Where Has the Time Gone? A-Musement Party!

Many moons ago, on a server far, far away, Jaded Alt was born. September 3, 2009 to be exact. Since that time, I have spawned 346 posts with 556 tags in 28 categories, created 14 pages, received 1800 comments, and over 100,000 visitors. Although the stats aren’t that important in the grand scheme of things, it’s a lot of growth for a project that started as a personal notebook.

I know at this point many people would expect a list of little gems of posts: my favorites, my most commented upon, or even the ones that received the most attention. However, I really do have a hard time choosing. My style and thrust of my posts have changed as I’ve moved into different phases of my life and WoW career, and those who read me for my quirky leveling posts may have started running for the hills the minute I started writing up strategy guides. All I can say, is that I have enjoyed them all: the screenshots, the UI posts, the rambling thoughts and instructional manuals. I am all of those players, and although I tend to feast or famine my writing styles a bit, I’m sure those same types of posts will appear here again.

Instead of sending you scurrying through my blog to find posts you’ve already read (you have been reading them right?) I thought I’d take a moment to shout-out some of the bloggers who have kept my inspired while I worked on this project. While I’d love to just copy/paste my entire blogroll over with a personal note for each of you, it’s just not that practical 🙂 Jaedia and Ophelie started with me over at Blog Azeroth, and it was always fun to see how our blogs were growing. Tam was my first non-family commentator. Llyra welcomed my first fledgling comments on shamans with patience and grace. Spinks showed me that just because you want to write about a game, doesn’t mean you’re stuck with just one. BBB showed me that writing a bear-wall can be entertaining, even if it breaks every “rule” in the short and sweet blogging handbook, while Bobturkey taught me that if you’re going to write a guide, do it with authority!

Although it hasn’t quite reached the two-year mark (that happens in September) I imagine that I will once again be plummeted into a frenzy of activity at that time, and wanted to take a moment to thank all the readers, followers, commentators, and fellow bloggers that have helped keep my small ship afloat in the sea of the interwebz.

For those who were around for my 6-month anniversary, you may remember the great Spell Cast: Muse party. I wanted to do something similar again this time around, providing a free Muse for all the bloggers who keep me active and engaged in the blog-o-sphere. Unlike last time, which was a bit blogger-centric, I also wanted to ask the non-blogging crowd to provide me with a prompt. Again, it’s a totally selfish celebration providing me topics to read and topics to write, but I hope that no one will mind too much. I really wanted to provide a raffle, but having no discernable skills beyond talking, and still in starvation graduate mode, hopefully my writing and ideas will be sufficient thanks!

To participate, simply request or provide a prompt by July 31st, 2011. I will do my best to provide return prompts within a couple of days of your comment. For those providing prompts, I’ll try to provide the date your prompt will be posted here at Jaded Alt within a couple of days of your comment. At the end of August, I’ll compile all participating posts for easy retrieval for those wanting to see what the A-Musement Party has spawned!

16 thoughts on “Where Has the Time Gone? A-Musement Party!

    • Ah, my first victim 🙂 I know you recently started playing and blogging about your time in Rift. How do you balance your time between two games? What, if anything, have your experiences in WoW/Rift helped you with or made you wish was different in the other? How has being involved in multiple game worlds affected your in-game goals and expectations when embarking on a new MMO?

    • Since you christened your blog after it, I'd like to hear more about the "double prot" mentality. How do you choose where you're making adjustments, how often does that happen, and what kind of things are you looking to beef up or cut out?

      And just because I always liked gear sets when tanking tell us more about what you're sporting? Do you find that your sets have evened out in the Cataclysmic world, or are you still trucking around 4-5 gear sets/pieces to give you that winning edge?

      (Feel free to cherry pick, shorten, or just ask for something else if I've made this too long ^^)

  1. Ahh! The last time you did this I didn't feel I could ask for a muse because I'd only just started reading and it would've been too much like, "Hi, oh by the way can you do this thing for me?"

    Now I feel I'm completely justified in taking advantage of your muse-y skills! 😉

    • You were welcome to one the first time around! I love reading the adventures of the pugging pally 🙂

      There's quite a few things I'd like to ask you to write about, but I think I've narrowed it down! I'm sure plenty of your readers are aware of your artistic skills, but I'd like to know more! Is it a hobby or profession, how'd you get started, do you have professional training, and what are your favorite mediums?

    • If memory serves, last time around I asked you a whole slew of questions about your two characters and your involvement in your raiding guilds. This time around, I'm probably going to push you outside your comfort zone a bit as I'd like to know your "story" for your mains!

    • Curious Wind is curious! I love seeing all the outfits you manage to put together time and time again. So I'd like to know: how many outfits do you really have? Are you a clothes collector on all your characters, or do you special ones that get designated for that kind of thing? How'd you get started collecting: is it a RP thing?

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    • As a non-PvPer I think the feeling is mutual, but I still enjoy reading from time to time 🙂 My question is mainly for me, and if it falls outside your purview, feel free to request another!

      I think the first thing that attracted me to your blog was your simple explanations of main objectives for different PvP environments. I'm a casual PvP'er, and it's sometimes hard to tell exactly what I should be doing until I've died a few times! (Which makes me no friends :P) So, keeping that in mind, I'd think I'd like a top 10: The top 10 things every PvE'er should know when entering the battlegrounds. It could be anything from advising me what I should be wearing to how I can manage not to make my team fail.

    • Just because it never gets old: Why a druid? (If you need more direction, just poke me).

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