Return of the Kitty

Welcome back to another non-gaming post. I can’t help myself sometimes!

We’ve had our first cold-snap and I distinctly remember why the winter seasons are delightfully fun and horribly frustrating: the return of the kitty.

For the most part, our cat is an outside roamer. He comes in for meals and to take full-blown drooling naps that are apparently unachievable in the harshness of the wild. There’s the occasional pet or kneading incident, but it’s generally a mutual consent type thing.

Not when it gets cold. Apparently, through his tingly whisker perceptions, the cat knew it was going to be cold this morning. So he showed up last night with his list of “requests.”

Kitty: Hey, long time no see. Listen, I really enjoy the neighborhood, and I was planning on finding a place to hole up for the winter. In addition to my regular food & water services, I’ll also need a “special” box, a nest of blankets, and maybe one of those wonderful catnip baggies. Those are still on the market aren’t they… uhhhh.

Me: It’s Anne.

Kitty: That’s right, that’s right. So Jan, do we have a deal?

Of course, the deal isn’t entirely one-sided. I mean, there are many advantages to having your cat visiting for the winter:

  • Lap warming service.
  • 4-alarm caterwauls at phone calls, feeding times, creaking floorboards and morning outside time.
  • The “cleaning” of items found on desks, tables, and counters.
  • Chaperoning at bed-time (at least 1 ft. apart… that’s the kitty space)
It’s a good thing he’s so cute.

One thought on “Return of the Kitty

  1. Awww, kitty. That’s kind of what our office cat is doing right now. After a summer of barely seeing him, now he’s inside almost all the time, taking my office chair, sitting on my files, blocking my view of the computer, etc.

    Cats are awesome!

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