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I love the Thanksgiving holiday. It’s a joyful time of family feasting followed by companionable attention to a football game until it’s time to head back for dessert. I was glad to find a feasting holiday added to Warcraft, because even if you don’t eat turkey and chutney in November, it’s likely that there’s a special holiday in your tradition that centers around a veritable feast shared with family and friends.

Before we dig in, we always make a point of going around the table to give everyone an opportunity to give their individual thanks for their blessings in the previous year. In that spirit, I wanted to take a moment to give thanks that I’ve met in and related to WoW.

My first thanks go to my husband and friends who have followed me through thick, thin, and server transfers. Having a great gang of people to chat and kill internet dragons makes the game a more vibrant place, so thank you to Rubicund, Serp, Deathtospies, Roxsh and Awryt.

I’d also like to thank the guilds that have housed and sheltered me. While many have passed along the way, Praetorian Knights on Scarlet Crusade and Production Company on Moonrunner, while different in their goals, have provided me exactly what I sought from the game in different ways. Finding a group of warm and fun individuals who share your goals can be horribly difficult, but when it happens it is almost a magical thing! I can’t but be grateful that I’ve been lucky enough to find multiple guilds over my time in WoW that have made me part of their group. While I could probably go through and list all the things I love about the people in my guild(s) this post would be much too long, so just know that I appreciate you!

The last thanks I’d like to give is the great WoW community. I’ve been a moderator at Blog Azeroth a bit over a year now. This year Amerence has organized a great event for all the bloggers to give their own thanks (and if you haven’t signed up, you’re welcome to until the 25th!) As much fun as having a public blog can be, it can also be a scary exercise, sharing your thoughts, opinions, and information with the greater player base. Being able to connect with others who are undertaking the same project can help keep up your spirits, as well as rallying your failing spirits over a difficult fight or a bad experience in the game.

Beruthiel and Jasyla have helped me keep my feet as I made the transition to a healing druid. Angelya and Riorel have inspired me to take the time to examine the world and enjoy the beauty that can be found within it. Vidyala has kept my spirits up as I moved back into smaller guild and re-discovered the rigors of being flexible. Oestrus, Pliers and Stubborn make me examine my views, while Jen, Khizzara, Danslate and  Liala are always willing to support my ramblings.

I’d also like to thank the new moderators at Blog Azeroth who are determined to make the boards a fun and lively place: Jamin, Amerence, and Akabeko.

As with my individual guildmates, I could go on and on with the individual bloggers and readers who have made my time as a blogger a better experience, so a special thank you to all of you I’ve failed to mention specifically.

May your holiday season be filled with happiness as well and feasting, and when you say thank you for your blessings this year, spare a thought for your on-line connections!

9 thoughts on “Giving Thanks

  1. Loved it! I also like to thank you for helping me out as one of the judges in this wonderful event! without you guys this won’t be possible! I can’t thank everybody enough. I found great bloggers out there in the community, new or old. and it’s so much fun to talk with everyone live via twitter and commenting with each other’s blog post! I think we have a great team and made Blog Azeroth as one of the greatest WoW community forums out there that keep us together. I am so honored to be part of that. I hope I am doing my job right! lol, I just want to have fun and continue to meet any fellow bloggers around the community!

    P.S your screen shots are amazing! loved the thanksgiving dinner table! Have a great one Windsoar! Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family! God Bless always! ❤

  2. Windsoar, JadedAlt, & Terrielle,

    You are more then just 1 in 3 different characters. You are a blogger and community leader that is cherished around the blogging world, especially within the growing boundaries of Blog Azeroth. In the scary modern Real World outside of our pix-elated reality the world is driven by who you know and how to become connected. You are sharing and connecting people in so many ways.

    Your postings are an added joy to the day’s reading.

    I along with so many repeat Amerence’s sentiments on how thankful we are that you are willing to be a judge and reading off all this year’s entry postings. May there be more events like this in the future, and may more people like yourself continue to rise up and foster the kind of spirit and attitude that makes our community ever blooming.

    Keep up the great work. And keep an eye out for Terrielle’s upcoming featuring part of the Saga. But sshh. It should be posted soon.

  3. By the way, I think you forgot to mention Edenvale! She has thought a Great Idea for the Weekly Blog Azeroth Circle for everyone to comment with each others blog that featured weekly. I think her idea to share that in the community is a great way to notice new or old bloggers out there that also needs an audience to read and share their work and effort of there posts. I also admire Edenvale’s over at The Gamer’s Fridge with her passion for cooking and baking. Anyway, just thought to mentioned her because she is doing a great job too! =)

  4. Friends and fun are what keep us coming back to play. I am so thankful to have found such good friends along the way.

    Happy Thanksgiving and much love to you and Rubi!

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