How Not to Handle Cinders

Although this video is a bit dated now that the Firelands has released, it was a great learning experience for me. You see, I’ve always had a crappy video card. When you have a crappy video card, even when the water is crystal clear you can’t see the bottom.

Since I happen to enjoy those old school swimming quests (I’m thinking of grabbing tablets from nasty murlocs) I really hated having to wrangle my camera around to actually see anything in the water. And then I discovered this handy option in the Interface menu:

Now, I had no problem with changing camera angles. I duck under the water, and my camera does too–no fiddling required! I’ve had this option checked for years.

However, I never tried to swim as a treant in a pit of lava. When I was burning my bark in the lava, I couldn’t see over my lovely afro of leaves no matter what I did! Above the lava–afro. Below the lava–afro and tree-trunk legs. So, I can’t really be blamed that this happened, can I?

Fortunately, I managed to remembered that Water Collision option, and rapidly unchecked it before that next attempt!


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