Saz’s Screenshot Challenge #5: Title of Choice

Welcome back to the Screenshot Challenge brought to us by Saz, of World of Saz.This challenge is comprised of 15 parts, and challenges the blogger to talk about themselves and their characters through screenshots. For more details, or to take part in the challenge yourself, go check out the original.

Challenge #5

Show us an image of you pimping your favorite title and give us a reason why you dig it so much.

This is how I feel about titles:

Confused yet? I don’t really care much for titles. I like the achievement, but I really find floating text above my head as I run around a distraction, a needless bit of information that I just don’t need. If you’re sporting a nifty title, I’m sorry that I missed it, but I don’t show those either! When I’m standing in Stormwind or somewhere similarly pressed for space, I’d rather see parts of avatar and the floor/wall/fountain than a huge purple blob that is an attempt at displaying everyone’s name. If I want to know who you are, I’ll click on you.

I’m probably going to cause some hideous faux pas here, but I really dislike screenshots that display floating names as much as I dislike seeing them in my own game-world. While I know plenty of people happily enjoy their game and screenshots with them (my hubby included) I just can’t help myself from going “gah!”

However, if you absolutely insist, I will admit that I giggled myself silly when I was granted the title of Slayer of Stupid, Incompetent, and Disappointing Minions although I never nabbed a screenshot of it.


5 thoughts on “Saz’s Screenshot Challenge #5: Title of Choice

  1. I"m with you, actually. I hope you don't think I'm shamelessly plugging myself here (I swear I'm not – look I didn't even link my blog!), but I'm going to write a post about nil-UIs (probably tomorrow or Thursday) that discusses just that issue. I like immersion, and having enemy bars and names floating everywhere lessens it.

    That said I have a ton of titles which I only put on to brag to friends, but that's just me; I don't wear them around causally. Nothing says "Kill this toon" like a long title in a PvP zone.

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  3. I only have player and guild names turned on in my boss kill shots because it used to be a requirement for you to get credit for the kill at sites like BossKillers in the days before that was tracked through the Armory. It also showed the two sets of guild names when we were running an alliance. I go back and forth on what I display while playing. I wish you could set it to change by zone or combat state so you could show more in town, but have a clearer view in raid combat… I wonder if you could macro changing the settings. Anyone know?

    I don’t sport a title often on my main although I generally prefer “Crusader” because it fits a paladin. On a particularly unruly raid night when I have used the mom-voice, I may swap to “the Patient” or “Matron”. 🙂

    We do have some guild jokes about the titles people choose to display. We tease Tinki that “The Undying” is false advertising and Healamonster is likely to get /licked when showing his “Salty” title. 😉

  4. Although I collect titles compulsively, I do agree that screenshots are a lot cleaner without names displayed. I find that I enjoy playing the game without names displayed, especially because when you have a quest, the mob name appears to mark it and it really stands out!

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