Screenshot: Druid Transmogrification Party

After hundreds of runs and thousands of drunken adventures gathering tier gear, I proudly present you my new transmog set! What do you mean you can’t tell the difference?! 

Although not of my five reasons (because I’m restoration after all. I can show off my awesome outfit if I wanted), Blizzard has finally struck back at druid-kind for their awesomeness by taunting them with World of Dresscraft. On the other hand, maybe we should be thankful that we’re not paladins.

For Brunpal ❤


6 thoughts on “Screenshot: Druid Transmogrification Party

  1. You might be surprised that I haven’t mogged anything yet. I have my dress up clothes, but most of them aren’t plate and nice looking shoulders are hard to find. The tier 13 pally gear isn’t awful. I might just wear it as is. We’ll see.

    Right now I am more interested in playing with the changes they made to pally healing (holy radiance is seriously OP in some fights ;)). We ran LFR as a guild last night and had a blast. The new heroics are pretty and fun too, but I haven’t gotten to heal them yet, just tank, so a lot of my impressions so far are clouded by the panic. 😀

    I understand how you feel with druids though. Not being able to see my gear and look like a girl is part of why I never leveled one to max.

    When you have free time I want to revisit our duo. We can do the cross server dungeon thing if you have one close to my mage’s level.

    • I am completely in shock 😛 Awryt, without dress clothes! /faint

      I think the only thing I really dislike about the transmog system is the restrictions based on gear type, because I think it rules out a lot of fun RP raiding, but I can’t complain overmuch because it IS a cool feature.

      I definitely want to get back to our duo (and I have a break coming soon, thank God). If you haven’t completely outleveled my priest, I’d still like to work on her, but I’ll check in and see if I need to do some exploring/leveling ^^ DTS and Serp are also playing again and are planning on doing some late night LFR soon-ish.

      I’m kind of QQ over my performance last night, but it makes me really determined to get my kick ass back on and catch up to our OP paladin ^^

      • The only things I have done with my mage are some holiday things, so you shouldn’t be behind her by much.

    • Chest: Obsidian Armorweave Tunic (H)
      Shoulders: Flickering Shoulderpads of the Feverflare (H); Same model as Arborweave Mantle (H)

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