Insanely Fun: New Images of Loremaster

My husband looked at me and sighed. My guildmate sadly pronounced that I was insane. And a lovely twitterati pointed out that her guildmate was on his 3rd round. I just couldn’t help myself: I’m working on Loremaster again.

Warning: Image Heavy Post

To say this round is a bit easier would be an understatement. I’m geared to the teeth and my lazers of doom are frightening. I realized as I was working through the Hallowed Eve event that I kind of missed having achievements. While I created Nightfall to catch up on myriad and sundry reputations and dungeons that I had missed on other characters, it just wasn’t the same. Despite my alt-iness, I always have had a main, and that my current main didn’t even have the same number of achievements as my paladin was really starting to gall.

I also felt a little disconnected from Terri. Sure, I raid with her, but I didn’t have any other reason to give her a whirl. It took me a while to track down that feeling of disconnect, and I realized it’s because I leveled her too fast. When I did the podcast for Twisted Nether a fellow in the chat room scoffed when I said I spent 3-4 months on leveling a new character. Part of the reason is because I never have just one alt that I’m leveling. But the other part is that I’m an inherent explorer. I tend to bumble around picking herbs and exploring crannies. I didn’t take that time with Terrielle, and the lack of time and exploration really showed in how attached I was to her.

While I’m not officially participating in this year’s IntPiPoMo (although you should go check out the participants screenshots which are lovely) I thought it’d be fun to share my last couple of weeks worth of screenshots as I trekked through various zones.

I went by the Hillsbrad Foothills and belatedly remembered that it’s a Horde only zone now! However, I did spot by to pay homage to the Dalaran that was.

I was excited to find myself flying around in the Blasted Lands. I’ve always wanted a really great shot of Nethergarde Keep, which is the perfect picture of an Alliance outpost.

Even if it doesn’t have a heroic statue like Hearthglen.

I found some a nefarious altar tucked away in a remote corner.

And really enjoyed the new addition of The Tainted Forest, even if there really wasn’t enough to do!

The new Thousand Needles is a load of fun, and I even have a magic hat. I was surprised to find myself searching for black gold.

But the best part was saving a load of cute cubs.

And watching them have their revenge.

Although not every area had a load of bad apples

It was fun to be part of a posse as I took down evil-doers

And to enjoy all the new rides that are now available. Who cares if they’re silly? They put a smile on my face!

I must say, Loremaster travels are a great way to look at the world again with fresh eyes, with no goal other than to do all the things

And finding the hidden glens and memorials that have been left for us to find is wonderful

Even if we’ve seen it again and again, it’s hard to stay jaded when you step back and enjoy the craft that goes into making the game a full experience.


7 thoughts on “Insanely Fun: New Images of Loremaster

  1. Reading through this, I’m left with an overwhelming desire to get my second Loremaster.
    Love the bad apple guy, that’s one of my favourite quests in the new plaguelands, I almost wish it was a daily.

  2. In my defense, I looked at her and sighed because I’ve completed Loremaster twice already, back before they divided up EK and Kal into smaller zones for the achievements. The thought of doing it again… *shudder*

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