Minipost: Hallow’s End!

I just love Hallow’s End, which I don’t find that surprising since I always loved Halloween as a kid. I mean, what kid doesn’t want to be a pumpkin, or a ghost, or a swashbuckling bucaneer? It is awesome. What does surprise me is that I’m actually pursuing the achievements. I’ve done Hallow’s End on a few of my characters, and I promised myself I wouldn’t get all caught up in the achievement game on Terri, yet here I am, happily thrusting my hand into buckets of candy, achieving a sparkling smile and puking my guts out for eating that one. last. candy. The whole experience leaves me wanting to work on some of the other achievements that I’ve completed over the years, on a bevy of characters and in a number of different locales. Could it really be oh so bad to stop being an alt, and for once, maybe have a main?

And just a friendly reminder, if a town has an inn, it probably has a candy bucket. Don’t believe that skimpy achievement list! If you don’t want to explore, just check out Angelya’s list of all the candy buckets.

What’s your favorite in-game event? If you’re not already an achievement junkie, is there some special achieve that you just must have?

Bonus question: Why is there always that one dps who can’t beat out the healer? I’m not a disc priest son, I’m a tree.


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