Collecting the Loot: A Quick Guide to Dire Maul North’s Tribute Run

I’ve never made any secret about the fact that I’ve been playing this game for a long time. For the most part, I don’t think that changes much for the dynamic of the game, especially where I spend the majority of my time, killing end-game bosses. However, I can’t help being a little nostalgic about early dungeons, and I think part of the reason I enjoy leveling alts through the early levels in the dungeon finder is getting to run all those dungeons again. Sure, I had to walk across a mountainous passage during a blizzard to even find the entrance door, but I’m ok with these newer versions–they’re still fun! At least, most of them are fun. If I never see Dire Maul North (Gordok Commons) pop onto my screen again, I think I might die happy.

Dire Maul

Dire Maul North is a culmination of adventures in the Dire Maul complex. Each wing has been infested by a particular brand of nasties, but this wing is the home of King Gordok, King of the Ogres. Once you kill him (fairly and all… I mean, it’s just 5 to 2) you become the new King and all those nasty ogres you’ve been battling through become friendly… go figure.

In addition, if you choose not to kill the King’s staunchest defenders, they in turn will pay you tribute when you become King. This loot is supposedly better than what you get from when you kill them outright. I say supposedly, because I honestly don’t know if that still holds true. Oh, the tribute run is still available, but I’ve yet to find a group that actually knows what it is OR wants to complete it.

To that I say “FINE!” What I have an issue with is players complaining that we didn’t finish it, players who complain that they can’t fight the trapped guard, and others who blithely take the Ogre Tannin and then get upset that I’m dying on the Captain of the Guards… repeatedly.

Cashing in: The Tribute Run

So, instead of yelling obscenities at the next idiot person who seems confused about the functioning of Dire Maul, I thought I’d do a small write-up. Will anyone who actually needs to read it ever see it? Doubtful. But I’m hoping it will make me feel better, and hey, perhaps someone will get some useful information out of it.

In order to run a complete tribute run, there are 5 bosses that you must avoid killing. If you choose to kill one or more along the way, your tribute will be reduced. That simple. (No reason to pull out your hair and fling it at the monitor!)

Guard Mol’Dar

Located in the first (sunken) courtyard. All ogres within the courtyard are stationary, but there is a roaming dog-pack that will attempt to eat you. Just avoid him!

Guard Fengus

Located in the second (raised) courtyard. Avoid the treasure chest. Honestly, you don’t even need to enter the courtyard anymore if you’re planning on doing the tribute run; however, fellow groupies will look at you funny if you run around. Guard Fengus walks extremely quickly and pats the western side of the courtyard using the south and west ramps.¬†Just avoid him!

Guard Slip’kik

Once you leave the courtyard, you’ll enter a hallway. Kill until you see what looks like a hunter’s trap. It is a trap. “Talk” to it to activate and wait for Slip’kik to wander blithely into it. Once he’s been frozen, you will not be able to kill him, so make sure that’s what you want!

Captain Kromcrush

See the frozen guard? See the quest-giver against the wall? Talk to Knot Thimblejack and accept his quest. Only one person will be able to complete it, so don’t get all huffy if you forget. Kill your way up the ramp and look for the Ogre Tannin. Once you loot it, Gordok Bushwhacker will come pelting down the next ramp to kill you all. Easy enough to kill. Whoever picked up the Tannin will need to turn it in to receive the Gordok Ogre Suit.

Now just keep following the ramp, happily killing along the way, until you reach a door. You’ll have on more trash pack to pull, and then you’ll see the Captain. Whoever was lucky enough to receive the Ogre Suit will need to strap themselves in (activate it) and go talk to the Captain. He’ll turn all red and meanie-faced… just ignore him

The King

You’ll have a couple more trash packs before the pull (beware a wandering pack of dogs) and then you’re home-free. Cho’rush the King’s advisor is the last tribute paying fool, so if you can avoid it don’t kill him! However, he does cast healing mojo, so for some groups it’s not possible to leave him alive.

Once the King is dead, you become the Ogre King. A black-skinned ogre will wander up to your new throne room, and by talking to him (over and over again) you can cash in on all the tributes you’ve managed to rack up.


However, some days you just don’t feel like being magnanimous. The bastards tried to kill you, so they should die, better loot or no. That’s perfectly fine. Actually, there’s little that will cause you problems. You might need to be a little more careful on Guard Fengus and Slip’kik as they patrol. Even the King and his blue-skinned advisor will fall over without much of a problem. The big issue is the Captain. See, he fears. The entire group. Including the tank. So your lovely tank (moi!) is running away like a coward and getting beaten repeatedly in the back. It hurts…. a lot.

But it gets even better. About halfway through the fight the Captain will call in 2 sidekicks. And then fear. So now you’ve got 3 stout ogre-folks beating your tank into a pulp from the rear. I realize there’s no tremor totem or fear ward at this level, but if it’s impossible to keep the tank up, swallow your homicidal urges and let someone don the Ogre Suit. Please!

One thought on “Collecting the Loot: A Quick Guide to Dire Maul North’s Tribute Run

  1. I didn’t know about the whole tribute run, thanks for explaining, even if I doubt I’ll ever be in a LFD group that will actually listen to me and avoid the guards.

    Anyway, you’re right in saying that the captain is a big problem. I arrived once in a group only one trash pack away from the captain, and more than 1 hour later we still hadn’t kill the king. Nobody knew about the tanin, and it was a chore to find who looted it and to explain her what to do with it (true story : she didn’t find the quest giver). After that, every one else in the party became angry because they didn’t found the tanin and wanted to complete the quest too. Add to that that the tank is always very impatient, pull without waiting for the full group to come back after a wipe and even less for our ogre member to speak to the captain…

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