I Will Never Be a Technocrat

If you follow me on Twitter, you might have noticed me randomly grumbling over the past couple of weeks that something is wrong. For some reason, the latest WordPress update prevented me from adding any new posts. Those who follow the RSS feed got a couple of ‘fake’ posts, as my webhost kindly tried to track down the problem.

Fortunately, I never got rid of my original website: https://jadedalt.wordpress.com. Since we’re still not quite sure what’s causing the problem at my main site, I’m temporarily moving shop over here so I can actually talk! For those who follow me by RSS, you should be seamlessly moved to the new posts/site for the time being. For those who are bookmark fans, I’m sorry for the inconvenience!

This experience has definitely brought home that as technology improvements continue, I keep falling further and further behind the curve of competence. In the brave new world where technical skills are prized, I’m incapable of surviving and damn thankful I’ve got friends to look out for me!

So, welcome back! Jaded Alt is alive and well, if slightly disoriented from all the hopping around.



6 thoughts on “I Will Never Be a Technocrat

  1. Yay! I was getting worried. Glad to see you have a temporary solution. I can’t get through the week without my Windsoar fix. 😉

    • We were really hoping for a faster solution over at the main site, but I was getting a little antsy without a place to write! 🙂

    • My only option at the other site was to put a note in the sidebar as I can’t update any new posts until the author issue is fixed.

      • What about changing the url redirect so that jadedalt.com points to jadedalt.wordpress.com?

        It doesn’t solve what you want (direct access to your old site) but at least people will be able to find the pages you are updating. (I never noticed the sidebar.)

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