Minipost: Check Your Head

I miss having neutral cities. You know what a pain in the rumpus it is to track down every race of the opposite faction?! I found 3 when I was dousing their poorly constructed Wickerman, another in Brill blithely doing quests, a Blood Elf in the Ghostlands (where you still have to putter around on your ground mount), and a Tauren… well, in the middle of Orgrimmar. I would have lived too if that pesky Death Knight hadn’t spotted me.


2 thoughts on “Minipost: Check Your Head

  1. I had a slight panic at first, until I realised I could grab the opposing faction in battlegrounds. It must seem really insulting, being killed by seven or eight people and then get the healer stood at the back chucking a pumpkin head at you.

  2. I didn’t have to do any of this for Halloween, but the last holiday I needed to find all the races for I managed to do by going to Deepholm where the Alliance and Horde portals are both located. It worked for me in that instance, so keep it in mind.

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