When Name Calling Is Love

This entire post goes against the adage of mothers everywhere:

If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all.

I’d hate you to think I ignored everything my mother ever taught me, but there can be exceptions to every rule. This post will cover lots of politically incorrect terms and names, and if that offends you, then this one isn’t for you. But if you can manage to see past my juvenile nature, you might agree that name calling might be the best thing you ever did with your guildmates!

Last week our team was working on Heroic Alysrazor. As we have yet to kill him, you can imagine that the night was not 100% successful, even if it was a lot of fun. During the course of the night we died a lot, and much of the evening was spent with various members querying “and what killed you.” Due to one of our main healers being out for the week, I was tackling something new for me: healing a tank.

As the night progressed, said tank and myself spent a lot of time chatting back and forth to make sure we were generally on the same page. Nothing worse than finding yourself across the room from your assigned target because you fall into your old habit as raid healer and go haring off looking for the hunter that just got zapped… not that I’m saying that happened. However, one attempt I’m standing within easy range of my tank, have him nicely hotted and at full health, and between one second and the next, he dies. What. The. Hell.

Me: Did you stand in the worm breath?

Tank: No.

Me: What got you then?

Tank: Recklessness.




Me: fucktard.

I wasn’t mad when I called my tank that bad name. I wasn’t even mildly upset. I was laughing my ass off. And I totally typed that name with a feeling of affection and amusement for my fellow player.

That conversation made me think of the various times over the years that we’ve had insulting names for guild mates that were loving appellations.

Every raid group I’ve been in has had its own selection of insults that it liberally applied around the raid. It’s a bonding ritual of sorts, because at some point, everyone is going to get it. Of course, some people just really deserve their own special name of shame. Some of my favorites over the years:


Thinking back, there were a lot of common nicknames and jokes that just wouldn’t make sense without a lot of explanation, and even then they wouldn’t put a smile on your face. Honestly, that’s part of the charm of being a part of a group, a clique, a happening place where you belong.

The moral of the story is that a name can be so much more than a name, and not always in a bad way. Names that can be bad in other situations or by different people can really be ugly. But if you’re part of my crew and I’m laughing about your homicidal tendencies and give you a nickname to match, wear it with pride! I ❤ you!


4 thoughts on “When Name Calling Is Love

  1. Ahaha – I was laughing a lot also when you called me that 🙂

    Thanks for recording the memories for posterity.

    • Hey, this sinkhole has got to be good for something! 🙂 I was laughing so hard when you linked me that I thought I’d die.

  2. Prior to you joining you missed when I posted about the “Shit Bucket” guy. The guy on the old sailing ships that had to empty the toilet bucket. So when someone failed in raid during (H LK timeframe) we gave them the title of “shit bucket guy” to anyone who failed. Or don’t be the shit bucket guy this attempt.

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