4.2: Harmony, Dailies, Firelands

It’s been a fun week, with a few changes to the Druid, a new quest/daily hub added and the newest raid dungeon: Firelands. I love new content patches, but I rarely take a deep breath, reflect, and write up my thoughts on the matter, so I thought for a nice change of paceI’d take a look at 4.2.


I currently have a love/hate relationship with harmony. It’s not that sustaining the buff is that hard: this week I’ve managed to keep a 75-98% uptime on the buff. It’s that it’s different. Instead of showing HoTs followed by a few filler heals, I’m having to do the opposite. I loved 3 Rejuv’s and Nourish spam, and while I can still choose to do that, it’s not the absolute best use of my healing… at least if I forgot to get my buff up first. So, Regrowth has re-entered my repretoire as more than a clearcasting proc filler, and often does duty in providing a quick refresh for my beleagured buff.

I’m also finding that my overhealing has skyrocketed with this mastery change. While I’m not particularly worried about over-healing generally, it still makes me question whether the mastery change has been the best for me.

Although I thought about adding the countdown to Elv’s buff list that grows over my player frame, instead I set up my tracking for WeakAura. I chose to make a texture depletes as the buff is running out with a swirling exit if it completely falls off. So far, it’s working pretty well and the green holds up very well against the drenched red hues of Firelands.


I am the world’s worst daily quester. I absolutely fail at them. It took me until we were working on Heroic Nefarian to earn enough tokens for my Tol Barad trinket with our resident shamans yelling about the benefits time, and time, and time again. Pffffft.

However, there is an exception, and that was the SSC dailies. I imagine I enjoyed these dailies so much because it was more like a quest. You do some stuff, and it unlocks some more stuff. Good times. The Firelands dailies look to be shaping up much like the SSC dailies as you unlock different stories and quests as you repeat the different parts. Although I haven’t managed to get them done every day, I’m having a good time when I do get on and tally up my tokens needed for the next section.


There’s just something extremely awesome about outdoor “dungeons.” I think this was my favorite feature in DDO, and I’m really glad that WoW has decided to give us something other than tunnels and circular rooms. Finally! Perhaps because it’s the only boss we looked at this week and didn’t get down, or maybe just because it was a bit different, the flaming druid-bird of death, Alysrazor, was my favorite fight even if I spent the fiery-hurricane phase running around in circles and screaming about the stupid bird blocking my view.

How was your first week of 4.2?