5 Word Challenge

Currently, I play in a guild that tackles hard mode content. Previously I played in a guild that tackled normal mode content. Before that there was just content and you were a Sunwell guild or a Kara guild or anything in between. There’s 10’s and 25’s, guilds that encourage personality over skill, guilds that encourage skill over personality, and every combination of the two that you could ever imagine. Want a guild without officers? Want a guild that offers PvE and PvP content challenge? It’s all out there, and it’s all good.

It’s really hard to get past that last niggling line when you’re having a WoW discussion. At some point, assumptions come into play. The one that is bandied around most frequently is that all available content, normal and hard-mode clears, are end-all be-all goal of every single guild… and if they’re not, then they’re just not being honest with what they really want. I know I run into this stumbling block a lot in my own conversations–of course you want to be as progressed as you can possibly be. But then I find myself adding caveats, even to my own list of what that means to me. I want:

  • An adult environment
  • A clear leadership structure
  • A group that can be silly, but isn’t too silly
  • A lack of vulgarity
  • A place of prominence, or at least active play-time 90% of the time

If I’m this picky about my own goals and expectations and have spent as long in the game as I have before finding somewhere I really feel comfortable, how much longer must others look? Or maybe they’ve decided to prioritize differently and place progression much farther down their list of desires than an active and fun guild environment that provides guild meets and contests?

The thing is, you never really know, so it’s very difficult to talk about any kind of “standard” even in a niche part of the end-game like raiding. Raiding means as many different things as their are players who participate in it!

So for today, I don’t have a long musing on my own experience, I have a question for you. In 5 words or less, describe your ideal guild environment!

Windsoar’s Words: Raiding, Commitment, Communication, Friendly, Adult


22 thoughts on “5 Word Challenge

  1. Uhm, guess since I have been in a couple different guilds over my time in WoW and the fact that I have toyed with starting one for alts and learning the game through the eyes of an officer/leader/fun master, I might have to state the 5 Pillars of an ideal guild as follows:

    G- Gracous (we all hit the epic fail button a few times)
    U- Unified (a team working & succeeding should have the whole in mind)
    I- Informative (a place we can learn and share the gained knowledge)
    L- Laughter (an environment where a good joke is appreciated)
    D- Developing (either a Guild is growing or dying, simple truth)

  2. I think your right that we should really consider what we want from a guild before joining/applying. Though there’s no way of having a good insight into what it’s like, until you play with and alongside the members.


    * Motivation
    * Understanding
    * Patience
    * Fire
    * Humor

    – Jamin

  3. What a great challenge Windsoar! Hmmm.


    Geez that sounds droll! Can I try that again with Draccus’ idea:


  4. Perhaps a good followup question to all of us with the 5 Aspects of an Ideal Guild in mind. How can we either foster those qualities we are looking for in a guild, or what makes those 5 attributes a reality?

  5. mature, fair, structured, focused, friendly

    Great post! Really made me ponder over what I am really looking for, and whether or not my current home is fulfilling all those desires. Seems like most of want the same things overall.

  6. Guess we have a budding group going on. So here is another grammar game on the greatness that is a GROUP (or rather what is not always ideal):




    Basically the hazzards we do not want in a group.

  7. How about; “Kills Heroic Bosses” ? I don’t find casual guilding in any MMO very interesting. I’ve created relationships in those games and guilds and they always leave me wanting. Nothing brings together players like a heroic, difficult encounter. Nothings easier to leave behind when your done raiding too.

    Its a burnout-cycle-of-life that every hard core raider goes through and experiences in those end game guilds. What truly makes a difference for me in a guild is its ability to survive the departure of many and still function/exist. I was lucky to find such a guild a long time ago in Shining Force on Mal’ganis, but didn’t realize I had found it until after I left (went back after a year and a half and am in it still to this day).

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