barad trinket, but my attendance since we’ve been raiding has been a hit or miss affair and you can absolutely forget time outside of raids.

Despite that, I find myself immensely pleased with the guild that found me. It’s been a tough spring for the team. New members have come in to replace the losses, and the roster has survived, but it’s definitely been a transitional period and we’ve had a lot of nights where we toughed it out despite weird dynamics or lack of bodies to field. Even with that, I can only remember 1 cancelled raid, and our progress has been nothing short of phenomenonal. While it’s unlikely that we’ll net a full heroic clear (especially if 4.2 drops next week as some are predicting) I know that we will, and that it will be a well-earned finale.

Like every other guild, we’ve been speculating about the legendary weapon that will soon be making an appearance. Our thread ran something like: these are the candidates, let’s order them. A couple of members did, and everyone has basically come back with “well, whatever it doesn’t really matter so long as it’s good for the guild.” With Firelands so close, the raid leader popped up with a new post about the subject sometime in the last week. In it, he summarized the considerations that he’d seen bandied around by other blogging guild people as considerations for handing out the staff: longevity, consistency, and performance. And then he went on to say, these weren’t really considerations for our guild since every member meets these criteria. Ok, so maybe not in those exact words, but we got the message. Talk about warm fuzzies people.

So, I’ve got a guild I really like, and that I feel like I’m a horrible member of–it’s an odd combination. I’ve been thinking about that quite a bit, especially as I consider the amount of time I’ve spent in World of Warcraft as a player. Years folks. 7 to be exact. At this rate, I’ll be hitting a flat decade in no time, and that just seems like a silly amount of time to have spent in a single game-world. Yet, I’m comfortable here. I’ve played plenty of other MMO’s during that same period. AC, DDO, LoTRO, FFXI, and some I’ve forgotten the names of. I even tried out Rift in beta and on one of those flimsy 7 day trials (that took me a day or so to “finish”). All of them have had components I’ve liked, but there’s something that always turned me away in the end.

Like many other console/PC gamers gone MMO, I’ve found that it’s hard to pick up single-player scenarios again. I have a hard time following another’s scripted storyline, particularly the verily particular ones that have multiple branching trees that absolutely require that I replay them for different results. There’s just something that got screwed up in my hard-wiring since I’ve been in the questing type MMO’s that let me choose between stories and mindless crafting, between 15 minutes and a few hours, that is hard to translate back into a “regular” gaming experience. It’s not so much that I’m dissatisfied with my current gaming experience per se, it’s more that I’ve spent a long time immersed in the same recurring themes and characters, and boy, wouldn’t it be nice to get a breath of fresh air!?

Which leads me to the project here, which I started, in all honesty, on a whim. I remember sitting at 6 months and looking around going “I’m still doing this?” I’m horrible about abandoning projects along the wayside as my pursuits and interests get pulled into new projects. However, I actually feel really happy with my little project which managed to survive my neglect over the last few months, and all the fun and interesting people I’ve met as a result of it. Over time, it has semi-involved into what I always intended: my very own cyber notebook of all those little jotting of random crap of which I used to clog my various guild forums. Sometimes what I say has zero relevance to the outside world (much like this post) and that’s ok, because I just need a place to chatter. Some things, like my guild’s various strategies, have been a help to a number of guilds looking for some tips and tricks (at least I hope that’s the case and I’m not the center of ridicule for all those forums that come click over here!) Again, that has very selfish roots–it helps solidify what’s going on not just with me, but the entire raid team (which is why they’re often a little riddled with errors)–but it seems to have a bit more relevance outside of myself.

As I reach my 2 year mark, I find myself trying to figure out if this is something I can sustain, or whether I’m just jerking you all along for a ride into nowhere. I purposefully chose a non-Warcraft title so that if I got randomly dragged into other pursuits I could (hopefully) maintain myself as some kind of gaming blogger. I’ve discovered I rather like having this avenue of chatter, and don’t particularly want to lose it. I figure, even if I am just another gust in the wind blog that peters out after a little while, that it doesn’t really matter: there will always be a slew of new bloggers inviting themselves to come join the fun. I’ve also decided that I’m not going anywhere yet, so y’all are still stuck with me for awhile longer. I’m actually trying to plan a little bit of an early self-congratulation/thank-you for sometime in August for the big 2 year anniversary.

So, my rambling post on what I was thinking about the last couple of weeks. šŸ™‚


2 thoughts on “Rambling Thoughts: Where I Fail to Go Anywhere

  1. We're glad to have you, Windsoar (I couldn't find a good shortening for that name… wind, windy, windsy, Soar, W… nothing seemed good. Note an attempt at familiarity all the same), and I'm glad that you've kept blogging long enough to make a mark.

    It's not much of a comment, I know, but just be aware that most all of us are glad to be stuck with others like us, as different as we may be, in this community of chatterers.

    • Thanks Stubborn. Most people I've run across have called her Wind, although I did have a couple Soars in there. One of these days I might officially change over to Terrielle which makes it much easier šŸ™‚

      I must've had a really awful day when I wrote this reading it over again ^^

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