Alysrazor | 10-Man Normal

Rewarded by Ragnaros for delivering Fandel Staghelm, Alysra was transformed into Alysrazor, a fiery bird o’ doom.

Type of Fight

Coordination and personal accountability.

General Information

Upon activating the encounter, the entire raid will be rooted while they listen to Staghelm. The roots will break as Alysrazor appears and knock the party back. The party should regroup for AoE healing until Phase One.

Phase One

There are three components to the fight during phase one: druids of the flame, hatchlings and Alysrazor (flying!). Raid will need to form into multiple “teams” to tackle the different elements.

Team One: Tanks. Job: Hatchlings.

Team Two: One DPS. Job: Alysrazor.

Team Three: One Interrupter and DPS. Job: Druids.

Team Four: One interrupter and DPS. Job: Druids.

Healers will need to be flexible during Phase One, healing tanks and DPS. Since the two interrupt/DPS teams are split, it’s really not feasible to assign one healer to cover both consistently.

  • Alysrazor will periodically fly through the middle of the room, dropping feathers. Raid can take cleave damage.
  • 1-2 Feathers allow raid members to cast while running. 3 feathers allow raid members to fly for ~20 seconds.
  • Team Two has dibs on feathers! Wait until Team Two is airborne before the rest of the raid team picks up feathers.
  • Avoid Brushfire (moving fire patches).
  • Avoid Lava Spew (from Lava Worms).


  • Team Two will pick up three feathers to gain flight.
  • Rings (Blazing Power) will allow players to remain aloft and provide a haste buff. With enough Blazing Power stacks, player will also gain a crit bonus.
  • Avoid fire clouds.


  • DPS down as soon as possible.
  • Interrupt Fieroblast.
  • If Fieroblast strikes a target, players with the ability to remove magic debuffs can cleanse it.


Alysrazor will drop two eggs in the center of the room early in the fight.

  • When eggs hatch, hatchlings will “imprint” on the closest raid member.
  • When hatchling gains the Hungry buff, tanks will need to kite to Plump Worm. The hatchling will eat it, and become satiated.
This phase lasts for three minutes.

Phase Two

This phase begins with a fiery tornado in the middle of the room. Players will lose Wing of Flame, but will keep increased run speed and cast-on-the-run ability from feathers.
  • Dodge tornadoes.
  • Run through rings to gain Blazing Power buff.

Phase Three

This is a burn phase. Alysrazor will be vulnerable in the middle of the room. Two adds will be on either side of her body.
  • Each tank should take an add. DPS should ignore!
  • Adds can be interrupted/stunned/silenced.
  • Raid should stack behind the boss.
  • Use your combat boost ability (TW/BL/Hero).
  • All players (DPS and healers) should focus fire on the boss. Essence of the Green will restore player’s mana.
Phase ends when Alysrazor reaches 50 energy.

Phase Four

This is the only phase where Alysrazor can be tanked.
  • Tanks should swap at ~75 energy.
  • Boss does moderate AoE damage throughout this phase.
  • When phase ends, Alysrazor will do moderate AoE damage to the raid and knock back all players.
Phase ends when Alysrazor reaches 100 energy. (Return to Phase One)

Boss Abilities


  • Firestorm – Alysrazor starts the fight with a moderate damage AoE attack that applies a debuff that does light damage for 10 seconds.
  • Volcanic Fire – Alysrazor creates a fire barrier (at the entrance) that does heavy to lethal damage to all players within 6 yards.

Phase One

  • Blazing Claw – Cone attack that does heavy damage to all players in front of Alysrazor. Applies a debuff increasing fire/physical damage by 10 seconds. Avoidable.
  • Molting – Alysrazor drops Molten Feather. Movement speed increased by 30% per feather, and all spells can be cast while moving. At three feathers, player gains Wings of Flame, allowing them to fly for 20 seconds.


  • Blazing Power – Alysrazor periodically creates rings of fire lasting three seconds. Players passing through the ring gain Blazing Power, increasing haste by 8%. Each stack of Blazing Power restores mana, rage, energy, runic power, and holy power, and refreshes the duration of Wings of Flame.
  • Alysra’s Razor – If a player gains 25 stacks of Blazing Power, they gain Alysra’s Razor. This increases the player’s critical strike chance by 75% for 40 sec.
  • Incendiary Cloud – Alysrazor periodically creates an increasing number of Incendiary Clouds lasting for 3 seconds. Players that pass through the cloud suffer moderate Fire damage every 3 seconds.


  • Brushfire – A mobile fire patch that does moderate damage every second to players within 3.5 yards.
  • Fieroblast – Moderate damage Fire spell that places a debuff on the target causing light damage over 12 seconds. Can be interrupted.
  • Fire it Up! – When a Blazing Talon Initiate casts Fieroblast, they gain a stack of Fire it Up! This effect increases the Initiate’s damage dealt by 10% and casting speed by 10%.


  • Imprinted – Hatchling becomes fixated on nearest target. Imprinted target gains 1000% damage bonus to the hatchling.
  • Satiated – Buff gained when Hatchling eats a plump worm (they also hatch satiated). Effect lasts for 15 seconds.
  • Hungry – Hatchling has 20% chance to throw a tantrum when hungry.
  • Tantrum – Increases Hatchling’s damage dealt by 50% and haste by 50%.
  • Gushing Wound – Hatchling strikes all targets within a 10 yard 60 degree cone, causing them to bleed for 3000 Physical damage every 0.200000003 seconds for 1 min. or until the target’s health falls below 50% of their maximum health.

Plump Lava Worm

4 Lava Worms spawn during this phase.

  • Lava Spew – Cone of fire that deals moderate damage every second to all enemies. Standing in this is death.

Phase Two

  • Fiery Vortex – A Fiery Vortex appears in the middle of the arena, inflicting 50000 Fire damage every 0.5 seconds to players within 15 yards.
  • Harsh Winds – Alysrazor’s powerful wingstrokes cause harsh winds to scald the landscape around her nest, inflicting 50000 Fire damage every 1 seconds for 5 sec to players greater than 60 yards from the Fiery Vortex. This effect stacks.
  • Fiery Tornado – Fiery Tornadoes erupt from the Fiery Vortex and begin moving rapidly around Alysrazor’s arena, inflicting 40000 Fire damage every 1 sec to enemies within 10 yards.
  • Blazing Power – Alysrazor continues to create rings of fire that appear on the ground of the arena and last for 3 seconds.

Phase Three

  • Burnout – Alysrazor’s fire burns out, immobilizing her and increasing her damage taken by 50%.
  • Essence of the Green – When struck by a harmful spell, Alysrazor restores 10% of the caster’s maximum mana.
  • Spark – A bright spark burns within the heart of Alysrazor, restoring 3 Molten Power every 2 seconds.
Two Blazing Talon Clawshapers fly in and re-energize Alysrazor.
  • Ignition – Alysrazor regains 1 Molten Power every second.

Phase Four

  • Ignited – Alysrazor regains 2 Molten Power every 1 seconds.
  • Blazing Buffet – Light to moderate Fire damage to all players every second. Lasts throughout the phase.
  • Blazing Claw – Conal attack inflicting heavy physical damage to all enemies every 1.5 seconds. Each swipe also increases the Fire and Physical damage dealt to the target by 10% for 15 seconds.
  • Full Power – When Alysrazor reaches 100 Molten Power, she is at Full Power. Does moderate fire damage to all players and knocks them back.

Tips for the Raid

Phase One

Lots of different jobs requires lots of personal accountability during this phase. Main priorities:

  1. Kill Druids!
  2. Kill Hatchlings!
  3. DPS Alysrazor as much as possible.
For the raid as a whole:
  • Stay out of the middle. Alysrazor flies over this area and the tanks will be doing their primary business with the birds here.
  • There’s always something to DPS. If you’re waiting for the next druid, work on a hatchling.
  • Make sure to assign at least one interrupter per DPS team.
  • If you can dispel magic, clear off stray Fieroblasts.
This is an approximate representation of spawn points for various critters in phase one.

Notes for the Flying Team

  • Be sure that you get the first feathers!
  • Avoid brownish/red clouds. They hurt!
  • Fly into flaming circles.
  • Don’t forget that you can cast while you move!

Notes for Tanks

  • Baby birds hit hard. Be sure to have cool-downs available for possible tantrums.
  • To the best of your ability, do not turn a bird into another raid member. They have a cleave/conal attack.
  • Only 4 worms spawn at a time, with a total of 8 worms.
  • Each tank can only have 2 worms per spawn. Assign worms before the encounter!
  • Coordinate worm eating to coincide with health breaks: 80, 60, 40, 20 to avoid long Hungry stages.
  • If you have a druid available, ask for Thorns.
  • Leave the outside of the room for the DPS and healers.
  • Be sure to pick up 1-2 feathers near the end of the phase to gain the run speed increase for Phase 2.

Notes for DPS

  • Unless you’re flying, your #1 priority is to get those druids down… fast!
  • Make sure that you have an assigned team that includes an interrupter.
  • You will have 2 druids to take down during the phase. Decide which 2 are your groups.
  • Stay along the outside wall in order to avoid Lava Worm’s fiery cone attack.
  • Be sure to pick up 1-2 feathers before the phase ends to gain the run speed increase.

Notes for Healers

  • Healers need to be assigned to reach a tank and group.
  • Healers will generally stay with their group in order to avoid Lava Worms.*
  • Tanks will need the most consistent healing with raid damage being primarily due to avoidable effects or failed interrupts.
  • After the flying team, healers should aggressively seek out feathers to make casting while running possible.
*It is possible to keep the healers tucked in the very center of the room. However, they must be able to avoid 1) Alysrazor when she flies overhead, 2) avoid standing in front of hatchlings as tanks shift positions, and 3) vacate the center before Phase 2 tornado spawns in the middle.

Phase Two

The priority for this phase is to not die in the tornadoes.

  • DPS can attack Alysrazor.
  • Players should attempt to run through rings if they are safely navigating tornadoes.
  • Healing should be minimal.
  • If you’re having problems with tornadoes, this video might help. (Thanks to Zullu!)

Phase Three

This is the burn phase.
  • DPS and healers should stack behind Alysrazor to facilitate healing in Phase 4.
  • Combat boosting ability should be used now.
  • Everyone but the tanks should ignore the druid adds.
  • There is one druid add on each side of Alysrazor.
  • Stuns and interrupts do work on the druids.
  • Everyone, including healers, should DPS aggressively during this phase.

Phase Four

This is the most healing intensive portion of the fight.

  • Tanks will be taking light to severe damage throughout this phase.
  • The raid will be taking light to moderate AoE damage throughout this phase.
  • Tank should be opposite of stacked raid members.
  • Tanks should not stack.
  • Tanks should swap when Alysrazor reaches ~75 energy.
  • Healing and survival cooldowns should be used liberally throughout this phase.
Rinse and repeat!

10 thoughts on “Alysrazor | 10-Man Normal

  1. One note on the Lava Spew from the worms: I am almost positive that the damage scales based on how close to the worm you are. If you’re within ~5-7 yards of the worm when it spews on you it’s almost instant death, more than ~10 yards and you won’t be killed instantly but you’re not doing your healers any favor from being hit by it and may end up dying to something else in the very near future.

  2. A quick question if you dont mind 🙂

    Our raid has been trying the 2 heal method to put more DPS on her in the air, the issue seems to be when she is recharging the damage (I havent seen that part all that often, due to people dying from tornados ><) from her fire pulses and then her 50K at the end. Is it even possible to 2 heal it with the raid taking so much dmg and tanks taking heavy dmg as well?

    Disc priest and Holy pally would be the 2 healers. Was thinking feral druid would pop his weak tranq at the beginning to help with some of the dmg, Then Aura Mastery, and then bubble toward the end.

    • I never mind questions! 🙂

      I think this depends entirely on your raid team. The questions I’d be asking myself are these:
      Do we need the extra DPS to shorten the fight? Why? (More then 2 full phases, healer mana, etc.)
      Are we planning on 2-healing for heroic?
      With 2-healers, where would the fight end? (2nd phase 2, 3rd phase?)

      Having not 2-healed this fight, I don’t feel comfortable giving you a definitive “sure thing, definitely doable!” statement. I personally feel that many raid teams could successfully execute a two-healing strategy. The mana requirements throughout the fight (for healers) are almost entirely negligible, leaving your healers a “full tank” when entering Phase 4. Even if it required blowing half their mana during this phase, the fight would still be manageable. However, if you are chasing such a strategy because you are currently finding your DPS not meeting “standards” to finish within 2 rounds, I think you’d have a serious issue. A feral tranquility is only going to be available once, and if it is part of your overall survival strategy for Phase 4, you might end up creaming yourself just as the fight finishes during your 2nd set of phases.

      The concern I have is the pressure this puts on your healing team to really get things cooking. Your paladin/priest combo will have to work in damn near perfect tandem to prevent as much damage to the raid while providing rapid healing throughout the phase for both the tanks and the raid. While the bubble on the end can easily save the raid, there is going to have to be a rapid top-off as Phase 1 is beginning (more so than the initial pull healing fest!) If you’re going to continue to pursue this strategy (which is perfectly viable!) make sure to prep your raid to pay attention to their own health, use their life-saving cooldowns, and (if available) eat those healthstones! It should be easy to tell if the strategy is actually working if you’re losing any player during this stage (especially if you’re entering the stage with players already down).

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