Lord Rhyolith | 10-Man Normal

Lord Rhyolith doesn’t think much of the puny humans coming to kill him. In fact, he’ll ignore the raid for the majority of the fight, hoping that his little minions will take care of you. The group’s job is to stay alive while managing to blow off good ol’ Rhy’s armor in the volcanoes.

Type of Fight


General Information

Phase One

The primary objective in this portion of the fight is to steer Rhyolith into as many volcanoes as possible as quickly as possible to remove his armor and increase his damage taken. This strategy utilizes a single tank, although 2 can be used.

  • Assign 4 DPS to permanent leg duty.
  • Remaining DPS will switch between legs and adds.
  • Tank has two types of adds: Fragments which come in groups and do minimal damage, and Sparks which do AoE damage and must be tanked away from the group.
  • This phase ends when Rhyolith reaches 25% health.

Phase Two

Rhyolith becomes tankable. This is a burn phase.
This fight utilizes a soft-enrage in the form of the Eruption debuff. This debuff is applied every time a volcano is created.

Boss Abilities

Phase One

Lord Rhyolith ignores players while his armor is intact, but they can attack his feet to control his movement.

  • Obsidian Armor – Reduces damage by 80%. When Rhyolith hits a volcano, reduction drops by 10%.
  • Concussive Stomp – Moderate AoE damage. Knocks back players within 20 yards. Creates 2-3 Volcanoes.
  • ImportantVolcano – Applies Eruption debuff.  This effect stacks up to 20 times.
  • Crater – Lava stream from craters inflicts heavy damage upon contact. After 10 seconds, the lava stream erupts, causing massive damage.
  • Thermal Ignition – Light to moderate AoE damage. Summons either 5 Fragments of Rhyolith or 1 Spark.

    • Fragment of Rhyolith – Fragments of Rhyolith have low health. If not slain within 30 sec, they inflict damage equal to their current health to a random player.
    • Spark of Rhyolith – Sparks of Rhyolith inflicts light Fire damage to all players within 12 yards.

      • Infernal Rage – Sparks of Rhyolith increase their damage dealt by 10% and damage taken by 10% every 5 seconds. This effect stacks up to 20 times.
  • DeadlyDrink Magma – If Lord Rhyolith reaches the edge of the platform, he does massive AoE damage.

Phase Two

When Lord Rhyolith reaches 25% remaining health, his Obsidian armor shatters. He becomes attackable and no longer ignores players.

Tips for the Raid

  • Raid should stay loosely clumped, generally in the center.
  • Do not be afraid to move the raid’s position as the fight develops!
  • Unless you’re a tank, the only avoidable damage is Crater. When a Volcano is erupting, it will look like this:

Notes for Steering Committee

  • This is the most difficult and most vital role for the fight. No pressure!
  • Pick a single person to direct the driving.
  • Melee DPS should be assigned to this group first, then ranged until you reach ~4 permanent players.
  • Do not be afraid to call for all DPS to execute quick turns when needed.
  • If Rhyolith reaches the lava, game over.
  • Understand the direction gauge

50%: Rhyolith is moving in a straight line.
0-49%: Rhyolith is steering left.
51%-100%: Rhyolith is steering right.
When not being damaged, energy will tend to revert to 50%.

Notes for Tanks

  • As Eruption stacks, adds will hit harder.
  • New adds appear every approximately every 25 seconds.
  • Sparks (large single add) should be tanked away from the raid (edge of platform).
  • Fragments (multiple adds) can be tanked on the group.
  • At the transition, Rhyolith must be picked up immediately.

Notes for Healers

  • Healing will get more difficult as the raid progresses and Eruption stacks are higher.
  • Stomp is unavoidable but timed. Be prepared for the raid-wide damage.
  • It’s ok to yell at people standing in lava lines. (Just don’t get caught doing it yourself!)
  • Players will likely take light to moderate damage when Fragments are summoned.

6 thoughts on “Lord Rhyolith | 10-Man Normal

  1. Glad to see a post about this boss. We’re wiping on Rhyolith for a while now, and it becomes really boring. Between RNG and lacking informations about all the buffs and debuffs going on in this fight, plus the fact that the boss or volcanoes prevent me to see what’s happenning half the time, I’m beginning to really hate him.
    In fact we tried him early, then got to Beth’Tilac, then tried him again, then went to Baleroc as we were bored (again) by RNG, now we’re wiping on him again.

    It seems like we got the driving right, but now it seems like there’s a soft enrage thing killing us. In fact, it seems like the boss get the stacking buff from p2 after a set fight duration, even if we’re still in p1. But as we can’t target him, it is almost impossible to notice this buff except you have an addon showing debuff on boss frame. So we were surprised on our few attempts where we put him in p2 because the boss had already a +80% buff to damage, and we were almost one-shotted by the stomp.

    Our raid leader suggested that as soon as the boss loose all his armor stacks and the next add is a Spark, all dps should switch to the boss to put him under 25% as soon as possible. I’m affraid that the ~40 seconds before we need to kill the Fragments won’t be enough to make it to p2, and that the damage from the Spark may become unhealable.

    Did you encounter this soft enrage thing ? Did you ignore adds at some point to get to p2 faster ?

    Unfortunately our DPS is a bit low and we only have 3 melee dps full time on driving, and one ranged helping only when a quick turn is needed, else Fragments start charging people with too much health remaining.

    • I’m tempted to side with your raid leader on this one. The Eruption debuff stacks up every time Rhy stomps and creates new volcanoes. The thing to note is that Rhy himself isn’t doing more damage, instead, the raid is taking more damage from Fire attacks. The reason I point this out is that if you DO go into phase 2 with a spark it needs to be killed ASAP.

      Either way, your raid group will be taking massive amounts of damage as the fight closes out. It’s important for healers to have their primary cooldowns available for phase 2, and to use them!

      Also, there’s no healing or tanking required until the first stomp, so everyone should be wailing on Rhyolith. Although it’s not much damage, it can help when every little bit counts.

      I know you mentioned the Fragments needing more DPS: Do you find that the Spark was not dying until the next Fragments came out? If so, it would definitely be worth switching a DPS to Rhy during this period. And don’t forget that the body can be targeted, so DoT classes can help with damage without screwing up the leg rotation!

  2. You mean Sparks remains in P2 if there’s still one alive ? I thought adds did disappear when entering p2.

    Concerning Rhyolith buffs, I assure you he’s doing more damage. He’s got 2 buffs that increases his damage, both stacking. He got the first one, Molten Armor, when he walk on a non active volcano. It seems he got the 2nd one after 5 minutes, but I don’t know the name because we only noticed it clearly on a video we did and we don’t have the tooltip. What we know is that on one of our attempt, he had already 8 stacks of this debuff when we put him to p2, increasing his damage done by 80%. Eruption in our attempts wasn’t a problem as stacks remained relatively low.

    Generally, the spark is still alive when the following Fragments spawn, and die about when the 2nd Fragments spawn.

    Thanks for your tips !

    • I really shouldn’t reply to comments first thing in the morning (for me!) 🙂 The tank is going to take a beating until the transition shift, so all healers are going to need to keep an eye on him. If your raid leader mistimes the call for the burn, he’ll likely die before you push into P2. I still think it’s a good idea, you just need to have a good idea of how much damage your raid can take off the boss during a burst phase. I’ll keep an eye out for that other buff/debuff.

    • Ok, I watched for these buffs last night. The first IS Molten Armor. He gains it when he spawns volcanoes. He loses it when he casts something else (stomp, etc.) If you enter phase 2 with this buff up, I imagine that it makes the continuous raid damage unbearable, so MAKE SURE IT FALLS OFF.

      The 2nd buff is likely Superheated. I’ve never seen this one, and found it at readyforraiding.com. Superheated is a 10% damage increase that adds 10% additional damage every 10 seconds. It is his ENRAGE TIMER and activates after five minutes regardless of phase.

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