Just Because I’m Clueless Doesn’t Mean I Don’t Care

This has absolutely nothing to do with WoW or gaming. However, I like poking fun at myself from time to time and I thought others would enjoy it.

There was recently a conversation in my household that went something like this:

Hubby: So I was talking to my manager to make sure I was off this weekend. He said he’d definitely make sure he gets it done.

Me: *wracking my brain* Why do you need off this weekend?

Hubby: *look of mingled disbelief and amusement* What do you think is this weekend?

Me: Ugghhhhhhhhh.

Hubby: Our anniversary love.

Me: That’s this weekend? Uhm, ok. Yay!

I’d love to say this is a one time occurrence. It’s not. I have a horrible time remembering important dates and anniversaries. I have *most* of them diligently marked on my calendar, but my brain somehow has a disconnect between Anne time and the dates. I can reel off birthdays (including years!) with ease, but that never means I’m actually prepared with gifts, cards or plans on the day of the event!

Although they always show those ads with the dunce husband who can’t ever remember momentous moments, I know it’s not restricted to males. Although I don’t have anything this technically sophisticated, I am this poor fool:

Nothing makes me happier to be a woman than to know that I’m not the one in the dog-house if I somehow manage to get home without a clue that it’s a special day. I might look like a deer caught in the headlights when it happens, but I haven’t ruined anything with my complete and utter disconnect!

So even if I fail to recognize the day is coming (or even here!) take pity on my poor sense of time and know that I haven’t forgotten this wonderful day!

Happy anniversary my love.

5 thoughts on “Just Because I’m Clueless Doesn’t Mean I Don’t Care

  1. Happy Anniversary to you both!

    Use technology, if you have a google account, their calendars can be set up with reminders of important dates and stuff 🙂

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