Fall of the Firelord

4.3 has come. Deathwing has fallen. Yet it wasn’t until our last pull of our 3-hour raid last night that Heroic Ragnaros fell. I’m glad that we kept at it, that we refused to give up, and that molten pain in the arse finally met his end. I’ve never been a member of a raid team that finished a raid from start to finish, normal and heroic. It’s an odd feeling being at the end of that ride, but I know that I’ve found the right spot. While I might have been frustrated at individual attempts and my own failures, I didn’t find myself frustrated at the work that went into making that kill.


9 thoughts on “Fall of the Firelord

  1. Congratulations! It’s still a bitch even after the nerf :/ (And unlike you, I’m sick and tired of it and at this point, I don’t really care if we kill him or not.)

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