10-Man Healing Team | Beth’tilac

This is not intended as a comprehensive example of all viable healing solutions for this encounter. These strategies were utilized by the Production Company healing team, and hopefully, will provide a starting point for your team’s healing model discussion  for the encounter!

This fight isn’t all that healer-centric, but it does require your healing team to be really good at healing all the thingz…. uhhh… raidmates. The fight is split into two phases, with the first phase being the lighter of the two in terms of healing output. Do your best to conserve mana during this phase so that Phase 2 will be a breeze.

Normal Mode

Composition: Druid, Shaman, Paladin (Yes, this is our standard combo)

Before we get started on the actual healing, I would point out that the 2 healers on the bottom were extremely bored and we begged, snivelled and whined to be allowed to 2-heal the encounter. This never happened, but feel free to 2-heal it if you’re bored, there’s no reason not to.

For phase 1, you’ll need to assign healers to the top and bottom of the web. We sent up our paladin leaving the druid and shaman on the ground. The most important job for both teams is keeping their tank up. The top healer will have need big burst healing at the beginning of the web phase to top their tank up (your tank should be first up and will be flying solo until the healer makes it up). Beth doesn’t cleave, so if you’re a healing class that benefits from being on top of your tank feel free to snuggle. During this phase, the bottom healer(s) will have a somewhat easier job as their tank will need monitoring but it’s standard type damage. Players killing spiderlings will sometimes need a heal, but nothing major (unless they run in front of the Drone, in which case you my permission to laugh at them).

The fun comes in when Beth reaches zero energy, the folks up top drop down, and you have some burst-y raid wide damage. Healers should coordinate major raid cool-downs for these transitions. You’ll want to use your longest major cool-downs first so they’ll be available again in Phase 2.

For Phase 2, you’ll want a dedicated tank healer while the rest of the team goofs off raid heals! Some cross-healing will occur somewhat naturally, but if your group is having a hard time, think about assigning someone as the half-and-half’er. The raid will periodically take a burst of raid-wide damage that must be healed back up (you can’t miss the graphic as it’s a giant ring of fire that radiates out from the boss). Make sure raid cooldowns are coordinated for the second half!

Druid Stuff

Barkskin is awesome sauce and can be coordinated easily to certain events in the fight. In phase 1, you’ll want to add some bark every time Beth’tilac slithers back up to her webby abode. In Phase 2, it’s easiest to just use Barkskin on cooldown.

During Phase 1, you’ll mostly be using single target heals plus you standard tank HoTs. The raid should stack during transitions, and you’ll heavily utilize your AoE healing options (WG & Swiftmend). This is also when I pop Jaws of Defeat to sprinkle Rejuvs around the raid. The tank going on the web definitely needs a Rejuvenation, and if you can afford to LB him, do so to give your healer going up some breathing room. Phase 2 is all about the raid healing. Your raid (minus tanks) should stack in a single location. If you have a soaker tank, stack your LB on them. If not, just pick one to keep your LB on as you will not have time to be switching it constantly.

I use innervate on cooldown for this fight. I generally don’t hit the 80% mana mark until halfway between the beginning of the fight and the first transition. I’ll get another innervate during Phase 2. Don’t be afraid to use a mana pot!

I use Tree of Life and Tranquility twice during the fight. Although it seems silly, I often burn Tree of Life as the group enters the fight since that nasty fiery stuff is streaming down from Beth. Another healer takes the first Beth drop, and I use Tranquility on the second. Both options will be available again in Phase 2, and I use Tree of Life early in the second phase and Tranquility as the second major cooldown (usually towards the end of the fight).

If you have more than a single melee player, you may want to bounce your Wild Growth off Beth’ilac in order to pick up the tanks and melee, instead of keeping all the healing just for the ranged. ^^

Heroic Mode

Composition: Same

This is one of the few heroic fights where we haven’t even considered trying to 2-heal the fight. It’s difficult on healer mana, even post-nerf!

There are very few changes that affect healers from Normal to Heroic mode. The only appreciable changes occur in Phase 1.

Phase One

There are two things you need to be aware of on heroic mode Phase 1: Fixate and the Soaker

The drones that are being tanked will randomly fixate on a target. The target gets a damage mitigation buff, so they won’t insta-squish, but they will need a bit of healing. Healers can also get the fixate buff. The thing to remember when you’re fixated is that you must keep the drone away from the spiderlings and facing away from the raid. Go-go healing tank!

The other new role is the soaker. This player is on the ground and is responsible for kamikazing his way into the broodlings that will attempt to detonate on random players in the raid. Once your soaker gets the hang of the timing, they shouldn’t take too much damage; however, even when experienced they will not avoid all damage and will need a healer that is responsible for them. If your soaker misses a Broodling, be prepared to provide quick and heavy healing to the targeted player.

Druid Stuff

The only change is whether or not you have the tank or the soaker. Just treat your soaker as the tank if that’s your assignment. With our mobility you will need to do the running to cover cross-healing concerns during the fight. The tank can generally be left for short spurts as long as they only have 1 drone. The soaker can be left after topped off and there’s not another spiderling coming to blow itself up. Players other than the tank who are fixated won’t need much healing, so don’t bother moving your LB over. I usually just popped a Swiftmend and left them to their own devices.


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